November 24, 2009

AF-Pak epicentre of terrorism : Antony

The Defence Minister Shri AK Antony has said that Pakistan and Afghanistan have emerged as the epicentre of terrorism across the world. Delivering the keynote address to an international seminar on ‘Changing Nature of Conflict: Trends and Responses’, Shri Antony said that there has been an outbreak of terror-related incidents across the world, particularly in South and South-East Asia. “Various developments over the last few months in and around our neighbourhood, particularly in Pakistan and Afghanistan, have thrust South Asia to the centre-stage of sub-conventional conflict and instability”, he said.

The Defence Minister said that today there is hardly any nation not affected by terror and not actively involved in the War on Terror. The world has witnessed a paradigm shift in the nature of conflicts, Shri Antony observed. “Though territory related issues retain their primacy, other issues like historical differences, ideological biases, economic disparity, religious prejudices, energy security and water shortage are no less a contributing factor”, he said. “Modern day conflicts are not merely confined to states, but have expanded to include sub-nationalities, terrorists and insurgences, religious fanatics and ethnic interest”, he added.

Underlining the threat of terrorists laying hands on nuclear weapons, Shri Antony said the consequences of such a situation are unimaginable. He said that the conventional Armed Forces need to maintain edge over such non-conventional players. Shri Antony called for more synergy among security agencies, both nationally and internationally, to tackle such threats.

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