June 16, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "The US advice on Kashmir is lunacy "

Why is it so difficult for the US diplomats to understand that India and more specifically, Kashmir had been the epicenter of the Pakistan terrorism. The terrorism virus which was cultured and multiplied in Kshmir has infected the world. India had been confronting the brunt of viciousness of fanatics in Kashmir.

Are the US diplomats seeking a second Waziristan to be founded in Kashmir? Kashmir had conducted dozens of elections during last sixty years under the Indian constitution. How many elections have taken place in so to call 'Azad Kashmir'? And for that reason how many free elections have taken place in Pakistan itself and the elected government was allowed to rule?

Sure, leaving aside how the Indian Government may respond to such nefarious pursuits but as the Indian community in the USA, we should strongly express our feelings to the US Congress via India caucuses in the US Senate and in the House opposing any interference on the Kashmir issue.

Vijay Kapoor

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