November 20, 2008

PAKISTAN : Talibanization will precede Balkanization


"As far as Pakistan is concerned, the country has failed to emerge as an effective federation because of continued sentiments of alienation in many parts of the country. Countries, as you know, are made of people, not just land. If people of a country do not want to live together for whatever reasons, it is only a matter of time when they split. The future of not just this regon but the entire world lies in the concept and creation of nation-states and given the growing interest of the US in the region for its own benefits of course, this trend may be tiggered sooner rather than later and Pakistan will be the most vulnerable at this juncture. "

"... reasons of my hypothesis .... These include: instability and chaos in a nuclear Pakistan, unreliability of the leadrship in Pakistan, continued threat from Iran, growing economic threat from China and India (remember, Pakistan is the only country in the world that has borders with America's two biggest economic rivals; India and China). Then there is the rebellious Iran that the US would like to tame. So, I think US has a lot at stake and can achieve strategic gains through Pakistan."

" Why I believe that Talibanization will precede Balkanization is because I personally believe that these extremist elements are being covertly backed by some very powerful elements that are beyond the control of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. This is why instead of receding and disappearing, they continue to thrive in the wake of these military actions against them. So, I believe they are on with a mission. "

"The mission ... is to create chaos, infight and depopulation of the target areas and countries. For example, look at the past few years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions have been killed and are still dying at the hands of these terrorists and 99 percent of these casualties are local Muslim population. Why are these so called Islamic terrorists killing their own people when they claim to be waging a war against the so called infidel West ? These are big questions that point to much deeper strategic plans by the powerfuls, led by the US. So, Pakistan will be descend into chaos first (including large scale infight and depopulation) with Taliban style government before it formally disintegrates or balkanizes."

How Telenor Chooses its Consultants to Counter Alfa

Source: IntelligenceOnline

The Norwegian telecoms group Telenor has taken on consultants who know a lot about Alfa in order to do battle with the Russian group.

Altimo, the telecoms branch of the Russian conglomerate Alfa Group, has just sent its Norwegian rival Telenor a file that accuses it of retaining several consultants to pull the rug from under Mikhail Friedman’s group. (see Page 5). Altimo and Telenor are fighting for control of the Russian mobile operator VimpelCom. Some companies cited in the file sent to the Norwegian concern, including Garda World and Marks & Sokolov, contest the authenticity of the documents used by Altimo to back its claims. The consultants targeted by Altimo form part of a broad network built up over the years by Telenor to fight Alfa (see graph).Alfa is highly familiar to most of the law firms, investigative companies and lobbying concerns recruited by the Norwegian group. The law firm Marks & Sokolov and Orrick know all about the legal battles launched against Alfa in recent times. As for the communications group PBN, employed by numerous Russian giants such as Basic Element and Norilsk, one of its board members is Victor Sachs, the Alfa Group’s former head of strategic planning.

An Analytic Software Application That You Should Know

Source: IntelFusion.Net

Here’s a chance to do some analytic work on an actual historical event - the WTC bombing of 1993.

If you’re following Project Grey Goose, you may have seen screenshots of Palantir in our first report. Palantir is the analytic platform behind Grey Goose and the software is broadly in use across the intelligence community. The company certainly doesn’t need my recommendation. The engineering and design of the application speaks for itself. I’ve put up this post because I strongly believe that analytic success is comprised of two parts - the inquisitive and intuitive mind of the analyst and having the right tools for the job. Palantir, in my opinion, is precisely the right tool for this type of work.