June 06, 2009

Anees Ibrahim shot at in Karachi

6 Jun 2009, 0356 hrs IST, Bharti Jain, ET Bureau

According to sources, a disputed Rs 500-crore land deal in Karachi is alleged to be the motive behind the attack on Dawood Ibrahim and his brother Anees by a rival gang in Karachi last night.

NEW DELHI: Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's brother and 1993 Mumbai blasts accused Anees Ibrahim has been shot at by unidentified assailants in
Karachi, according to unconfirmed reports.

Anees, who virtually controls the D-company’s illegal businesses, was reportedly fired at in front of an Al-Habib Bank ATM on Thursday night. He was walking towards his car when he was targetted with multiple gunshots. There is no word as yet on the injuries suffered by Anees or his present condition.

Though the agencies here are not confirming the reports about the shootout against Anees Ibrahim, they do not rule out the possibility as ISI latest gameplan is to bump off the Ibrahim brothers one by one. And this is essentially because the brothers have been wanting to return to India one by one, even at the risk of being arrested upon their return.

Earlier in March, another of Dawood’s brothers, Noora Ibrahim, was shot dead in Karachi. Though his death was attributed to kidney failure, it was later confirmed by the Indian intelligence agencies that Noora had indeed figured on ISI’s hitlist. The ISI bosses, before whom Noora had expressed his desire to return to India, had reprimanded him and asked him to stay put.

It was after he failed to negotiate his return to India with the ISI that Noora, during one of his business trips to Dubai, contacted a lawyer in Mumbai to discuss his possible return to India and its legal implications. The ISI, fearing that Noora would on his arrest by the Indian police let out the secrets regarding its anti-India activities, decided to bump him off. He was reportedly shot dead by hired killers and his body dumped outside Dawood’s residence in Karachi.

Anees Ibrahim may have also made it to the ISI hitlist for precisely the same reasons that brought about the violent death of brother Noora, although some reports blamed the shootout on a Baloch gang.

Anees Ibrahim is an accused in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, in which 257 people were killed. CBI investigators concluded that the attacks had been engineered by ISI with the aid of Anees Ibrahim's brother and D-comany boss, Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, along with Ibrahim Razzak 'Tiger' Memon.

Anees Ibrahim, who joined the gang after the killing of elder brother Shabbir Ibrahim in a mafia war, had taken charge of D-Company operations here after Dawood moved to the UAE in 1984. Many of its most brutal operatives, such as ‘Chhota’ Shakeel Ahmad Babu, Rajendra Nikhalje and Sunil `Sawtya' Sawant, were his recruits.

In 1986, Anees Ibrahim was arrested on an Arms Act charge, but he managed to get bail within weeks. After this, he spent much of his time building up the network's overground assets, investing heavily in Mumbai real estate and businesses. After the Mumbai blasts, Anees, like other gang members, fled to Pakistan, flying out on fake travel documents provided by the gang’s bases in the UAE. By the mid-1990s, however, he was again running the D-Company's business affairs, most of them centred in the UAE.

In essence, Anees Ibrahim presided over the organisation's diversification into narcotics, contract killings and money laundering. Anees Ibrahim was detained in 1997 by the UAE authorites in the Irfan Goga murder case. Ironically enough, his connections with Pakistan's religious set helped him ease out of the situation.

Source: Midday, Mumbai

According to sources, a disputed Rs 500-crore land deal in Karachi is alleged to be the motive behind the attack on Dawood Ibrahim and his brother Anees by a rival gang in Karachi last night.

Though the Mumbai police and family members of Dawood have denied the incident, there is a strong buzz among khabris (police informers) based in Mumbai. According to sources in the gang, it is alleged that around 12.45 (IST) last night, members of a rival gang arrived near Dawood's Clifton house in Karachi and fired indiscriminately.

A bullet hit Anees on the neck, and Dawood, who rushed out, also received bullet injuries. In all the assailants fired around 12 rounds, minutes before Anees was to sit in his car.

Just rumours

"Yeh beh bunidyaad khabar hai" (these are baseless stories) was how the family members of India's most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim reacted to the media reports of the attack at their Nagpada residence.

Advocate Shyam Keshwani, the family lawyer for Hasina Parkar said, "The family is very much upset over the baseless media reports. Dawood's relatives have told me that the television channels are running a false story and nothing untoward has happened to either Dawood or Anees".

When asked if the relatives in Mumbai spoke to Dawood in Karachi, Keshwani refused to comment. Meanwhile the Nagpada police haven't seen any public movement outside Parkar's building, which falls in their jurisdiction. This was confirmed by Senior Inspector Jaywant Shelar of Nagpada Police station.

Meanwhile, Hasina Parkar is said to be out of Mumbai and Iqbal Kaskar is fuming over the media reports, said sources. A senior IPS official from the State intelligence said, "We have not received any official report from our external agencies."


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