August 09, 2009

BALOCHISTAN: Norwegian Baloch activist arrested in Pakistan

Picture: Ehsan Arjmandi

Ehsan Arjmandi arrest confirmed‏

Well know Norwegian Baloch activist Ehsan Arjmandi was arrested yesterday while travelling from Mand toward Karachi for medical treatment. His arrest was verified from different sources, including eye witnesses.

According to an eye witness "all coaches heading towards Karachi from interior Balochistan were stopped at 'Zero Point' Uthal, Lasbela destrict of Balochistan, and passengers were screened one by one. Ehsan was off loaded after few questions and rushed away after being blind folded".

While condemning the arrest of Ehsan Arjmandi, family and friends are making every effort to secure his release. The authorities in Norway and Norway's high commissioner in Islamabad have been contacted.

Various well wishers of Mr Arjmandi have urged Pakistani authorities for his release. They asserted that Ehsan has done nothing wrong in his life and he has been a human right and democratic campaigner. They feared that any delay in his release can worsen his health condition

Source: Pahra

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