April 10, 2009

Killing of Baloch Leaders by ISI : Baloch Diaspora Press Release

Kiling of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch : OTHER PRESS RELEASES


Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Chapter of the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) strongly condemns the brutal murder of three prominent Baloch politicians by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

The mutilated bodies of Mr Ghulam Mohammed, President of Baloch National Movement (BNM), his deputy Lala Munir and Mr Sher Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of Balochistan Republican Party, were found on a mountain river bed in Pidrak near Turbat on late Wednesday afternoon.

Ghulam Mohammed, who is also the President of Baloch National Front and was former chairman of Baloch Students Organisation, and Sher were previously kidnapped from an open and public political gathering in Karachi by intelligence agencies and went missing for more than a year during Musharraf’s dictatorship. They were traced in a remote Balochistan police custody held on some dubious charges like stealing a cow. When brought to Turbat after released, they were almost dead due to torture.
All the three were picked up by officials from an intelligence agency from their lawyer’s office in Turbat (the headquarters of Makran division of Balochistan) at 12 noon on April 3.

They were sitting in the office of advocate Kachkol Ali Baloch, a former provincial minister and former leader of the opposition in the Balochistan Assembly, when intelligence officers in civilian dresses arrested them, blind-folded and put on a four-wheel drive vehicle.

BHRC information collected from local residents suggests they were tortured and killed on the same day they were picked up. An eye witness said a helicopter was seen hovering over the Pidrak valley in the late afternoon of April 3. Also, Turbat local government officials told the media the medical reports suggest they were dead six days ago. According the local government hospital doctors, their bodies must have been dropped from high height.

Ghulam Mohammed was one of the key members of a committee set up in coordination with the United Nations to trace and rescue John Solecki, the Balochistan UNHCR chief, who was claimed kidnapped by a shadowy organisation called Baloch Liberation United Front, an organisation never heard before.

The slain BNM leader’s fellow friends Munir and Sher were also involved in recovering Solecki, who was released just a day after the three leaders were kidnapped by the agency from their Mr Kachkol’s office in Turbat. They had returned from a court hearing related to their earlier disappearance.

The Chief Minister of Balochistan Mohammed Aslam Raisani on Wednesday told the media at a function in Karachi he could not disclose the identities of Solecki’s kidnappers as it was an extremely sensitive issue involving sensitive elements.
BHRC condemns this criminal act of the state and calls upon the international community, particularly the United Nations and the European Union, to send fact-finding missions and investigate the brutal murders of Baloch politicians.
We also call upon international human rights organisations, with particular emphasis on the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the UNHCR, and the international media to come and see what is happening in Balochistan. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and living a miserable life due to the ongoing military operation in Balochistan. Hundreds of Baloch people, including women, children and aged, have been picked up by intelligence agencies (Military Intelligence and ISI) and are still missing.

No Baloch in Pakistan is safe from the state terrorism and crime. Particularly the intellectual section of the population - journalists, writers, poets and politicians and artistes - are the most vulnerable to this state crime. The majority among the missing people are journalists, writers and political activists.

Recently an highly intellectual, who is the author of several English literary books, a critic and the editor of Aasaap daily newspaper, Janmamad Dashti , escaped death when he was shot by state agents while driving to his office in daylight in Balochistan capital Quetta. His driver died, and he is still fighting for his life in a Karachi hospital with an eye lost in the attack. Before this, he has been called by officials from an intelligence agency warning him against his newspaper policy. Ha has also been receiving life-threatening calls days before the attack.
Please, it is a wake-up call. The world now must look into the grievances of Baloch that has been marginalized by the history. We are not Taliban. We, by nature, are a secure people. For us, religion is a relation between man and God. But unfortunately, the state of Pakistan is trying its best to tell the world Baloch means Taliban, Al Qaida and global terrorists. Pakistan is using American-provided weapons meant for terrorists against Baloch to settle old scores.

This is the third in series of selecting and killing Baloch leaders. Pakistani intelligence and its mighty army can find a 90-year-old Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti fighting for his people’s rights in the most difficult and rugged mountains and caves and kill him with an aerial bombing. They can find, target and kill the young Baloch engineer Balaach Marri, the son of Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri, one of the most prominent politician in entire Pakistan. But they cannot find Mulla Omar and Al Qaida terrorists living in not-so-difficult-to-find locations. They are in the safe custody of intelligence agencies to blackmail the international community to get more dollars.

The state can and always negotiated with international terrorists like Baithullah Mehsood, Nek Mohammed and Sufi Mohammed and many more groups and individuals allowing them to impose inhuman and ancient rules to flog and humiliate women and children in public in the name of Islam.

Pakistan deserves for the new development that took place today, April 9 – Sufi Mohammed has declared his truce with the state null and void. No surprise. It is another engineered move by agencies – to further blackmail the world community for more dollars and divert the attention of the media and the world at large from other issues like the brutal murders of the three Baloch leaders. The new development happened when the entire Balochistan and beyond with Baloch populations in Pakistan were burning in protest. It also happened when top US officials just ended their visit after warning military-cum-bureaucracy establishment to behave.
There is an insurgency in Balochistan, but it never involved suicide bombings. It does not involve killing innocent people while praying. Suicide and hurting innocent people is against Baloch culture.

Please wake up and save Baloch from state barbarianism.

Mir Dadal,
Spokesman BHRC, GCC Chapter
Mir Dadal bd.press @ hotmail.com

Baloch Human Rights Council
Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) is a non-political-party-affiliated organisation formed to unite Baloch Diaspora on a single issue – to highlight human rights violations in both Eastern (Pakistan) and Western (Iran) Balochistan.
It was formed in August 2008 in London, which is now BHRC headquarter with regional offices across the world, by a grand gathering of Baloch delegations from both Balochistan, Afghanistan, GCC, East Africa, Turkmenistan, form different European countries and North America.It is an organisation of Baloch Diaspora with different political backgrounds with an aim to tell the world what is happening in Balochistan.

BHRC Background
The Baloch who live and work outside Balochistan have, for a long time, felt the need for a worldwide organization to highlight the never-ending human rights violations committed, almost on a daily basis, by the twin governments of Pakistan and Iran. The cruel irony is that both these countries are signatories to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration and its Charter of Human Rights. But the fact of the matter is neither of them has shown any respect for these documents as far as their treatment of the Baloch people is concerned. Not only have the Baloch been denied basic human rights but have had to undergo most horrific atrocities at the hands of both Pakistani and Iranian authorities.

Lately as a consequence of the ongoing military operations in Eastern Balochistan mounted by the Pakistani army and the constant acts of violence perpetrated by the Iranian regime in Western Balochistan, the human rights’ situation in the whole of Balochistan has become extremely critical. Responding to this unprecedented circumstance, the representatives of the Baloch Diaspora gathered in London in August 2008 and decided to launch a global organization. The Baloch Human Rights Council shall endeavour unfailingly to uphold the principles set forth in this constitution and work tirelessly to promote its aims and objects in order to help the Baloch people achieve their legitimate historical rights including the right to national self-determination and independence.

Kiling of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch : OTHER PRESS RELEASES

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