January 12, 2009

Comparison of military power, Pak-India

Air Marshal Ayaz A Khan (R)

Unfortunately India and Pakistan had adversarial relations since sixty years. After the Mumbai carnage Pakistan is under threat of pre-emptive strikes. Fourth Indo-Pakistan war could be triggered by another terrorist attack anywhere in India. This is a dangerous scenario. India and Pakistan have fought three wars, and war drums for the fourth war are getting louder. It is in order therefore to comprehend Indian military capabilities, and Pakistan's ability to defend itself. Defense capability is an interplay of economic and military potential. Indian economy is booming, and its GDP growth is in double digits. The global recession has impacted Indian economy, but its defense capability remains intact. Military power and capabilities are sustained by economic and industrial potential. Geography, demography, population, oil resources and reserves, industrial capability including defense production, dollar reserves, self reliance, education, quality of manpower and leadership have a bearing on military power. Seven lakh Indian troops are tied down in Jammu and Kashmir. India has over one hundred billion dollar reserves. The West, Israel and Russia are India's weapon suppliers.

Indian Army has eighteen Corps with 34 Divisions including four Rapid Action Divisions, which would spear head ground offensives. Pakistan Army has ten Corps and twenty five divisions. Indian Army has eighteen Infantry, ten Mountain, three Armored, and two Artillery Divisions. Besides it has five Infantry, one parachute, thirteen Air Defense, and four Engineering Brigades, designated as independent formations. In addition there are two Air Defense Groups, and fourteen Army Aviation Helicopter units. This is a sizeable force, capable of launching major offensives from several fronts. The decentralized command structure will be an advantage, as compared to Pakistan's centralized Army command organization. Pakistan Army has an active force of 620,000 well trained personnel, with 528000 reservists, and 150000 para-military troops. Pakistan armed forces are seventh largest in the world. Pakistan Army's doctrine of "Offensive Defense", evolved by General Mirza Aslam Beg was put to test in 1989 in Exercise Zarb-e Momin. The doctrine is to launch a sizeable offensive into enemy territory, rather than wait for enemy strikes or attacks. In case of Indian land offensive Pakistan Army and Air Force will respond with land and air offensives to gain and hold enemy territory. Before embarking on further offensive, gains shall be consolidated. In 1990 the Central Corps of Reserves was created to fight in the desert sectors , where enemy land offensives are expected. These dual capable formations trained for offensive and holding actions are fully mechanized.

Pakistan Army has ten Corps including the newly formed Strategic Corps. The Army has twenty six divisions (eight less than India). Two more divisions were raised as Corps reserves for V and XXXI Corps. Pakistan Army has two armored divisions, and ten independent armored brigades. Presently one hundred thousand troops are stationed on the Pak Afghan border to fight terror. Special Service Group-SSG comprises two airborne Brigades i.e. six battalions. Pakistan Army has 360 helicopters, over two thousand heavy guns, and 3000 APC's. Its main anti-tank weapons are Tow, Tow Mk II, Bakter Shiken and FGM 148 ATGM. The Army Air Defence Command has S.A- 7 Grail, General Dynamics FIM-92 Stinger, GD FIM Red Eye, and ANZA Mk-I, Mk-II, Mk-III and HQ 2 B surface ti air missiles. Radar controlled Oerlikon is the standard Ack Ack weapon system. The ballistic missile inventory of the Army is substantial. It comprises Ghauri III and Shaheen III IRB'S; medium range Ghauri I and II and Shaheen II, and short range Hatf I- B, Abdali, Ghaznavi, Shaheen I and M -11 missiles. All the ballistic missiles can carry nuclear war heads. Nuclear and conventional weapon capable Babur Cruise missile is the new addition to Pakistan's strategic weapon inventory. Number of ballistic missiles and war heads are almost the same as India has. So there is a parity in nuclear weapons, which is a deterrent.

Indian armor is of Russian origin. Out of 2295 Indian Army's Main Battle tanks, 2235 are of Russian origin. The main battle tanks are; 310 T-90-S Bishsma's (300 are on order), 1925 T-72M Ajeya's.. The T-90 and the T-72 have 125 mm smooth barrel guns. T-72 though old is the backbone of Indian Armor Corp's. 268 Ajeya's have been upgraded with Israeli Elbit thermal imaging systems. 1000 T-72 MBT's are awaiting up-gradation. There have been several instances of T-72's gun barrel bursting. 124 Indian made Arjun (heavy 56 ton) MBT are on order. Sixty Arjun's are in operational service. Arjun's engine overheating problem has not been solved. Arjun has a 120 mm gun, but is unfit or desert operations.

Pakistan Army is equally strong in armor, capable of giving a fitting response to any Indian military adventure. Main Battle tanks Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar are the backbone of Pakistan's armor Corp's. Both are Pakistan made. Pakistan's tank armory comprises :five hundred Al-Khalid MBT's; 320 Al-Zarrar type 85 II MBT's, 500 Al-Zarrar MBT's; 450 79II AP (Chinese type 81 upgrade, and 570 T-80 UD MBT of Ukranian make. In addition Pakistan has 880 Type 59, which were procured from China in 1970.This makes a total of three thousand six hundred and twenty tanks. All Pakistani MBT's except T-59's have 125 mm smooth barrel guns. Indian armor offensives in Kashmir, Punjab, and Sind would be effectively challenged by Pakistani armor and mechanized formations, depending on PAF's ability to keep the skies over the battle areas clear of Indian Air Force. India's modern air defense system has Israeli Arrow anti-missile missiles, and 90,000 surface to air missiles-SAM's. India has one hundred nuclear armed ballistic missiles (Agni-1 and Agni II), and Brahmos the new supersonic cruise missile. Indian Army is well trained, equipped and highly professional, and so is Pakistan Army.

Air power is likely to play a key, if not a decisive role in any future major or minor India-Pakistan armed conflict. The aim of Indian pre-emptive strikes will be maximum destruction by surprise air attacks, combined with shock commando action. A possibe scenario is; intensive bombing of the target to be followed by attacks by armed helicopters and ground assault by heliborne Commandoes. An overview of Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force will help comprehension of IAF's offensive capabilities, and defensive capabilities of Pakistan Air Force. Indian Air Force has 3000 aircraft including training, transport, helicopters and 800-1000 combat air craft, which operate from sixty air bases, including Farkhor airbase in Tajikistan.. Six hundred IAF's strike and air defense fighters are expected to be operational. Pakistan Air Force has 630 aircraft, which include 530 combat aircraft, with 400 operational at any time. In 1996 India signed an agreement with Russia for the purchase of 90 Su 30 Mk-1 multi-role fighter-bombers. In 2004 a multi-billion licence was signed for building additional 140. 240 Su30-Mk-1's were ordered, 120 are already in service. With a maximum speed of Mach 2.3 and range of 8000 Km with refueling and ability to carry tons of conventional munitions and nuclear weapons, it is a lethal and menacing weapon system for the strike and interception role. Other IAF's advanced strike and combat aircraft are: 51 Mirage-2000 (of Kargil fame), 60 Mig-29's (for air defense), 250 old Mig-21's (110 have been refurbished with Israeli help), 47 Jaguars and 70 Mig-27's for ground attack. 220 LCA Teja's under manufacture at HAL Bangalore will start entering service in 2010... IAF's fighter pilots are well trained and have out shone American pilots during joint exercises.

Pakistan Air Force has 200 rebuilt Mirage- 3's ( for night air defense) and Mirage-5's for the strike role. They can carry nuclear weapons. They have been upgraded with new weapon systems, radars, and avionics. Additionally the PAF has 42 F-16's, 150 F-7's including 55 latest F-7 PG's. Manufacture of 150 JF 17 Thunder fighters (jointly designed) is underway at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra. The JF -17 Thunder is a 4th generation fly by wire multi-role fighter aircraft. Eight are already in PAF service. An order has been placed with China for the purchase of 36 JF-10, a Mach 2.3 -5th generation multi-role fighter, comparable in performance to the Su-30 Mk-1 with the Indian Air Force. PAF is on Red Alert, and is maintaining full vigil to intercept and destroy IAF intruders. During the recent air space violation, the IAF intruders were in the sights of PAF's F-16's, but were allowed to escape unscathed to avoid a major diplomatic crisis. PAF pilots and technicians are well trained, high professionals, who will be able to prove their mettle in the future battle with India. A comparison of Indian Navy and Pakistan Navy reveals that Pakistan Navy could inflict substantial damage to the Indian Navy. Indian Navy has 16 submarines; Pakistan Navy has ten, some are brand new. Indian Navy has 27 war ships, Pakistan Navy has ten. Indian Aircraft Carrier Veerat, will be a menace, and must be sunk by submarine or air attacks, if it attempts to block Pakistan's sea lanes or ports. It is hoped that better sense prevails and India desists from invading and attacking Pakistan. If it does, the consequences will be horrible for both the countries.
warm regards

Wilson John
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nick said...

we proud to be an indian

Rahul said...

Utter nonsense. Had Pakistan armed forces possessed such capabilities, Bangladesh wouldn't have been formed, neither the Kargil humiliation of Pakistan.Its one thing to have weapons of international callibre but one should know how to use it and sadly Pakistan doesn't know it for the simple reason they have got these weapons readymade.

namo said...

@ Rahul
Very well said...We are PROUD to be INDIANS

Anonymous said...

I am of Indian origin and a bit proud of it too although with caution. The article is not bad I thought. For those of my fellow Indians saber rattling, just ask yourselves if India was so overwhelmingly superior as some imply, why would a good portion of Kashmir be still with Pakistan?

prakash said...

Good comparison. Most of the statistic given are true in terms of numbers- Even though it Doesn't compares the actual capabilities of each one, which will show you that the Indians are far ahead. But clearly Pakistan have competitive edge in Navy(they posses the Modern Submarines compare to Indians), which shows that Indians failed to see this.But better late than never India is concentrating more on his Navy now thanks to China's increasing activities in North Eastern Indian Ocean. Overall Pakistan is no match for Indian supremacy. I guess, India should be worrying more about China than Pakistan.

rahul guru said...

Somewhat biased comparison and facts about Indian capability are little bit outdated. It is much stronger than noted here.

Besides, porkistan would finish itself from its internal enemies anyways.

rahul guru said...

Here's a link from 2003, but you can exaggerate based on the figures. Also, India has more than double the porkistan's capabilities in all categories: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/1735912.stm

Anurag said...

It`s a nice unbiased comparision but most of the data is outdated especially in context with indian army...

Anurag said...

I appreciate the move of Indian Govt not 2 be engaged in war with Pakis...bcoz, if india wins the war then.......(1). Feeding those 60 million pakis is really a nusaince.
(2). Due to UN and other nations pressure/policies we can not keep pakistan with us...like america returned afganistan and iraq to their people by conducting general elections....

Anonymous said...

Friends ... you all have forgotten to mention the multilayer missile defence system, sophisticated satellite and spy systems of India and also ongoing developments in F Insas and Kali ....

This should not be a mere comparison of tanks vs tanks ....


its good of being having such a marvalous army far beeter than pakistans

Pkistan has no way to survive if it tries to deal with indian origin

infact days are not far when

America will plunder Pakistan making its people slave

and making its need

I onley

want to convey

"Beware Pakistan

U R going to end up

Anonymous said...

WOW, quiet a bit of chest thumping by us Indian amateurs. Calm down studs, we'r not as good as you'd like to imagine. Lets just talk to Pakistan & hope the moderates there win. When neigbors fight there are no winners.

Sham said...

you guys just need to understand this that 1 carrier is thething that India has and making 2 more by 2010 and pak's got none so India is clearly superior and even if pak gets all the equipment they dont have enough people to take so many casualties

malleshsam said...

first of all we have to be proud to be an indian whether we have these power or not.we have such a great history which no country has.one day is sure india will lead this world.

Anonymous said...

india is clearly the emarging superpower of future...
and in comparisn pakis have no future at all... they are living and playing war games with india since independence from their soil to ensure only their own demolition by their own hand...
in every aspect, india is much more advanced than pakistan and india has a clear future of being a strong , powerful and leading country... whereas only thing is left for pakistan is to engage india somehow in war - active or passive to slowdown india's growth in exchange of money from USA and arm support from china... both of them wants to make india's growth
slow by this process...
this is good actually... this kind of war games always motivates indians to do better...

what kind of comparisn can be made of two countries india and pakistan with population ratio 10:1; economic ratio 20:1; and overall infrastructure ratio 100:1 ?????

John Smith Wolverhampton said...

this article is a big bullshit,the guy who written is from new Delhi but still its a shit only. he is under estimate the real condition, how come man you can written a article like this. this is purely senselesss

what kind of professionalism you can seen in Pakistani army they are working with NATO in Afghan and helping there enemies,what kind of discipline they have ,over throwing a democratic govt.or threatening govt who is selected by people??is it professionalism?

do you know what is the meaning of a govt force it must support its people and govt,with 60 years they reduce the area of pakistan

but indian army is maintain high decipline and stratagic advement,they are highly trained profession from isreal and australia..

Anonymous said...

Dear Folks

As much as you want to believe and hope, sadly India lacks in military strength as we would hope. It needs more technologically advanced weaponry and nuclear bombs, and most of all, an educated Political governance. If you can't read or write, you should simply not be able to vote or hold policatal stature. No discussions. Also India does not even need to be discussing an outdated, stone age nation such as the terrorist state of Pakistan.(Which should be referred to as Bad Controlled India.) As to a previous post, I disagree with his comments. I feel, India should strike Pakistan with nuclear weapons, remove those who obey Indian rule in that region, then re-incoporate them in that state which would be declared as India Administered Pakistan. After surveying the surviving population, Hindus can be re-integrated in India, and a mock governement should be declared for the remaining population. They should answer to the Indian Political Structure in New Delhi. Those in India who would be sympathetic to the former state of Pakistan can me moved there as well. Eventually, after 100 years, those from the former state known as Pakistan can be integrated in India fully. This would solve many problems, as there would be a state where entire populations of hard line citizens can be monitored.

Tell me if you would like this to be a political agenda for a political party in India.


Abhishek said...

You can Never Compare India and Pakistan. We do comparison with Pakistan based on the fact that Pak holds Neculear Weapons which he has got from China.Pakistan's
Existance is only based on India's revellary as well as money given by USA. The day he will be left alone ,it will destry itself.

Let's Hope that these Devils Rethink about their own future and try to rebuild them rather than being an enemy of India.

Anonymous said...

Proud to be INDIAN !!!

Pak could never match INDIA !!!!!@@@

Pak people FUCK ###

Allan said...

lets see if al-khalids can save pakistan from taliban..lmao, what a retarded comparison by a paki slave!!

Aussie NRI said...

I was very proud to read of IAF's success against USA in the Red Flag competition, and am proud to read of how smart, tough and physically able our elite soldiers are. Training and competing with countries like the USA, UK, Israel and Australia can only lift our standards.
However, even if India is successful in it's sudden, pre-emptive strike agasint Pakistan, what then? Let's say the Indians destroy their key communication and infrastructure? Does Indian have the economic and political might to go further? They coudln't do it earlier, what makes us think they can do it now?
Further,imagine unhappy Pakistanis now banding together, not only in the name of religion, to fight the enemy!Imagine the millions (Indians and Pakistanis - don't think the Pakistanis will not do any damage)we have a moral and humanitarian obligation to provide food, shelter and medicine to! War does not benefit either Pakistan or India. As an NRI, It's quite tiring to always see Indians (and Pakistanis) beat their chest in delight when all they do is compare themselves to each other...but are still years behind other major players (even China). I look forward to the day when India is more than competitive against China and the west in areas like sport, infrastructure, anti-corruption,etc. (We seem to be slowly waking up with our soldiers doing well in shooting, boxing and TKD agasint opponents from the major players. We claim to have the best trained Alpine troops in the world, but can't compete well in and Winter Olympic events). When we regularly achieve at that level, only then I'll know that India is truely a world player. Currently, its like two teenage boys in a village who cannot do anything but compare themselves against each other...throwing pebbles at each other...forgetting that there are bigger boys with slingshots and good aim in the other villages who they should be comparing themselves with. Stop this small village mentality.

Allan said...

dude, we are not talking abt a major power here, this is pakistan. Even Israel can teach them a good lesson, with whatever economic and political power india has, it can definitely go all the way with pakistan...

what do we need at political level? their leaders are not recognized worldwide, look at zardari, sitting on power on death of his own life, and Kayani? please, he is a dalal of taliban..give me break...

Pakistan is a retarded and pathetic country, no one will come in India's way as far as political matters are considered, given economic crisis, we dun have to give a damn abt people over there, and if we can be ok during 71, i think we can handle ourselves now...

sooner of later, Pakistan will be eliminated, with combined factors of indian aggression, extremist and integral conflicts!!

India is waiting for a day, when it can successfully have a very sophisticated ABS in place, they day it sure pakistan cannot harm its major cities, just wait and watch...

History knows, having arms and ammunition does not win a war, the will to excel and a strategic culture ultimately overwhelms everything, and this is what India got..

Anonymous said...

This post is overwhelmed by fucking Indians and effing Indian allies. Where did all the Paki dicks go? These two countries are both shames on the planet. One is bigger and with imperialistic in nature always trying to plug its dicks around. Another is corrupt and with Islamic fundamentalist ass-hole and brainless fart thinks to be equal to the prior. I want both of them go to hell.

Allan said...


You must be Jesus...Fuck Off!

Anonymous said...

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umair said...

There is no doubt that pakistan armed forces are on of the best forces in the world. it is shame-ful for indians that in kargil their army climbed down from the mountains due to winters, and then pakistan armed forces climbed- -up the mountains and teach them a lesson. we are proud that we have such a brave force

Allan said...

yea I can see how best your army is against TALIBAN. Taliban even bomb in front of your army head quarters... this is how best you are..looser

fck Turakaas said...

Hut , taraka Saale's Comparing with us, fuckkkkkkk...even tht Land in the name of Pakistan is ours ..we r going to take it back someday.......

Allan said...

we don't need porkistan..thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Y u Indians are so overwhelmed?
Pakistan has a far better missile system than India. Pakistan's Al- Khalid is superior than ARJUNK tank.
2 Indias front line fighters SU-30 have been crashed last year while Pakistan air force did not crashed any F-16 and now we have Jf-17.

Go n eat NUTS Indians

Allan said...

we re just overwhelmed to see how TALIBAN is blowing up PAK ARMY AND Pakistan PIECE BY PIECE..

ibrahim said...

because you fucking bastered indian , pak army and rest of the world is facing problem because your army supply weapeon to them

Allan said...

oooo our ARMY supply weapon to them and you cannot fight with AMERICAN weapons?? you fucking mullah, if you cannot fight TALIBAN then how will your army stand in front of indian army?/ lol

Anonymous said...

Dear all
Dont compare military power of two countries. Remember only one thing Pakistan does not follow any NO FIRST USE nuclear policy so in case of any aggression from India consequences would be far beyond imagination...otherwise whats the use of making nuclear weapons if you dont use them ...

Best Regards

Allan said...


something you should clear your self with before you talk about nuclear weapons..

1.There is a difference between "acquiring technology" and "indigenous technology" - INDIA has been launching launching space satellites on his own since early 80s hence over the years mastering the rocket propulsion technology which paved the way for missiles... PAKISTAN has only launched 3 satellites in its entire history that also with Chinese launchers..
A country who cannot launch its own satellites has capability to make a missile that can hit 2200 miles far? Go figure..

2. There is something called strategic planning...PAKISTAN in total has 6 launch sites for its nuclear weapons, given that it is able to launch six missiles at India without any Indian intelligence noticing it, how much chances you think it has to launch another set of missiles before Indian missiles destroy those launch sites...hence PAKISTAN CAN make 1000 missiles, truth is, it is barely capable of a low first strike and cannot and WILL NOT be able to launch another attack after second strike from INDIA, bec of its poor infrastructure and lack of any air defense again long range missiles...Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

When you accept that Pakistan is capable to launch six missiles carrying nuclear weapons at a time without Indian intelligence noticing it ... can you imagine the extent of damage ...ok i agree that India can destroy those launching sites before another set of missiles attack but suppose you or any of your loved one become a victim of first strike then ... According to ISPR pakistan is capable to flatten 13 major cities of India within 3 minutes ...my brother no country can afford nuclear war so we better stay in peace ...


Allan said...

You just added a Rhetoric to your dumb analysis...

'"my brother no country can afford nuclear war so we better stay in peace ..." READ THIS STATEMENT AGAIN! If no country can afford a nuclear war, than Pakistan can?? It can afford to launch a nuclear attack on INDIA??

I would like to see this link to ISPR that says pakistan can flatten 13 indian cities in 3 min...have u ever heard of an INDIAN ABM SYSTEM?? It is already in rigorous testing, and by the time PAKISTAN will decide to launch such attacks, it will be getting in very advanced stages of operation..

Now even if pakistan launched those missiles and have of them landed in India, it has just opened way for destruction of its odd 170 million uneducated population...

If india cannot afford a nuclear war, I want to see how much balls KAYANI OR MUSHARRAF have to launch weapons...

They can;t fight TALIBAN without american weapons, and talk about securing the country against india...instead of preaching pakistani might here..




I want to see the day pakistan launches a nuclear missile at india..oh yea if you can afford to luach a strike, trust me, Indian can take and fuck Pakistan bended over 360*

Anonymous said...


Let me tell you first, i am neither pakistani nor Indian so dont show ur mentality in front of me. So far i was enjoying discussion with you but now u started showing your mentality and class where you came from.
May be i am not updated as you but atleast i do have manners to talk even when we talk about the people we dont like.
I would say you both countries should pay some attention on your people first and then develop weapons. Half of your people are dying with hunger and cant even write their names and you are jumping that you military power. Ha !!!

Allan said...

Half the people??? YEA NOW I know without a guess you a Pakistani. But I dun blame you dude for hiding your identity, most of the pakis I come across in US are ashamed to accept that fact, because after 60 years of independence, there nation has achieved to be in TOP 10 FAILED COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD!!

Let me tell you, there are millions hungry and uneducated in china...and who has to guess about their military power? The most ruthless regime in this world, is bent on developing weapons, things like anti-satellite weapons...now you tell me when India has terrorist neighors like Pakistan and and a snake like China in side, it definitely needs to talk about military power..


This time around though, this works seems much easier, thanks to america, who has made pakistan a stray dog, out there to bite his own feelow dogs AKA TALIBAN and soon this pakistan will end up in 5 diff terrorist countries..

So Ha! going back to nuclear weapons, indians won't have to worry about nuclear attack from pakistan er..backyard of taliban!!

Allan said...

And what in the dumb nutball you know about progress India has made in terms of human development and intellect?/ Just because there are poor and uneducated people there does not mean thats the fate of the country, 40% of enginners in silicon valley are Indians, not to mention, Indians are among global people achieving honors in fields of physics , biochem and space! Obama has indians in his administration, indians are governers in US states, and members of parliament in CANADA..

Where the F*** is pakistan?? the problem is india has to focus so much on military purchases, because of this retarted community called pakistani muslims...when they were part of India, they were great, since independence all thye have focused on is to kill innocent indians and trying to get hold of KASHMIR...it is not INDIA but PAKIS who need to pay more attention to their uneducated people..







Give me a fucking break!!

Anonymous said...


hi son of bitches of indian mothers u can't fight with pakistan u are jaloss nation. u proud on your weapons or technology
but we proud on our mattle leavers tigers.wich can you study in history of 1965 war with bloody indian shemale army wich always attack from back and our tigers distroy your shemales always from front.i want to tell u that in war spirit pay roll. our nation is very brave and always be stand with their army,paf,navy we have your all forces on our cock tip plz do ur heart big we almost face 600 blast in our country but we never say anyone and you bloody people face only one blast and ur sheet lick in ur pant

i proud to be a pakistani

we love pakistan

we love islam

we want peace but u want war with us so let come we are ready and not only me our 96% nation want to teach u a leson and we will beat u for forth time insha allah and kashmir will be a part of pakistan


Manoj Thomas said...

Manoj Thomas

Allan i have seen your discussion with anonymous and i would say you better shut your bloody mouth. Working in US under the white dicks, making money for them and calling yourself an Indian. If i am given a chance to shoot either Pakistanis or NRIs i will surely shoot you bloddy NRIs. What the fucking contribution you have made to the developement of India, every fucker has a dream to get a degree from India and run away to US for a job. We are indians, living in India and working for India...

A proud Indian

yashoAPRDC said...

in all aspects "INDIA" great living with all religious persons i had frnds of muslman,hindu,cristan u pakisthanis got that chance no na that is INDIA no other country persons does't have chance in INDIA people belong to all religions will live like brothers & systers...... so im proud to be INDIAN if u proud to u r nation .....how

Anonymous said...

i think you should attend some school first before getting proud to be an Indian.

RINKU said...

He he ..!!! NICE to see Frustrated Mujahir-PAKIS over here. I think more than pakis frustrated MUSLIMS from PAK will be the terminology....they really dont have anything to say...they are saying(speacially Anonymous)that they have defeated INDIA three times ..its really funny to read the 1st war- we Divided one country into two 2nd war- 90,000 soldiers surrendered to indin forces 3rd war we pushed you back from our territory. May i know which war PAKIS are talking about.
YOu people dont have your own economy. no developemenet in terms of infrastrusture, No human rights your army only can capture the PM HOUSE and can kill democracy and place Dictator over there.
I am also agree that we are also not level to level with western countries but we are far ahead from pak muslims.

naveen143 said...

east or west india is best may be 100 pak's can't manage indin forces

Allan said...

they can't protect foreign cricketers on their soil and talk about fighting Indian Army??? lol

Anonymous said...

rahul frm india.
bharat mata ki jay.
what the fuck u pakis u think of urselves. have u noticed that ur very fucking brave army could not face the the baloch rebels and taliban. what u paki mother fuckers talk of fighting india? have u forgotten that ki tumhara desh hamari bhikh se chalu hua tha. we lended u 50 crore rupees for buying materials for setting up refugee camps

Anonymous said...

countries are not runned by setting up shariya courts or by growing long beards. countries develop by helping womens and every part of society to develop there intellectual level by the means of providing education. can any paki tell me how many medical colleges these mptherfuckers have in their country and how many colleges do they have for women empowerment? go u paki shitholes,dumb asses,fuckers find this out and then talk of war.

Anonymous said...

See, india and pak are growing and developing nations. Each should avoid war becoz one would get nothing except bloodshed and losses. We r proud to be indians and they r proud to be pakistanis. But, if a war triggers, indians r gonna fuck these bastard pakistanis. They can only shout "kashmir hamara hai". One pakistani has said here that pak soldiers r very brave and captured some indian territory in humiliating winters in 1999 kargil conflict. Here's my reply : summers me tumhari maa ka phat raha tha haramkhor.

Anonymous said...

Sania Mirza is going to marry pakistani guy. Perhaps 1 billion indians are all impotent ...LOL

Anonymous said...

Good catch man !!! Sania weds Malik coz could't find a single man in 1 billion population country ...all fucking shemales ...
Sania u welcome to Pakistan

sunny said...

mr. anonymous sania and malik r in love but u ass holescant understand it............well pak players r dying to play ipl hence it means that pca is good 4r nothing....a poor nation with poor cricket.....

sunny said...

and malik is marying sania coz pakis woman is not capabel of giving bearth to real men soo now indian sania is their to help u idiots

sunny said...

sania nd malik will live in dubai..... sania even not agreed to live in pak... and ur pakis malik also agrees the same... shamfull pakis

Anonymous said...

Sunny beta kuch b kaho, i can see tumari jal rahi hai or dhooan uth raha hai ...LOL

Sare jahan se acha hindustan hamara ...han tum he assholes ka hai ... sambal k rakhna ...

Allan said...

Dalle ke bacche Anonymous...

World Cup is happening in India, sri lanka and bangladesh..

And tumhara terrorist nation is out of the contenders...because all u terrorist can do is blwo ur bodies in name of Allah...

Pahle apne deskh ko sambhal, hamara to chand pe pahunch gaya, ma ke take you guys need to launch a satellite from your own soilf first...

What a shame!! And yes sania is marrying Shoaib, that doesn't mean anything she could not have in india..

Hundreds of your musicians and singers like ADNAN SAMI came to india and settled over here..

what does this mean?? you guys can;t even provide job and basic life needs to your citizens ..kuitte ke bacche muh dho gaya apna zardari ke pishab se lol...

Anonymous said...

Abe o red light district ke paidawar Allan yeh to bata tera desh chand per ja kar kia kar raha hai ...madar chodo tumko apni maan behan chudwane k liye zameen per koi nahin mila k chand per ja rahe ho ...

Allan said...

abe oo Bhutto kI gangrape ki paidawar...

Humse pahle tere 2 najayaz baap USA aur CHINA chand main jaa chuke hain... wo waha kya teri maa chodne gaye thee randi ke beej???

Kutte ke bacche, TERRORSIT NATION or FAILED STATE jaise titles mil chuke hain tere desh ko...isse age kuch nahi hoga.

Aur give it 1 more year, TALIBAN and CIA will fuck up pakistan so bad, that roadside bombings like iraq will be common things in LAHORE, KARACHI, PESHAWAR, RAWALPINDI AND MULTAN..

lol...fuckin looser to the core!!!

Ramesh said...

Anonymous and Allan you better both fuck off from this forum along with your rusted dirty minds ...and dont come back to this forum.

Allan said...

I understand your anger. I will shut up, still pakitan is going to in pieces either way...lol

Hey anonymous, how was that recent 3 blast series for ya?? Hope you re enjoying firecrackers in your backyard.

Im done with this retard. Let's talk about INDIA'S AWACS :D

Cracki said...

Pakistan forces are severely outnumbered by Indian forces. Although Indians are less experienced in terms of military warfare because Pakistan has won the biggest arms conflict after WWII. Yes, Soviet-Afghan war was led by ISI with proxy Afghans nationals.
Clearly if Pakistan has resources to fight war it would be maddening. Lets hope they don't.
But looking at military hardware that both countries posses India is a clear winner.
There was some bragging by Indians here that they can completely defeat Pakistan, which is baseless because pakistan has nuclear weapons and if India was capable of eliminating pakistan it would have done it already.

Allan said...

oh just so you should know, India also has nuclear weapons, its highest tested kilotons power is more than paksitan, and its delivery methods are better than pakistan. If pakistan would dare to launch nuclear weapons, it surely will become a "lake of pakistan".

Also, u should know indian scientist are 10 times smarter than paki scientist and re working on technologies like anti-ballistic missiles and precision guided bombs that turn paki nuclear sites into piece of debris in an hour.

And if pakistan was so strong, it would have taken kashmir from us already. It would act like cowards and attack from behind in kargil...

Anonymous said...

Never knew about this great joke site before. Good to see a pack of clowns around. really entertaining

Anonymous said...

This information is copied from pakistan defence forums, whats new you have?

Anonymous said...

You sucker Indians.
Listen you bloody people can't stand in front of Pakistan and your Army as well.
We will fuck you and your Army in all matters.
3 terrorists during Mumbay attacks fucked your all army and their weaponry system.
So don't mess with a single soldier of Pakistan. We are waiting badly to fuck Indian Army.

Wait for us

Indian Army soon sucks.

Anonymous said...

Abe oye Paki Soldier,

It was 3, but 10 gay terrorist from pakistan. And they did not attack the Indian army, they attacked civilians in places like Taj Mahal hotel, does Army stay in Hotels you looser??

You gay sons of Allah cannot even stop Americans from entering your country and killing osama bin laden, and you are challenging us??

First save your own house, Taliban has declared pakistan its number one enemy, just ait and watch how many more bomb blast happen in lahore, karachi, peshawar, it will be Diwali time all over the world when pakistan explodes in bombs.. ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

We don't have any need to fight with the 'GAY' Indian Army.
Pakistan have brave people, we are fighting with the terrorist/intruders bravely, During Mumbay War, Your entire Army could not captured alive even a single terrorist.
Because your Army is coward.

thats why every your citizen says


Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous


Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Faisal said...

India per jo apna defence nahi kar sakta.
India k tamam defence system cartoon animation per mabni hai.
sirf animations k zarye apni bagherity ko chupana chahtay hain
Kitne khuda hain tum logo k
Don't worship Idols
Can Man made statues be the God.......?
lanat bagheerto
India is a shame for the entire world

Anonymous said...

Brave Pakistanio,

Ek Baat batao, Tumhare Allah ne 9 saal ki ladki ki izzat luti, can that person be God?

Tumahara ASllah tells you to blow up people, can that person be god?

Anonymous Paki, You are telling me that your country is fighting the terrorist bravely? May I know why these terrorits are attacking your country? I thought your country was full of pure people?

Also, aren;t these terrorist the same MUSLIM RELIGION as you people? Then why is al-qaeda exploding bombs on fellow muslims? At least Indian don't kill other indians by using suicide bombs.

Dude the whole world now knows PAKISTAN IS A TERRORIST NATION, you guys hiden OSAMA for 10 years, and you are telling me you are fighting them bravely??

Your economy is the worlst in the world, you have to depend on america for military aid and world bank for development aid. Can you please first take care of of your country's poverty before trying to attack India??

Faisal, India is one of the most Influential countries in the world. The respect and fame Indians have around the world, pakis will never have that. Indian Idols are have their statues made in London's museums examples like Mahatma Ganghi, Amitabh Bacchan, Aishwarya Rai!!

Tell me what pakistani has ever been recognized on international arena?

Pakistan is the one who is shame on this world, so many countries are calling you terrorist nation, but you muslims have perfected the art to live in ignorance.

Anonymous said...

pakistaniyo apni aukat dekhi hai..?

Anonymous said...

India is the grandfather of pakistan....so keep mum...!!!

Anonymous said...

Pakistan rules... Shame to India...
Gay Hind

Allan said...

Yea pakistan rules the nations of terror.



Anonymous said...

Yeh salay mullay baaz nahin ayengay aise.In katuon ko kabhi akal nahin ayegi.Jab geedad ki maut aati hai woh shahar ki taraf bhagta hai.Yeh jaat to geedad say bhi badtar hai.Inki maut ayegi to kahan bhagengay?Shatad Abbotabad? ha ha.........:)

Abid said...

All indians are dirty mother fuckers.Pakistani nation is brave,we are fighting with terrorists,we know how to hide and seeks with death.We compete with indians in 1965 war.Check the statitics.India army did not defeat pakistan 1971,but it was due to our own people.Indian army should thanks to their dad Clinton ,wo save them in kargil war.How india can say that thy won the kargil war.Our army was small in numers.they fought with guns only,while india used all type of weapons.Our solders killed indian army like rates.casualities from pak side was due to return.More than 6 lack indian army is in kashmir and dozens of mujahdins fucking you mother.We are not terrorist nation but indian dogs are operating form afgan soil.pakistanis are not terrosts but but you are....we will fuck these terrorists and dirty indians who are dancing in bollywood.Our army conducted successful operation agains terrorist.Even USA and NATO is failed to do in afganistan.Indian army have no experience we have been ready since the 80′s. Our nuclear arsenal is there and our rockets and cruse
missiles are ready to fuck indian bitches! we have nothing to lose.come and attack on pakistan.Only time will tell.

Deepak said...

Ullu ke Patthe Abid,

You guys are not fighting terrorist, YOU GUYS ARE TERRORIST! Every single terrorist is MADE IN PAKISTAN. OSAMA got killed in pakistyan, now KASHMIRI was killed in pakistan. Pakistn is a shame on humanity, you coward fucking muslims think you can fight India??

What do u mean 1971 was our own fault? Which army surrenders to another army? 96000 of your coward muslim army surrendered to India with hands up! yes it is your fault, because you guys are GAY/COWARD ARMY. Your think mujaheedin are killing Indian army in Kashmir? you dumb fool, these terrorist only try to enter India in darkness of night, that also through jungles!! Indian army is killing terrorist in KASHMIR EVERYDAY! Have you heard of any major attackin kashmir?? You dumb fool, you think just because you have MISSILES and ROCKETS, you can kill indians? Gnadu ki aulad, India also have missiles and ROCKETS, far better than those of pkaistn, the problem is, if war started, your nation will be on its feet in 4 days, because it has no economy, no money nothing to sustain a war! War is not just fought with weapons, you need intelligence, resources, oil which you know better pakistan HAS SHIT!

India's TOP 10 BILLIONARES combined net worth is more than pakistan and sri lanka's combined GDP. You think you have a level to even challenege India for war? Your country is being critized by every major country in this world, in UN your country has been ashamed, every single person knows ISI is a terrorist organization.

Biggest shame on your country is that OSAMA was living like a king in your own house and you so called brave pakistanis could not kill him, your daddy USA killed OSAMA without even you knowing! ha ha ha

Abid, kutte ke bacche, your ISI can only attack on civilians in India, like MUMBAI 2008, have your terrorist ever try to attack our army headquaters? All cowards, these terrorist attcked your ARMY HEADQUATRER IN 2007, YOUR NUCLEAR FACILITY IN 2009, AND YOUR NAVY AIRBASE IN 2011, and you are telling me you are ready to fight India? You cannot even protect your own nation, every single day there is bombing in every city of pakistan, and you think you are brave? lol

Go and hide in ass of Allah, because USA, ISRAEL AND INDIA are going to TURN PAKISTAN INTO "LAKE OF PAKISTAN" very soon!

Anonymous said...

O dear darling most beloved ladies of lindia

do we not all agree that though art the most be a utiful in the world

and that the enemies of Pakistan have such a descriptive word for them : "terrorist"

as in their very thought spreads terror in their hearts!

do not worry
so what if your only nuclear delivery vehicle has a pathetic range of 150km
so what if you have no in service second strike ability
one day you will finally deploy agni
or some other fantasy
Pakistan is surely not going to launch before you have any effective enough ABS
and then it is surely only going to launch the liquid fuel ghauri, the launch-from-anywhere shaheens will surely be on leave that day
so what if a Paki nuclear strike against india is going to result in more Pakistanis being freed of hindu rule and far far less dying
so what if more than 3500 pakis are suing their mod in the supreme court for not having launched already
so what if history bears testament that india is to be but invaded from the north west

do not worry
because you r brave
and one day you will finally complete your missiles
and till then Pakistan will not launch

you are safe

see you beauties in your next janam

Anonymous said...

Bharwo salay Hindu tum log apni ladies ko int6ernational market may le awo hum dil khol ker boli lagayein gay
rates below
Bid of
Aishwarya 50
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in se ziyada aap k beauties ki ahmiyat nahi

Anonymous said...

lol annonymous, tum apne terrorist le aao international market main, HUM UNKO KUTTON KI TARAH MARENGE. Here is the list:

1. MUSHARRAF : 5 Bullets!
2. SAEED: 1 Bullet
3. MAJOR MIR: Burned alive!
4. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: 4 Bullets
5. Hakimullah Mahsud: 2 Bullets
6. Dawood Ibrahim: 6 Bullets

Isse zada bullets waste nahi karnege, baki saari bullets tumhare cowards pakistan soldier ko marenge!

Waqas Dilawar said...

It is my request to all muslims here "please don't comment on other religions and their so called Gods as it is instructed to us

Waqas Dilawar (Pakistan) said...

I have seen prejudice in the comments of indian against the Muslims and I can understand how well Muslims are treated in india - a so called welfare & secular state.

It is my request to all the Muslims, "please do not comment on other religions & the false gods they believe in as it is instructed to us because they will comment on your true God - Allah"
Please be a sensible & responsible enough.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan Navy is a pittance compared to the Indian Navy which has 180 vessals vs. 30 of Pakiland. India is benchmarking against the Chinese not the small Pakis,

indian said...

brother why u r comparing with these pakis , we r going to be a superpower . so compare with china , and us. we dont ned any missiles for pak . there own people distroy them . like 1971 . hum to sirf tumasa dekhenge . aur jb ye fir se 15 century me chal jayenge to fie hum purana hindustn\an bnayenge . including afganistan portion by mutual understanding , as sindh . aur baluchistan to humare sath hi rhne chahte the . seekhan abdul gffar khan article . bt this time we dont allow any one to come and settle in our nation ,specially these so called muslim jinko ki arabic country me muslim tak nhi mante . na ye muslim h aur na hi hindu . pakis jra ak bar apna blood relation khojo , tumhari paidais . apni dadi se puchna.

F.O.PAK said...

First of all,

The writer of the article is a retard.

Second of all,

Pakistan is a self imploding nation. They are killing each other. Indians like us are just smiling at this. We are waiting for our time. Pakistan ki 108 baar lenge hum.

You created Taliban, now Taliban is fucking you day and night. You gave the power to your army, now the army is fucking your economy day and night.

USA now hates you. heck! every nation hates you! Tum kamino ki maa chud gayi saalo!

ek kaam karo..apne lallo/tatton/ladkiyon ko bazar mein becho. shayad kuch bheek mile.

o! since pakistanis are fucking themselves day and night, so regardless to say - F.U.C.K.Y.O.U

SAYED said...


SAYED said...


Allan said...

abe oo PAKI SAYED!

You ridicule your own statement! First of all there has never been a war between IND and PAK in 1959?? So I don;t know what the fuck you are even talking about ! Lol yes in 1965 both countries had heavy losses so the victory could be either way! Now in 1971, how easily you just say "it didn't happen".. BANGLADESH did just get separated by magic, India took 96000 POW of pak coward soldiers, there re thousands of photos of ur major signing the defeat papers you moron! THAT IS CALLED A DEFEAT! Now talking about 1999 kargil war, PAKI AIRFORCE didn't so anything in this war! Even for 1 min if we agree that pakistan bombed on some supply route, how can that effect the entire 7 lakh personnel of INDI ARMY? You moron, the soldier are spread all over the state, so just bombing one supply route cannot block all the channels, so your this so called FACT is imaginary and full of lies!

Don;t worry about our BHAGWAAN, your ALLAH is asking you to provide him a 9 year old innocent child so he can rape and molest it, first go take care of him!

Now coming to ur utter disgust and illiterate mind, SRILANKA is not a hindu country ha ha ha! There is only one HINDU country is this world that is NEPAL! India is a SECULAR country, where all religions re given equal importance, not like your RACIST/MILITANT/TERROR country called PORKISTAN!

I f you are so proud of ruling india for so long, tell me why is America fucking your ass in your own country for last 15 years and you cannot do anything except beg for their AID?? USA came inside your home and killed your DADDY OSAMA in front of your eyes, and all you could do was ALLAH HU ALLAH HU LAMAO!!

sayed said...

you dum fuck........allan.....india is a decular country lolxxx......fuckin cowards ......im in kuwait and trust me indians gets shit scared wen he or she sees a pakistani.......and yes u have no idea about the war.....and yes india is a hindu country.......america has killed osama...did they show u the clip????.....u people are always in fuckin wrong perception......indians are in usa rather than being in india...wat r u people doing there...sucking american cocks???....u like white right??......and check out wikipedia 1959 war did take place.....loser....and muslims have ruled india...u fuckin slave....we use to beat the shit out of u people.....u had nothng to do but cry and beg....and read the whole kargil stuff on wikipedia and thn talk abt it.....worshipping idol ...the one who cannot help him self..wat do u expect from him???...to help u??....while making the statue next time to forget to make hisdick...coz its not seen anywhere....lolxx.....or i guess he was a man with a small dick....fuckin impotent bhagwan....india is not a secular state if it was secular ....so many riots in gujarat and mumbai wudnt have taken place......u completely depend on america...coz after suckin their cock u expect thm to help u....helpless people......FUCKIn INDIANS....

Allan said...

what a fucking loser!

If your religion was so great, than according to you, "why would such a peaceful religion beat people? make them slaves ? is that what allah commanded you to do?

Every thing you say is only a densive rhetoric, what about the fact that Pakistan has accpeted that osama wa sliving in that house for last 5 years? What about osama's wife and son who are in pakistani custody?

You are not in pakistan either, I guess you must be sucking kuwaiti dick then! I guess according to ur religion, anyone who migrates out of their country goes to other country to suck dick? There are millions pf pakistanis who live here in US.. well according to you, they all here sucking white dick!!

Lmao, your country is ranking 4 years n arow in TOP 10 failed nations of the world and you say India ia dependent on US? Who went begging for AID when floods came in your country? who gets 7.5 billion in economic aid from US? NO OTHER THANK PAKISTAN! Pakistan is the country where no one wants to play cricket and you think we have problems?

You talk about riots in gujarat that happened in 2002, have you seen how many killings have happen din karachi, peshawar, SWAT in last 2 years? your own muslim taliban are killing people in karachi! just last week about 100 people died in target killings!

Not to mention, Indian people all of the world are much more respected than pakis, we are the ones who get NOBEL PRIZES, name on paki who ever got a noble price??

Idia is among top 6 nations with space technology and pakistan is still bragging about missiles gotten from china and korea and literally has no space technology. The only 4 satellites your country has all launched by china, none by your own people! India on other hand has one of the largest commercial satellite system in the world!

You are a moron dude! Just read your comments and see how much ridicule you have done of ur own religion by saying "we use to beat the shit out of u people.....u had nothng to do but cry and beg" ...yea nothing can be expected from the TERRORIST.. they can only terrorize haha!

OSAMA's alive videos are all over the media, released by US, where is is hiding in that house shit scared of America watching his own videos! If US did not kill OSAMA, why has not pakistani government denied this fact? find me one leader who said that OSAMA was not in pakistan?? they all say they had no idea he is hiding there!

Just for your information, we CUT YOUR NATION IN 2 pieces in 71! enough said!

Allan said...


As per your advice I searched 1959 war you have mentioned and the whole internet only shows that PAKSITANI AIR FORCE fighter aircard F-86 took down 1 IAF aircraft called SABRE which was on photo reconnaissance mission!!

You call this a war??? LOL.. You are not just an uneducated paki, you are the real dumb child of allah! TAKING DOWN 1 AIRCRAFT IS TERMED AS WAR IN DICTIONARY OF ALLAH! lol

SAYED said...

lolxxx...ALLAN......u fuckin son of ur slutty nation....(INDIA)......haha...being being in india keep ur gals under me....but yes i do agree indians are very gud at satisfying people...galz specially.....and yes read the wikipedia......ur just an illeterate son of a bitchy nation.....and yea wen cums to kuwait im born and brought up here.....i fuckin paid ur country to stay there...and yes thnk before u talk abt ALLAH....atleast we dnt make a fake idol of our god....wen niel armstrong went to the moon ....he cud just see the lights of mecca...dats our faith....sunita williams saw the same thng.....u must be knowing it if ur pretty literate......we dont worships monkeys and elephants....we dnt drink cows pee......fuckin filthy creatures.....ur religion teachs u to do somethng which is disgusting...and yea wat happens in pakistan i dnt care abt that coz i havent been there from past 8 years.....im studying in london...and der too indians are royally fucked by pakistanis.....listen no matter how big are the nuts...they always remain under the dick....dats wat im telling to u indians...no matter where u go...u will always be under da dick of pakistanis and muslims.....son of BHAGWAN....LOLXXX......I'LL PEE ON HIS FACE STILL HE WONT BE ABLE TO HELP HIMSELF....FUCKIN ASSWIPE

Anonymous said...

Allen,RAnndi ke Bachhe...

You are the most dirtiest nation in the world....Reports shows that Mumbai is Most dirtiest city in the world.It means,whole Indian nation is dirty...
More than 40 percent are below the poverty line and majority is earning less than 1000 and you talk about the economy..is this your economy?? Bull shit..this is not the case with Pakistan....Pakistani people have better living standard than Indians.
Lets come to the war in 1948 you last Kashmir..in 1965 you attacked in darkness but what happened to you...our rangers men stopped your whole army...till the reinforcement
Our air force crashed Indian IAF...MM ALAM destroy 5 Indians air craft in less than 1 min..Its world record..
in 1971 there was defeat bc there is hell of difference between east and west Pakistan...it created problem for us...there was no public support...war can,t be won without public support..
In kargil war we capture Indian land with dozen of solders...your whole were engaged for more than three month, there were more than 3000 causalities from Indian side..
you should tanks to Pakistan on drawing forces from Kargil...you called this victory....Lanat ho tum pe….kutti ke bachhe
After Kargil war yu have deployed your army many time on border….but did not dare to attack…what was wrong your coward army…Our nuclear arsenals stopped you…..Dont think you have big army in numbers..and you will capture Pakistan…if yu dare this you will not remain on the face of earth to enjoy victory,,,in case of war 1st thing that will move from our side will be GHAURI and Shaheen…Our messile technology is far better than india…go to youtube and chek the Indian media reports…
You talked about the USA…USA is failed in Afganistan…They cant face Taliban..Tey are badely defeated in Afganist…They have much better technology..so they are superior…In US operation against USam a were held with the help of Pakistan Ground forces…I know bc I was there…yu Indian not know the truth..what were said on diplomatic level..it is another debate..
After 1970 we got lot of experience by fighting with terrorists…your army has no experience….40 years have been past ….we and our nuclear adrenals are waiting far you…. We are ready to take revenge of 1971……only time will tell…this time you will found no help from USA….

Allan said...


Pakistanis have better standard of living than Indians? really?

Tell me if pakistan's standard of living is better than India, how come its per capita is lower than india?

You said indian 40% population is below poverty, yet pakistan's per capita is lower than India? considering Pakistan is much smaller population compared to India? what A SHAME!

It is very easy to make fake and tall statements by abusing and using words like kutte ke bacche and all that! But showing facts and sources is equally tough! You said there was so PUBLIC SUPPORT DURING 71 WAR FOR PAKI ARMY? WHY IS THAT? Majority of people in BANGLADESH TODAY ARE MUSLIMS, THEN HOW COME MUSLIMS DID NOT SUPPORT YOU??



Anonymous said...

Mr. Allen,
ISI chief went to America not for US aid…Pak army has already refused that. He went for official visit…agenda was intelligence sharing..US attack on Afghanistan created lot of problems for Pakistan. This has put back our economy on recession….Terrorism started in our country after 9/11.We are the victim of terrorist activities this is not the case with India.
MR .Allen. Terrorists operating in Pakistan are not Muslims…they are agent s of CIA, RAW and MUSAD, Afghan Taliban are something different. And what are you talking about aid…USA is using our infrastructure…Nato have destroyed our roads.We have deployed our forces on afghan border to protect US forces…Is this service free??????
International media is doing propaganda against Pakistan and you are part of that….Don’t go to our politicians, they are corrupt…I am living in pakistan.and I know the conditions of common man better than you….
Lastly I would say…afghan war is not over..Taliban has still control on more 90 per of Afghanistan…Even Kabul and kerzai is not save…how easily u said that game is over….this is not the end this is the beginning…and you have watched the trailer in Mumbai…

Anonymous said...

Mr. Allen,
ISI chief went to America not for US aid…Pak army has already refused that. He went for official visit…agenda was intelligence sharing..US attack on Afghanistan created lot of problems for Pakistan. This has put back our economy on recession….Terrorism started in our country after 9/11.We are the victim of terrorist activities this is not the case with India.
MR .Allen. Terrorists operating in Pakistan are not Muslims…they are agent s of CIA, RAW and MUSAD, Afghan Taliban are something different. And what are you talking about aid…USA is using our infrastructure…Nato have destroyed our roads.We have deployed our forces on afghan border to protect US forces…Is this service free??????
International media is doing propaganda against Pakistan and you are part of that….Don’t go to our politicians, they are corrupt…I am living in pakistan.and I know the conditions of common man better than you….
Lastly I would say…afghan war is not over..Taliban has still control on more 90 per of Afghanistan…Even Kabul and kerzai is not save…how easily u said that game is over….this is not the end this is the beginning…and you have watched the trailer in Mumbai…

SAYED said...

well said anonymous.......from pasta week ths fucker is just behing da word AID.......i dnt understand how to explain him......after he is a child of his nation...lolx...illeterate child of a literate nation.....hahhahaha...he doesnt knows dat pak army is standing between us army and afgani's.......these indians have a worst thng abt thm they never accept facts....after all chutiya ...maa ke pait se heee nikalta hai....waise yeh log hain......hahahhaha.......his IQ level is 0.....bloody INDIANS.....GAY HIND

Allan said...

I pity your existence and your arrogance!

I am still waiting for you to post a link that talks about the so called 1959 WAR YOU MENTIONED! Again I am asking 3rd time post a link that talks about 1959 WAR!

Now to you anonymous, Pakistan is a victim of terrorism, I can accept that, but no one else is to be blamed for it!


You said that MUMBAI 26/11 was trailer right? Fine. Since I base my comments on facts, I have compiled a list of terrorist attacks that have happened both in INDIA and PAK since 2000. I will post each of them separately, and give you a number to look at carefully, and you decide if MUMBAI was a trailer for INDIA, what will you call what is happening in PAKISTAN right now!!

Allan said...

December 22, 2000 2000 terrorist attack on Red Fort 3 Killed

October 1, 2001 2001 Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly attack 38 Killed

December 13, 2001 Attack on the parliament complex in New Delhi
7 Killed

May 13, 2002 Jaunpur train crash 12 Killed

6 December 2002 6 December 2002 Mumbai bus bombing 2 Killed

21 December 2002 Kurnool train crash 20 Killed

10 September 2002 Rafiganj rail disaster 130 Killed

September 24, 2002 Terrorists attack the Akshardham temple in Gujarat 31 Killed

January 27, 2003 27 January 2003 Mumbai bombing 1 Killed

March 13, 2003 A terrorist bomb attack on a commuter train in Mumbai 11 Killed

July 28, 2003 28 July 2003 Mumbai bus bombing 4 Killed

August 25, 2003 Simultaneous car bombs in Mumbai 52 Killed

July 28, 2005 Jaunpur train bombing[11] 13 Killed

October 29, 2005 Three powerful serial blasts in New Delhi at different places just two days before Hindu festival Deepawali 70 Killed

March 7, 2006 Three synchronized terrorist attacks in Varanasi in Shri Sankatmochan Mandir and Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station 21 Killed

July 11, 2006 Series of 7 train bombing during the evening rush hour in Mumbai 209 Killed

September 8, 2006 Series of bomb blasts in the vicinity of a mosque in Malegaon, Maharashtra 37 Killed

18 February 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings 68 Killed

May 18, 2007 bombing at Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad that took place during the Friday prayers 13 Killed

August 25, 2007 Two blasts in Hyderabad's Lumbini park and a restaurant 42 Killed

October 11, 2007 One blast at a shrine of a Sufi Muslim saint in the town of Ajmer 3 Killed

October 14, 2007 One blast in a movie theater in the town of Ludhiana on the Muslim holy day of Eid ul-Fitr 6 Killed

November 24, 2007 A series of near-simultaneous explosions at courthouse complexes in the cities of Lucknow, Varanasi, and Faizabad 16 Killed

May 13, 2008 9 bomb blasts along 6 areas in Jaipur 63 Killed

July 25, 2008 8 low intensity bomb blasts in Bangalore 2 Killed

July 26, 2008 17 serial bomb blasts in Ahmedabad 29 Killed

September 13, 2008 5 bomb blasts in Delhi markets 21 Killed

September 27, 2008 Bombings at Mehrauli area 2 bomb blasts in Delhi flower market 1 Killed

September 29, 2008 10 killed and 80 injured in bombings in Maharashtra (including Malegaon) and Gujarat bomb blasts 10

October 1, 2008 Agartala bombing 4 Killed

October 21, 2008 Imphal bomb blast 17 Killed

October 30, 2008 Assam bomb blast 77 Killed

November 26, 2008 Coordinated attack in Mumbai 171 Killed

January 01, 2009 2009 Guwahati bombings[18] 6 Killed

April 6, 2009 2009 Assam bombing 7 Killed

February 13, 2010 2010 Pune bombing 17 Killed

December 7, 2010 2010 Varanasi bombing 1 Killed

July 13, 2011 2011 Mumbai bombings 21 Killed

This is a list of MAJOR KNOWN TERRORIST ATTACKS IN INDIA since 2000! Of course there might a couple more incidents that migght not be there because of lack of media coverage! Look at the numbers closely...now its PAKISTAN'S turn!

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2001 & 2002:


28 October:- Attack on a Protestant church in southern Punjab city of Bahawalpur resulted in 16 deaths and 6 injuries. The casualties were all Christian worshippers except one police officer.[3]

Main article: 2001 Bahawalpur church attack

21 December:- Pakistani interior minister Lt. Gen. (retd) Moinuddin Haider's elder brother Ehteshamuddin Haider was shot dead by assailants near Soldier Bazaar in Karachi.[4]

[edit] 2002

22 February:- The American journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi.[5]

26 February:- At least 11 Shi'a worshipers were killed by indiscriminate firing by a group of masked gunmen at the Shah-i-Najaf Mosque in Rawalpindi.[6]

17 March:- A grenade attack on a Protestant church in the heavily guarded diplomatic enclave in Islamabad killed five persons, including a US diplomat's wife and daughter, and left more than 40 others injured.[7]

7 May:- Noted religious scholar Prof Dr Ghulam Murtaza Malik, his driver and a policeman were shot dead by two gunmen in Iqbal Town, Lahore.[8]

8 May:- Bus bombing in Karachi kills 11 Frenchmen and 3 Pakistanis near the Sheraton hotel.[9]

Main article: 2002 Karachi bus bombing

14 June:- A powerful car bomb exploded near the heavily-guarded US Consulate in Karachi, killing 12 people and wounding over 50 others. A portion of the outer wall of the consulate was blown apart.[10]

Main article: 2002 US consulate bombing in Karachi

13 July:- Nine foreign tourists and three Pakistani nationals were injured in an attack near an archaeological site in the district of Mansehra.[11]

5 August:- At least six people were killed and four injured in a gun attack on a missionary school for foreign students in mountain resort of Murree. The attack was carried by four gunmen, when they started firing indiscriminately, however no pupils were among those killed, all of whom were Pakistani guards and employees at the school.[12]

9 August:- Three nurses—and an attacker—were killed while 25 others injured in a terrorist attack on a church in the Taxila Christian Hospital, in Taxila, northern Punjab.[13]

16 October:- More than eight people were injured in a series of parcel bomb explosions in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi.[14]

25 September:- Gunmen stormed the offices of a Christian welfare organisation in Karachi, tied seven office workers to their chairs before shooting each in the head at close range.[15]

15 November:- An explosion on a bus in Hyderabad, Sindh killed two people and injured at least nine others.[16]

5 December:- Three people were killed in an attack at the Macedonian Honorary consulate in the city of Karachi. The dead – all Pakistani – were tied up, gagged and killed before the explosion at the office.[17]

25 December:- Unidentified assailants threw a grenade at a Presbyterian church in Pakistan's central Punjab province, killing three young girls. At least 12 others were injured in the attack at Daska, near Sialkot.[18]

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2003:


28 February:- Two policemen were shot dead outside the United States consulate in Karachi, the same place where 12 people were killed by a car bomb nine months ago.[19]

10 March:- Two people were injured when a masked terrorist opened indiscriminate fire on a mosque in Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad.[20]

8 June:- 11 Pakistani police trainees were shot dead in what is believed to have been a sectarian attack on Sariab Road, Quetta, as they all belonged to Hazara Shi'a branch of Islam. Another nine were reported wounded.[21]

4 July:- At least 47 people were killed and 150 injured in an attack on a Shia mosque in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta.[22]

Main article: 2003 Quetta mosque bombing

3 October:- Six employees of Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) were killed and several others injured when their official van was fired upon on Hub River Road in Mauripur, Karachi. A Lashkar-e-Jhangvi cadre was officially charged.[23]

6 October:- Maulana Azam Tariq, chief of the Millat-i-Islamia (formerly Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan) and MNA, was assassinated by unidentified gunmen along with four others as his car drove into the capital, Islamabad.[24]

14 December:- President Pervez Musharraf survived an assassination attempt when a powerful bomb went off minutes after his highly-guarded convoy crossed a bridge in Rawalpindi. Musharraf was apparently saved by a jamming device in his limousine that prevented the remote controlled explosives from blowing up the bridge as his convoy passed over it.[25]

25 December:- Another attempt was carried on the president 11 days later when two suicide bombers tried to assassinate Musharraf, but their car bombs failed to kill the president; 16 others nearby died instead. Musharraf escaped with only a cracked windscreen on his car. Militant Amjad Farooqi was apparently suspected as being the mastermind behind these attempts, and was killed by Pakistani forces in 2004 after an extensive manhunt.[26

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2004:

28 February:- An apparent suicide bomber was killed and three worshipers were injured in an attack on Imambargah in Satellite Town, Rawalpindi.[27]

2 March:- At least 42 persons were killed and more than 100 wounded when a procession of the Shia Muslims was attacked by Deobandi extremists at Liaquat Bazaar in Quetta.[28]

Main article: 2004 Quetta market bombing

3 May:- A car bomb in south-western city of Gwadar killed three Chinese engineers and injured 10 other people.[29]

7 May:- A suicide bomber attacked a crowded Shia mosque in Sindh Madrassatul Islam in Karachi, killing at least 15 worshipers. More than 100 people were also injured, 25 of them critically in the attack. One person was killed in the riots that followed the attack.[30]

14 May:- Six members of Shia family was shot dead in Mughalpura locality of Lahore.[31]

26 May:- Two car bombs explode within 20 minutes of each other outside the Pakistan-American Cultural Center and near the US consul general's residence in Karachi, killing two men and injuring more than 27 people, mainly policemen and journalists.[32]

30 May:- A senior Deobandi religious scholar and head of Islamic religious school Jamia Binoria, Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, was gunned down in his car while leaving his home in Karachi.[33]

31 May:- A suicide bomber blew up the Imambarghah Ali Raza mosque in Karachi in the middle of evening prayers, killing 16 worshipers and injuring 35. Two people were killed in riots over the mosque attack and Shamzai's assassination.[34]

10 June:- Gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying the then corps commander Lt Gen Ahsan Saleem Hyat leaving 11 people dead in Karachi. The corps commander who escaped unhurt later became the vice chief of army staff under General Pervez Musharraf. This was the first such attack on the Pakistan Army, not counting the earlier assassination attempts on General Pervez Musharraf who was also the President of the country, since the military began operations in Waziristan in 2004.[35]

30 July:- Assassination attempt on the Prime Minister-elect Shaukat Aziz, while he was campaigning for by-election in Fateh Jang, Attock District, Punjab. Even though he survived the attempt, nine people were killed due to the suicide bombing.[36]

2 August:- Chief Minister of Balochistan province Jam Mohammad Yousaf escaped an assassination bid when unidentified persons fired at his convoy killing one of his bodyguards and injuring two others.[37]

8 August:- At least eight people were killed and over 40 others injured when two bombs exploded in quick succession near the Jamia Binoria Madressah, Karachi.[38]

31 August:- Three persons were killed and three others injured in a bomb blast at a shop in the Balochi town of Kalat.[39]

21 September:- Suspected Sipah-e-Sahaba members gunned down at least three members of a Shi'a family in a sectarian attack in Dera Ismail Khan.[40]

1 October:- A suicide bombing left 25 people dead and dozen injured at a Shia mosque after Friday prayers in the eastern city of Sialkot.[41]

Main article: 2004 Sialkot mosque bombing

7 October:- A powerful car bomb left 40 people dead and wounded over 100 during a Sunni(Deobandi) rally to commemorate Maulana Azam Tariq, assassinated leader of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, in the central city of Multan. This was most probably the retaliation of Sialkot suicide attacks exactly a week ago.[42]

Main article: 2004 Multan bombing

10 October:- An explosion by a suicide bomber at a mosque used by Shia Muslims in Lahore killed at least four people and left eight people injured.[43]

10 December:- At least 10 people were killed and 30 injured in a bomb explosion at a market in city of Quetta. The bomb exploded near an Army truck, as Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility[43]

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2005:

8 January:- At least 10 people have been killed in sectarian violence in the northern Pakistani city of Gilgit. The shooting of a Shia Muslim cleric earlier sparked clashes between his supporters and Deobandis.[44]

19 March:- At least 35 people were killed and many injured when a Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorist exploded himself in a mixed crowd of Shia and Deobandi devotees at the shrine of Pir Rakhel Shah in remote village of Fatehpur in Jhal Magsi District, Balochistan.[45]

Main article: 2005 Jhal Magsi shrine bombing

25 May:- As many as six members of a family were killed in an explosion at village Bandkhel in Makeen Tehsil, South Waziristan.[46]

27 May:- At least 20 people were slaughtered and 82 wounded due to a suicide bombing at the annual Shia Muslims congregation at the shrine of Bari Imam in Islamabad.[47]

Main article: 2005 Islamabad Bari Imam bombing

31 May:- Six bodies were recovered from a fast food outlet set ablaze by an angry mob after an attack on a Shia mosque in Karachi. It was retaliation to the suicide attack on the Shia mosque in central Karachi where five people were killed and about 20 others wounded.[48]

22 September:- At least six people, including a woman, were killed and 27 injured in two bomb blasts in Lahore. Police said the bombs went off within an interval of one and a half hour.[49]

7 October:- Eight members of the Ahmadiyya faith were killed inside a mosque as worshipers were performing Salah. The incident occurred in Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan.[50]

Main article: 2005 attack on Ahmadi mosque in Mandi Bahauddin

13 October:- Around 12 people including students were killed in the curfew and clashes between the Rangers and civilians in Gilgit. The clashes came after the death of a student in Rangers custody.[51]

15 November:- A car bomb exploded outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Karachi, Pakistan. At least three people were killed and eight others wounded.[52]

8 December:- At least 12 people were killed and 30 injured in a bomb explosion in the Jandola town of South Waziristan.[53]

22 December:- At least seven people have been killed in what officials say was a battle between Islamic students and bandits in the Jandola town of South Waziristan.

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2006:

25 January:- At least six people were killed and five others hurt after a bus ran over a landmine in Dera Bugti District, Balochistan.[55]

5 February:- A bomb explosion killed 13 people including three army personnel and injured 18 on a Lahore-bound bus en-route from Quetta in Kolpur, Bolan District, Balochistan. No groups claimed of responsibility for the attack.[56]

9 February:- Sectarian violence marred the holiest day of the Shiite calendar, with at least 36 people killed and more than 100 wounded in attacks and clashes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The violence erupted with a suspected suicide attack on Shiites in Hangu, in the northwestern part of the country, as they celebrated Day of Ashura.[57]

2 March:- A power suicide car bomb attack in the high security zone near the US Consulate, Karachi, killed four people including a US diplomat, a day before President George W. Bush was to reach Pakistan.[58]

10 March:- At least 26 people, mostly women and children, were killed in Dera Bugti District, Balochistan after their bus hit a landmine. Both tribal rebels and security forces planted land mines in the area.[59]

11 April:- Over 50 people, including Sunni (Barelvi) scholars, were killed in a bomb explosion at a religious gathering celebrating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad in Nishtar Park, Karachi.[60]

Main article: 2006 Karachi Nishtar Park bombing

12 June:- At least five people were killed and 17 wounded in a bomb attack in Quetta hotel.[61]

15 June:- Unidentified gunmen killed a senior prison official Amanullah Khan Niazi and four others in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi.[62]

16 June:- Two female teachers and two children were shot dead in Khoga Chiri village in Orakzai Agency.[63]

14 July:- Allama Hassan Turabi, a Shiite religious scholar and chief of Tehrik-e-Jafaria Pakistan, and his 12-year-old nephew were killed in a suicide attack near his Abbas Town residence. The suicide bomber was later identified as Abdul Karim, a Bangladeshi-speaking, resident of a shantytown in the central city area of Karachi.[64]

26 August:- Tribal leader Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed in a battle between tribal militants and government forces in Balochistan. At least five soldiers and at least 30 rebels are thought to have died too.[65]

:- 26–31 August:- Akbar Bugti's killing sparked five days of rioting that left six people dead, dozens wounded and 700 under arrest.[66]

8 September:- At least six people were killed and 17 injured, four of them seriously, when a powerful bomb blast hit the Rakhni bazaar area of Barkhan District, Balochistan.[67]

6 October:- 17 people were killed in fighting between Sunni and Shia Muslims over a dispute over ownership of the shrine to 18th Century figure Syed Amir Anwar Shah shrine in Pakistan's Orakzai tribal region.[68]

20 October:- A bomb blast killed at least six people and left 21 injured in a busy shopping district of Peshawar.[69]

8 November:- A suicide bomber killed 42 Pakistani Army soldiers and injured 20 in the northwestern town of Dargai, apparently in retaliation to the Chenagai airstrike which killed 80 people in the same Bajaur region in the previous month. This was the second such attack on the Army since the 2004 assassination attempt on Karachi Corps commander

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2007:

January – March 2007

15 January:- A powerful blast in the Jalozai refugee camp destroyed a mud-house, killing four people and injuring five others.[71]

26 January:- Two people were killed and five injured in a suspected suicide attack in Pakistan. The bomber and a security guard were killed in the blast at the Marriott hotel in the capital Islamabad.[72]

27 January:- At least 13 people, including the Chief of Peshawar City Police Malik Saad, were killed Saturday evening in a suicide bombing near a crowded Shiite mosque in Peshawar. About 60 people were wounded, 17 critically, in the 9:20 p.m. blast. About 2,000 Shiite Muslims were in and around the mosque, police said.[73]

Main article: January 2007 Peshawar bombing

6 February:- A suicide bomber detonated his explosives in a parking area outside Islamabad International Airport injuring 5 people.[74]

17 February:- A suicide bomber killed 15 people—including a judge—after blowing himself up inside a courtroom in Quetta, Balochistan. At least 24 people were wounded in the suicide attack.[75]

20 February:- Punjab Minister for social welfare Zil-e-Huma Usman was shot and killed in Gujranwala. Her assassin, Mohammed Sarwar, was reported to have been motivated by her refusal to abide by the Islamic code of dress and a dislike for the involvement of women in political affairs.[76]

:- 19–22 March:- Clashes between pro-government forces under Maulvi Nazir and Al-Qaeda remnants in the Waziristan region kill at least 135 people on both sides. A ceasefire is declared after four days of fighting enforced by officials from both sides.[77]

[edit] April – June 2007

:- 10–11 April:- Up to 35 people were killed and scores of others wounded in heavy fighting between rival Shia and Sunni(Deobandi) groups in different areas of the Kurram Agency on Tuesday night and Wednesday.[78]

28 April:- Assassination attempt on Aftab Ahmad Sherpao, who is the Interior minister that killed 28 people in Charsadda, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. This time again an attempt on a high ranking officer of Pakistani government was unsuccessful.[79]

Main article: 2007 Charsadda political rally bombing

12 May:- As many as 50 people were killed and hundreds injured when party workers of opposing parties; MQM, ANP and PPP clash in Karachi. The riots started when rival political rallies take the same route amid lawyers protests for restoration of Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Supreme Court.

Main article: 2007 Karachi riots

15 May:- A bomb blast at the local Marhaba hotel in Peshawar killed at least 24 people and injured 30. No one claimed responsibility for the suspected suicide blast in the lobby of the hotel popular with Afghans in Peshawar where militants opposed to government support for the United States have launched attacks.[80]

Main article: 2007 Peshawar hotel bombing

2 June:- Five people, including a tribal chief, a political tehsildar and a journalist were killed, when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in the Dara Khwar, Bajaur Agency.[81]

8 June:- Three people were killed and seven others injured when a bomb exploded on a bus in Hub, Balochistan. The coach was heading from Lasbela to Karachi.[82]

23 June:- A barrage of artillery and missiles fired from Afghanistan hit residential compounds and a hotel in Mangrotai area of the North Waziristan tribal region, killing 11 people and wounding 10 others, eyewitnesses and officials said. The dead included two children and a woman.

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK IN 2007 (Continued):

6 July:- President General Pervez Musharraf escaped yet another attempt on his life on Friday morning when around 36 rounds fired at his aircraft from a submachine gun in Rawalpindi missed their target.[84] In another incident, four Pakistan Army troops, including a major and a lieutenant, were killed in an improvised explosive device attack on a military convoy in Dir District – a stronghold of the Jamaat-e-Islami and the banned Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi.[85]

8 July:- Unidentified gunmen killed three Chinese workers and wounded another near Peshawar in what Pakistani officials said was a terrorist attack apparently linked to the bloody siege of militants at an Islamabad mosque.[86]

12 July:- Seven people including three policemen were killed and several others injured in two suicide attacks, two blasts and a rocket attack in three tribal regions and Swat district in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.[87]

14 July:- At least 23 paramilitary troops died and 27 others injured when a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-packed car into their convoy in Miranshah in one of the deadliest attacks on the security forces in North Waziristan.[88]

15 July:- At least 49 are killed and hundreds injured when suicide attack and car bombs explode throughout Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in an apparent retaliation for Lal Masjid operation. 11 security personnel and six civilians were killed and 47 others injured in Matta, Swat District, when suicide bombers smashed two cars packed with explosives into an army convoy, and 25 people were killed and 61 injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Dera Ismail Khan police recruitment center. The attack in Swat was the third attack on Army outside the conflict zones of FATA.[89]

Main article: 15 July 2007 Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa bombings

17 July:- At least 17 people were killed and 50 injured as a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the venue of the district bar council convention in Islamabad killing mostly PPP political workers waiting for the arrival of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, who was to address a lawyers convention.[90]

Main article: 2007 Islamabad lawyers convention bombing

19 July:- More than 40 people were killed in three separate bomb attacks. In the first incident, bomb was detonated in a mosque used by military personnel in the north-western town of Kohat, killing at least 11 people. This marked the fourth time the Army was attacked outside conflict zone since 2004. In the second one, 26 people died and 50 were injured in the southern town of Hub, Lasbela District, Balochistan, in an attack apparently targeting Chinese workers. And in the last one, at least seven people were killed and more than 20 injured in a suicide car bombing at a police academy in the north-western town of Hangu.[91]

Main article: 19 July 2007 Pakistan bombings

24 July:- At least nine people including a woman were killed and 40 others injured when unidentified militants fired a barrage of rockets on the civilian population in the northwestern city of Bannu.[92]

27 July:- A suspected suicide bomber killed at least 13 people at Muzaffar hotel in Aabpara, Islamabad Friday after hundreds of stone-throwing protesters clashed with police as the capital's Red Mosque reopened for the first time since a bloody army raid.[93] The same day Raziq Bugti, former guerrilla commander turned spokesman for the Balochistan government, was shot dead by assailants in Quetta.[

Allan said...

Attacks in PAK in 2007 (continued):

2 August:- The police in Sargodha shot dead a suspected suicide bomber after the man failed to detonate the explosives he was wearing. The man, who entered a police training center, killed a policeman before he was gunned down.[95]

4 August:- Nine people were killed and 43 injured when a suicide car bomber triggered an explosion at a busy bus station in Parachinar, Kurram Agency.[96]

26 August:- Four policemen were killed and two others wounded in a suicide attack in the Machaar area of Shangla District.[97]

4 September:- At least 25 people were killed and 66 injured in two suicide bomb blasts in Rawalpindi cantonment’s high security areas during morning rush hour. The first blast took place near Qasim Market where a Defence Ministry bus carrying around 38 civilians and uniformed officials was hit, killing 18 people. Five minutes later, a second blast took place near RA Bazaar, behind General Headquarters. The blast was caused by explosives fixed to a motorcycle, which blew up killing seven people on the spot. This was the fifth time the Army was attacked outside war zone since the start of military operations, and the first time in Rawalpindi, the site of General Headquarters.[98]

Main article: September 2007 bombings in Rawalpindi

11 September:- At least 17 people, including three security personnel and a woman, were killed and 16 others injured when a 15-year-old suicide bomber blew himself up in a passenger van at Bannu Adda in Dera Ismail Khan district.[99] The same day Omar Ayub Khan's protocol officer, Liaquat Hussain, was found shot dead near the Northern Bypass in Karachi.[100]

Main article: 2007 Dera Ismail Khan passenger van bombing

13 September:- At least 20 off-duty commandos were killed and 11 injured in an apparent suicide blast at an army officers’ mess in Tarbela Ghazi, Haripur near Tarbela Dam. The targeted were the Pakistan Army's special forces unit SSG's Karar Company, and this marked the sixth time the Army was attacked outside conflict zone.[101]

Main article: 2007 Tarbela Ghazi attack

15 September:- Unidentified assailants shot dead Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader and Wafaqul Madaris Vice Chairman Maulana Hassan Jan in the jurisdiction of Yakatoot police station in Peshawar. Hassan, a former MNA, also issued a fatwa against suicide attacks, and he along with a group of Pakistani clerics travelled to Afghanistan in 2001 to convince Mullah Omar that he should expel Osama Bin Laden from Afghanistan to avoid American attacks.

Allan said...

Attacks on PAK in 2007( continued):

9 December:- At least 10 people including three policemen and seven civilians, including two children, perished in a car bombing near Matta, Swat District.[112]

10 December:- A suicide attack on the school bus carrying children during the morning rush injuring seven of them. It was a PAF employees bus and the attack took place near Minhas Airbase, Kamra. It was a second major attack on the Pakistan Air Force after the Sargodha attack.[113]

13 December:- Two suicide bombings near an army checkpost in Quetta killed seven people, including three personnel of the Pakistan Army.[114]

15 December:- A suicide attacker rammed his explosives-laden bicycle into a military checkpost killing five people and injuring 11 others in the first-ever suicide attack in the city of Nowshera. The attack occurred at a checkpoint near the gate of an army school and was ninth one in the series of attacks against the Army outside conflict zone.[115]

17 December:- 12 security personnel were killed and five wounded in a suicide attack in the country’s restive northwestern city of Kohat. Victims were members of army’s local football team. This attack was tenth one of its kind on the army and first one against a sports team.[116]

21 December:- On the eve of Eid ul-Adha, a suicide bomb blast again targeted Aftab Ahmad Sherpao killing at least 57 and injuring over 100 at Jamia Masjid Sherpao, in Charsadda District. Aftab Sherpao survived the blast, but his younger son Mustafa Khan Sherpao, was injured.[117]

Main article: 2007 Charsadda Eid day bombing

23 December:- At least seven people, including a soldier and six civilians, were killed and another 23 wounded as a suicide bomber targeted an army convoy near Mingora.[118]

27 December:- Two-time Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in a shooting and suicide bombing in Rawalpindi's Liaquat Bagh, killing up to 20 others and injuring many. The site is notorious as the place where former Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was also assassinated in October 1951.

Main article: Assassination of Benazir Bhutto

28 December:- At least 33 people, including four policemen, were killed all over Pakistan in the violence that ensued after the assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. The situation grew so worse that Sindh Rangers were given orders to shoot-at-sight.[119]

28 December:- A roadside bomb killed nine people, including former PML-Q minister Asfandyar Amirzaib, who is a grandson of Wali-e-Swat, in Swat District.

Allan said...



SO MR. ANONYMOUS AND SYED, if you guys think 26/11 was a trailer for India, I think Pakistan's whole movie is completed !



And you talk about India being a dirty country? You want to say that all these incidents are happening in pak bec of India?? THIS IS THE REALITY! ANY BLIND PERSON CAN ALSO DO A COMPARISON BETWEEN INDIA AND PAK!

SAYED said...

well said allen...........we're wasting are time wid an indian idiot......take care........have a great day wid ur false perception....GAY HIND..

Anonymous said...

Mr Allen,
You have made a good effort in collecting evidences...Its reality and we accept it....But you have not put much evidence about bomb lasts before 9/11 in Pakistan..Your facts tell that whole story started after 9/11.Terrorist hit Pakistan bc Pakistan decided to become a partner of USA against so called war on terrorism....you can,t deny the strategic position of PAk.
Indians are not allies against war on terror...why there are bomb lasts in India..you should think about that..
Terrorist hit badly to Pakistan and we are still facing this..we are fighting bravely...we never cry like Indians,when there is botal bomb blast, whole Indian nation nation become coward.
How you can say Pakistan is terrorist nation...we has not made Indian mujaheddin,why the hindu terrorist organizations are operating there....it shows that yu are not save from terrorists..

If India is not involved in state terrorism...why more than 15 Indian counsels... are operating along the Pakistan border...even in tribal areas and Swat valley Indians were involved...
Reality is that india and pakistan are victims of terrorist activities..we both are facing poverity...we have to work together.
But you people are watching night mare of becoming super power. you people are so rude on this....

one thing you people should put in mind..This is not the era of 1971...Pakistan is facing terrorism but still you can,t take it easy....you people are not ahead from China,Japan and other developed countries....so why there is much voulfarity.. soon you will come to you foot...

Allan said...


Allan said...

Oh I am sorry I did not go back to the "proud" history of pakistan before 2000! Remember 1971? when your army killed millions of innocent CIVILIANS before surrendring to India? This is also terrorism!

There was no terrorism in india before 1990 also. The partitioned happened in 1947, how come bomb blast in india started in 1990s?? Because of pakistan's coward proxy wars! If Kashmiris wanted freedome from india, they would have started the struggle a lot sooner!

You talk about Indian mujahideen as it is only terrorist organization that is attacking in India? Yes those MUSLIMS are indians, but what about LET, JUM, JEM and many more which are based in pakistan? You cowardly ignored those organizations. WAS INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN in existence in 19993 mumbai blast? or 2001 parliament attack? who did those attacks?

Pakistani people re vicitms of terrorism, but your army and your government are slaves of terrorist and America.

If pakistan is so powerful and so strong, why did it let america use its resources and air bases in 2001? because you guys are beggals and suck american dick for existeance.. If you don;t get their aid for one year, you will be drooling like hungry fucktards all over!

15 councels along afghanistan border? how is tat any proof of terrosim? Indians living in border areas pf pkistan and afghanistan are teareted like shit, they live in misery, this is the reason these counsels are opened, so these indian can return home.

During indeopendence, there were over 25% hindus in pakistan, today that number is less than 1%, this fact is enough to explain the need to rescue remaining hindus in your shithole country!

Yea we re not ahead of china or japan but we are not as behing as you are either! Development in science and medicine is top rated in India. People from all over the world come to india to get high-tech surgeries done! who goes to pakistan and for what? There are more indian commercial satellites in the sky than any other nation!

India has the worlds most sophisticated Biotechnology industry! We provide 40% of worlds genric medicines! What does pakistan provide to the world? Terrorism?

Indian has over 15 comapnies in fortune 500 list... pakistan does not even have a single comapny listed there!

What amazes me is, your country has balls to comapre with India in weapons, missiles and nuclear bombs! BUT when it comes to health, education, medicine, space, manufacturing, BPO, and other firlds, you have no comparison to us! How the hell does this happen? YOU CLAIM YOUR MISSILES ARE BETTER THAN OURS, yet you have not yet been able to launch your own staellite with your own launch pad. You depend of china and europe to lauchn satellites, (total 3 iso far)

India has mutiple NOBLE PEACE PRIZE WINNERS AND BROOKER PRIZE WINNERS! How about pakistan? not even a single person!

Making nuclear bombs and missiles does not make any nation strong or great! What makes a a nation strong iits people and its talent! Unfortunately your porkis lack both! Your government keeps your common man in darkness by spreading consiracy theories around every street corner claiming than US, INDIA AND ISRAEL are planning to destroy pakistan!

The so called propaganda against pakistan is nothing but their fear of their own actions. Look the kind of education your children get in your religious places! tHEY ARE TAUGT THQAT ANYONE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM IS AN ENEMY AND INFEDEL! When children will learn these things as kids, what will their future be? You can see their future in bombs blasts in lahore, karachi and peshawar!

Allan said...

Oye SAYED, I am still waiting for a link that talks about 1959 ind-pak war that according to you pakistan won! This is 4th time I have mentioned it, you pissface paki has no answer to that! and you won't!

Stop worrying about poverty in india, look at your country! you are worse than India! at end of 2010 India per capita income was 1350$ and yours was 1005$!

So even if India has so much poverty, at an average each indian is more rich than better living that pakistani! now go wash you face with some water lol...

Anonymous said...

Mr .Allan
1971 Bangladesh issue was totally Pakistan problem..Pak army did operation against insurgents…If this was act of terrorism then how will you defend Indian attack on Pakistan in 1971. In fact this was a terrorism by India against Pakistan and what will you say about Indian army operation 1984 against Sikh in Punjab.
In fact India is big terrorist on the face of earth. More than 7 lace Indian army is in Kashmir unlawfully, who is brutally killing innocent men, women, adults and children. You are violating human rights in Kashmir. You can’t hide your face behind the curtain. Muslims all over the world fighting to defend their homeland.Kashmir, Phelistene and Kashmir is example of this. You called this terrorism. What a joke….
When there is bottle bombast in India, you people start blaming Pakistan..Why you have forgotten about Hindu terrorist organization..India is facing freedom movement in more than 14 states .Hindu attacks on Muslims of Gujarat and Samjhota express incident are enough to prove that Hindus are terrorists..Minorities in Pakistan have more privilege than India..
About US ad I have already said to you that this is bull shit for Pakistan..How much America is paying to Pakistan 1.5 billion Dollar..Is this enough as compared to that loss that Pakistan has faced by Us attack on Afghanistan…every time you talk about that..I have already said that Pakistan has no need to deploy 1.5 lace army along border…Its big loss to our economy.US has spend 143 b dollar and result is in front of all us .you said to me that afghan war is over..If so that, why there is US helicopter is hunted by Taliban by killing 30 solders.
Mr. .Allan after participation Indian captured all resources that belongs to Pakistan…You are not terrorists but also rubbers .With limited resources we are competing with you. In nuclear arsenals. Missile and weapons we are ahead of you. Pakistan is Producing JF17 thunder, Alkhalid tanks that I m soured that Indian is still not capable of doing this.IN sports Pakistan has given tough time to Indian..In cricket, hockey and other sports Pakistani record is better than India…I am not joking check the facts…
If you are so good in health sector..And you people have good standard, then why death rate in India is greater than Pakistan.
And you said that Pakistanis are not talented…bull shit…even you have not single comedian who should compete with Pakistan…your films are copy of Hollywood…You People copied Pakistan television to produce actors, producers and directors..This is your talent. if you disagree ask this from any Indian actor.
If Pakistan is dependant on China, what will you say about India? Who always looks toward USA, Russia, and France even Israel who is not bigger than Ass Hole?

F.O.P.A.K said...

Dear Pakistani madarchodo,

First learn to speak and proper grammatically correct English. Speaks highly of your (ahem!) mother fucking education system(if any).

Wait, Do they teach you English at all? You guys must be having a BLAST! :D :D literally.

Anonymous said...


Teri MAan ki Choot..RAnddi ke BAchhe!
Teri Maan kisi english man ke sath sui thi aur us k Bad tu paida huwa tha...

English is not our language....you people speak word "TRUE" like Trrrruuuue.
pehn choudoon...tum gorey ki Zuban bole ke khush hote ho...LAnat ho tum pe

Allan said...

You are the 100th Pakistani who has copy pasted same text book bullshit like your other miserable brothers have!

And don't abuse F.O.P.A.K for bringing out the truth! You mother fuckers can't use proper english! It is visible in your english to, first learn how to spell Palestine before you talk about your problems!

About 1971 war, India did not attack pakistan first you muslim fool. Pakistan raided on indian airbases on western side, before India fucked you pakis upside down, and your so called 96000 brave sons of Allah put down their weapons and were ready to suck our dicks. Then we took your proud nation and cut it into 2 like it is joke!

You captured northern kashmir in 1947, when indian army was not even present in that area, since then you brave pakis have not been able to move an inch forward into kashmir! What makes you think you will ever be able to get kashmir? haha loser!

Yes there are atatcks on minorities in every country! But what happens in pakistan more than 100 times than any other nation! You talk about gujarat riots and samjauta train last, Gnandu ke bacche tell me about hundreds of attacks that have happened in kashmir on civilians done by terrorist or so called your jehadi men!

I understand if indian army kills innocents, we are to blame. But what do u call when these terrorist who you call freedom fighters plant bombs in kashmir? IF THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR PEOPLE OF KASHMIR, THEN WHY ARE THEY KILLING THEM?? Stop talking about 1.5 billion in aid you get from america! That is only a small part of the aid you, plus this you also get non-military aid, and this is only now. In last 60 years of your shameful independence, America has given you over 100 billion in free money, don't believe me, then just google search "US aid to pakistan" and you wills e the history of US aid given to porkistan!

You are ahead of us in missiles? Just buying foreign technology and painting SHAHEEN on it and standing in front of it like dumb fools does not make your missile any better than ours! Just because you have more nuclear weapons does not make your weapons stronger than ours. Check your nuclear test results, the strongest explosion you did was barely 25 kiloton, on the other hand India did 200 kiloton thermonuclear weapon test! India is developing BMD systems to kill your missiles before they come to us! You guys can only think of these high end technologies!

Your defense is only based on rhetoric questions! Death rate still does not deny the fact that India has worlds best medical treatment and advanced technology! Tell me something, if India has more death rate than your country, then why do paki people come to india for treatment? why don;t they stay in karachi and get treated among OSAMA and company?

Yes US helicopter went down last week, so this attack declares than taliban is winning the war? do you even know how many taliban terrorist US has already killed in Afghanistan? Compare that too these attacks that happen once in a while.

Haha, our movies are copy of hollywood? ok, at least we can copy, what the fuck does your country make? those on screen third class comedy shows? You think india stole your TV programs? lol India has home broadcasting years before you guys ever got your first TV in pakistan! Our channels and shows are watched world over, interestingly only you prkis are complaining about it! Why don't you sue us for stealing your TV haha!

Allan said...

Pakistan is dependent on China because china is the only country who will support a terrorist nation like you!

India has friends all over the world! India is an admired country in UN! not like you porkis! You should see your pakistan brothers living in US! They are ashamed to tell people that they are paki, because of all the terrorist involvement of your country!
India does look at other countries for technological help, but at least we don;t have to bed for AID!

When floods happen in india, we appreciate any help, but we are self capable of providing relief, but when floods happen in pakisatn, you cannot move an inch until american sends their cargo plans with food and water because you fuckers don;t have a single coin to spent on your people while you have all the money to build nuclear weapons!

Your comments are full of helplessness dude! Just because you can put up one point for every argument does not change the tides of truth! If pakistan was such a peaceful and civilized country, it would also influence its neighbor like Afghanistan to be peaceful, I don;t understand why Taliban WHO ARE MUSLIM JUST LIKE YOU, ARE KILLING YOUR CITIZENS?? Is that what allah has told them to do?

You retard, before you worry about freedom movements in india, think about what is going to happen of your country in next few years, you have same things happening in SWAT, BALUCHISTAN AND other norther sectors! But when it comes to your side, you blame all this on RAW and call them indian agents! This is same of indian insurgencies, ULFA gets support china, kashmiri jehadi get support from porkistan, and MAOIST have well connected links to chinese as well! None of these organization are fighting a freedom movement! Freedom from what? this is all just a excuse to get control, power and abuse normal people!

Go and sleep now you porki and wait for another bomb blast to occur in PESHAWAR OR LAHORE, because now this s every weekend thing in pakistan!

Anonymous said...

Mr Allan watch these clips before further discussion, I hope you will curse yourself after watching this.

Anonymous said...

you know what fucking indians just come and try,we will stick missiles in your backside and sand you back,in 60 years you could not take a inch how you can think to take it all,try it you,make you shame to be indians.good luck fuckers

ram and allah 2 sides of the same coin. said...

the never ending bitter war between pak and india will do no good to either side. do u still remember that we have all descended from a monkey. so stop all this charade and go and help yourself.

Alim said...

Well I think It's time to stop discussions.It's just too much.So all Indian's do your work..It's important for India to become superpower until 2020.And Pakistanis you start your new timepass.And Please I request to all Pakistanis and Indian's not to abuse Hindu's or Muslims.In India there are Muslims too which had done lot of Good work..Including Dr.Abdul Kalam or many Other big Names.About Pakistan..It's just a mistake of Indian Poor Politics and smart British that It ever exists today.I
request all Indian's don't take part in This Stupid chat do your work.Pakistanis are free to do anything.As they are always..Just take care of your home first..

Riffat Ullah khan said...

i am Pakistani. my all dear Indians don't compare you weapons with ours because India is also a very big country as compared to Pakistan. so i think we have enough weapons as compared to you people.

Riffat Ullah khan said...

i am Pakistani. my all dear Indians don't compare you weapons with ours because India is also a very big country as compared to Pakistan. so i think we have enough weapons as compared to you people.

Rameez Jawaid said...

Look bro's the paki's army depends on quality not on quantity....

Anonymous said...

I respect Pakistani citizens. In a world of multiple races, selfish interests and prejudices, Pakistanis and Indians are the same race, flesh and bone...are Pakistani's closer to Arficans or semitic Arabs or the Chinese? Pakistani government, Pakistani army and ISI are idiots. These agencies and its workers are gay with small dicks and tiny brains and no balls...zero balls as history has proved. Its in their DNA to be somebody's bitch. In an allout war India would whoop the Pakistani ass. Pakistan army and ISI dont know how to take care of Pakistani people...give them prosperous lives, create jobs. They must keep their selfish interests aside and help the Pakistani people. Build industries, shopping malls and reinvigourate the land that was once very prosperous. Our prosperity was snatched away by invading powers external to our subcontinent. By infighting we're making the same historic mistakes. Why did the mughals invade the subcontinent? and the British? Mughals and British empires are long gone but you and I know who the new powers are. You dont want another peanut sized country (outside of the subcontinent) use our own people to rule us and plunder us again. If you have so much faith in your rulers, why is the country not as prosperous as Japan for example? Dont keep blind faith in your rulers. I dont and I dont expect you to either. Think over this...

Anonymous said...

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Prithvi said...

Pakiatan force can only big in seeing bu don't stay anywhere before INDIAN ARMY


Anonymous said...

hahahaha i am amused to see that indians are still unable to digest the reality of partition. India is still day dreaming of getting back its lost territory. you should be more concerned for the rebellion in Assam and its neighbouring states. india will soon disintegrate in to 26 pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

before India disintegrates, I am sure America will BOMB pakistan and its citizens to death and pakistan will just keep blocking their supply routes.. haha

Dayanidhi Krishn said...

All Indians , Beware! You think that we brothers and sisters can together defeat Pakistan.But do not forget that many of our military hardware are still yet to be delivered. The LCA is yet to be inducted. The Indian government choose the rafale instead of the Swedish one which world acclaimed as best even against the USA made fighter. We need to have a strong supply crops but with new report of Tatra truck scam I doubt India's success. Also our ships are out dated except the decade old designed Russian nuclear submarine. We also need to start developing our own helicopter fighters and ships rather than buying from Israel Russia US France and so on. If corruption is rooted out and all the money is spent on defense (Please not the cure option in the army as well) then we can single handedly defeat USA or Russia Or China if they are alone though. Let's hope for a better India. Proud to be an Indian

Anonymous said...

indian bastards are in darkness.these fools always see their large army and quantity of weapons but they ignore the higher moral,better weapons quality and better training of pakistan army.they must realize that if indIA fires one missile over pakistan than casualties of pakistan might be in thousands but if pakistan fires just a ghouri missiale over india casualties must be in billions because of their heavy population.indians can never face pakistan in battle field because of their jittery nature,they can fight bravely in movies only.indians must remember zaheer ud deen babar,shershah suri,ahmaed shah abdali,mehmood ghaznavi and shahab ud deen ghouri.these muslim conqurers crushed india so many times in history and then hindu maharajas provide their daughters to these muslims
to get married and raise chidren.this historian cycle will remain in future. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN DOWN WITH INDIA

Indian said...

I think anonymous is just swimming in the history. . . They dont have the guts to say a single general who have defeated india. . . Now folks i dont think there is any need 2 fight wth these pakis. . . They never accept facts. . . If one can say tht 1971 never happened thn, theres nthng 2 say. . . And about the missiles, india has developed and successfully tested the agni v missile wth 5500 km of range which is an icbm. . . Also having nuclear capibility. . . And whts the max range of a paki missile??? 2500 km. . . Also on the fray there is the shaurya missile range of 10000 km. . . Even after these facts, if the pakis says tht they have better missiles then let them say. . . Kutta bahut bhokta hai. . . Hum peche murke nehi dkhte hai. . .

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Anil said...

Ha Al Khalids are useless. Pakistan is just comparing 1 self made thing to Indian Military. What retarded comparison. Indian military is advancing even as the pakis think of comments. It is developing ABM systems, ICBM systems(Surya 1, Agni 6), SLBM systems, while pakistan can only shout allah and boast of their stupid cowardice which they think is bravery. Al Khalids also are made by china. And here is the funny part, how come taliban is blowing you to bits every day while war machines of yours do nothing. It just proves they are utterly useless.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Maderchod humne jub 1971 me ghar me ghus ke mara Tha ..bhul gye kya saale kutto..India chahe to Pakistan ka paaani band Kr de...aur chale ho humko khatam karne.....puura India ek saath khada ho Ker moot dega to pura Pakistan bah jayega....aur chale hai bat karne....bheekh me mile hue des aur daan me mile hue haathiyar ke Dum per itna bhaukana theek Ni h kuttto...

Anonymous said...

Maderchod Mai teeri maa ko 100000 duga ..puch usse mera lund legi

Muhammad Asad said...

Hello to all,

nice to see this comparison. Almost touching reality. INDIA GOING TO BE A SUPER POWER WITH FOLLOWING CAPABILITIES,

1- IAF lost 250 aircraft compared to 36 PAF aircrafts (Wikipedia Indo-Pak war 1965)

2- Most important, Pakistan NUCLEAR WEAPONS most reliable, tedted and deployed and much more greater in numbers compared to India's untested less reliable missiles (source Wikipedia)

Respect for All.

Unknown said...

GaAy mayaa ka muut penay wli Indian Nation.
Cmon u mthrfrk cunt..
Our army have martyr sprite n ur immpotents got fear to death..
Our last missile Tipu-lll is waiting to hav ur mothrs..with other ur sistr boyfriends u know..
Check it out ISI pissing on our Raw'mpotents face do be so patriotic, firstly save ur mothr Gaay Mata evry 1 of us eats regularly the Butts of ur mothr.
Akbar Owasi is enough fr u cunts 1 man army agaist motherfucking Hindu Nation..
Yaakkkhhh split n cummn on ur faces aaaaaa thooooouuu...
Now i m in relief...