April 10, 2009

Quotes of the day: Samskrita Bharathi Chennai

Source: Lakshminarasimhan Krishnamurthi , email : simhan_kl@hotmail.com
Samskrita Bharathi Chennai
कृतस्य करणं नास्ति मृतस्य मरणं तथा।
गतस्य शोचना नास्ति ह्येतद् वेदविदां मतम्॥

What has been completed shall not be done again; what is already dead cannot die again; what is lost shall not be repented for; such is the view of those learned in the Vedas.

अप्रियं पुरुषं चापि परद्रोहं परस्त्रियम्।
अधर्ममनृतं चैव दूरात् प्राज्ञो विवर्जयेत्॥

A wise man should keep far away from an unpleasant person, from injuring others, from other women, from unrighteous conduct and from untruth.

अप्रियवचनाङ्गारैर्दग्धोऽपि न विप्रियं वदत्यार्य:।
किं दह्यमानमगरु स्वभावसुरभिं परित्यजति॥

A man of culture does not speak unpleasantly though burnt by the heat of displeasing talk. Does the fragrant aloe wood abandon its natural fragrance when being burnt?

कुपितोऽपि गुणायैव गुणवान् भवति ध्रुवम्।
स्वभावमधुरं क्षीरं क्वथितं हि रसोत्तरम्॥

A man possessing good qualities surely serves only a good cause even when he gets angry; milk which is sweet by nature becomes all the more tasty when it is boiled.

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