November 08, 2009

The Freemasons of Sarkozy

Influence. The "brothers" are many around the president, Sophie Coignard reveals a disturbing book.


Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette

Buzzer!Yahoo! The Freemasons? They are everywhere, even inside the state. In any case the conclusion of our colleague and collaborator in Item Sophie Coignard.

In a highly documented book, she highlights the role of this guild as mythical than real, which continues to fuel the fantasies of his supposed power. Confident that she herself has long oscillated between two attitudes-skepticism and belief, his investigation was convinced that the Masons still exercised the twenty-first century a major influence, even increasing, especially in the public and economy. Government, government, businesses, banks, few sectors where they are not present. "While the authority of the state to unravel, that intermediary bodies no longer exist, the concept of public service has lost its sense, the Freemasons, or at least some of them become mediators, facilitators and even policymakers. Gradually, they have thus reconstituted a state within a state. "


A statement that attempts to relativize one of the best known of them, Alain Bauer, a former Grand Master of the Grand Orient and super-advisor of Nicolas Sarkozy. In December 2007, he told the author: "This government is more a-Masonic that is, since we are at zero Freemason. Even under the government of Marshal Petain in Vichy, there were, alas. " Bauer will be made at opposite view. For a few weeks later, Brice Hortefeux, not least seeing the ministers did not deny having long frequented the temple columns. Then we learn that Xavier Bertrand is a member of the Grand Orient, which will generate, say, the good word of François Fillon: "I am not surprised to find a mason, but frankly, that me mouth corner ... " On the right, even if it is more discreet than on the left on Masonic membership, it is indeed present in the boxes. And, if the head of state is not "family", he takes great care, given its weight (see following pages excerpts).

"I never thought that the Freemasons were also powerful! " This thought scared of Jean-Pierre Raffarin has just experienced an episode when he was prime minister. He kept a very bad memory: the fraternal mobilization has prevented, despite all his efforts to appoint the head of EDF, stronghold Freemason, former Minister Francis Mer to replace Francois Roussely, who admits to being close to the brothers for having much frequented. To defend a deluge of phone calls came over Matignon. There was a daily call Bauer and one by Henri Proglio, boss of Veolia, which belies very loosely be initiated. The battle lasted for weeks. Finally, the Leaguers do not save Roussely, but the skin on Wed Raffarin still shaking.


The weight of the brothers is also felt in the world of justice. When Vincent Lamanda was appointed first President of the Court of Cassation, it was a minirévolution in the Supreme Court, "State Masonic miniature . For the first time, nor the first President nor the Attorney General were insiders. Lamanda according Le Monde has even prompted the challenge by having the MSC, which was to appoint: "I am not a freemason. " Storm in landerneau court, full of brothers. So much so that Lamanda had to stump up a letter of apology, without actually denying it. It is one of the few in this microcosm, to openly hate the Masons.

In some institutions, it did not squarely interest in being an outsider. Augustin de Romanet, appointed head of the Caisse des depots in 2007, has had bitter experience. The technocrat Catholic while roundness sense, since he took office, "That's entourage [his] predecessor [Francis Mayer] has many brothers. " Very quickly, the power struggle between the Catholic and insiders causes controversy regarding appointments or evictions. Thus, when Dominique Marcel, the number two and former director cab Martine Aubry, is thanked by Romanet is the outcry. Comment headquarters of the Fund: "It's less a witch hunt than hunting brothers. " Solidarity is the first of the Masonic virtues ....


The Freemasons have numerous bastions, such as mutual, the "havens of brothers" or Bouygues or Eiffage. Despite the privatization of many state enterprises where the Masons were very active, they have retained their place at all levels of the hierarchy, including boards of directors. This is the case of La Poste and France Telecom, which succeeded the Ministry of PTT, a real nursery fraternal. Ditto for Air France, where leaders like pilots experiencing initiation rates well above the national average.

Sophie Coignard us discover throughout his book the following number of appointments or operations. We are sometimes amazed, even shocked, that such networks may exist in the era of modernity and transparency. Of course, other powerful lobbies have everywhere their say. But the Freemasons have managed the feat of being both the oldest and most secret networks. Its mystery is its strength. Here today partly unveiled

Excerpts: "A state within a state," Sophie Coignard (Albin Michel, 336 pages, 20th)

"Even if he wanted, he never held! " enjoys one of his oldest friends, that Nicolas Sarkozy feeds incompatibility with almost physiological status of a Freemason. "You can imagine staying for one year with two meetings per month, amid a gathering where he is held in absolute silence? " The vow-of-silence temporary housing in effect applies to all new entrants, with the exception of some African leaders that the GLNF offers accelerated training. With these few exceptions, it is non-negotiable demands of initiation.

During its journey through the desert after the defeat of Edouard Balladur, Nicolas Sarkozy attended as speaker outside, several boxes of Neuilly, whose light, that of former Senator Henry Caillavet, one of the most influential figures of the Grand Orient . Some believe remember a few calls from the foot of the mayor of Neuilly, again become a lawyer, after the repudiation Chirac, to deepen the relationships and go further if affinities. They provide not have acted as Nicolas Sarkozy, even then, had no profile to receive light. It is not allowed to see in this evocation of a kind dream back.

However, failing to have personally experienced the practice of reflection prior to the passage under the bandage, apply Sarkozy knows the brothers treat "segmented" he reserves for all "communities". This vision of society where one is not for all citizens, but each of its subsets, strongly mark its communication with the builders.

A flourish at three points

In 1996, at the time of his disgrace, no one really cares about his fate. But some of his fellow lawyers are quite intrigued. Some of them talk a lot of letters they received and the bottom portion of the signature of Mr. Sarkozy is very much decorated with three points. The story runs in Paris, where more than one analyst reputation spreads on some belonging to the great brotherhood.

Time passes. The mayor of Neuilly climbed one by one the steps that lead, in 2002, the Ministry of Interior. [...] And now the three points of his signature, which no longer spoke for years, become a topic of conversation.

Shortly before leaving the Place Beauvau, Nicolas Sarkozy faces the discontent of the police unions, tired of having to intervene in the suburbs without ever having the feeling of being supported by the government. Without being asked, the Minister wrote to several patrons of unions, including the secretary general of NATO, scored right to ensure that every department is behind in keeping the order they are often difficult have to undertake. Below his signature three points very pointedly drawn triangle.

Alliance, indeed, has many Masons among its leaders. Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general, a sympathetic cop who has kept his native Marseilles accent warm, is the first to defend with vehemence and conviction, confidentiality of membership. Nicolas Sarkozy, involved in the presidential campaign, distributes Does the three-point-based recipients of its letters? In any case, history is about. And, as always, Alain Bauer, the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient became the specialist in charge of security and police to the president, his little anecdote to trivialize this amusing story. "I have several letters from him on a wall in my office Fun-t-il. There are no two that are signed in the same way. " So why would the collective fantasy he saw three points where there was nothing to report? "This is even more stupid than the Freemasons know that Nicolas Sarkozy is not, while others, at best, did nothing to make," Bauer continued.

Nice try, from the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient, who can lie with a spirited fun, but this is not true. In the fragmented landscape of French Freemasonry, all persuasions do not maintain mutual relations of great courtesy. They shall, of course, every year since the time of business, the list of persons removed for bad behavior, so that they can not knock on the door of a temple where they are not unfavorably known. But it proves that all the builders did not recognize them, especially between members of the Grand Orient of France and the French National Grand Lodge, since the second prohibits any relationship with the former. The signature "three points" can, at the margin, encourage some brotherly sympathy. "And if the minister was one of ours? "Dreamed the most naive, while others found it rather pleasant glance in their direction.

Directions a uninitiated

And indeed, the illusion works. During the survey to eat this book, several builders have stoutly maintained that the president had been initiated. Their arguments do not carry conviction, since those of Alain Bauer GLNF suspected of having enlisted in GO, while some antisarkozystes street Cadet and they are fairly extending from the discourse on the "positive secularism" made at During the winter 2007-2008! would be well-head of state to GLNF, which has, indeed, a strong presence in the Hauts-de-Seine.

However, it should show a touching innocence to imagine Nicolas Sarkozy, once president, joining an obedience. "For him, said one of his relatives, is a network among others. And when you're the leader, it's good to have members of the network around. So they can send and decode messages. "

The Chairperson also closely skirted the brothers from the cradle policy. His godfather, former mayor of Neuilly Achille Peretti, whom he succeeded hussar in 1983, was the GLNF, which was then called "Bineau, because its headquarters was located Bineau Boulevard, in Neuilly, just. This colorful character had pulled strings to the Gaullist party one of his fellow Corsican, Charles Ceccaldi-Raynaud, a former member of the SFIO, lawyer and commissioner of police. This clever man who could return the favor went away. He won the mayor of Puteaux and ruled the city rich, through tax revenues generated by the Defense, for thirty-five years. The Socialist Party is historically one of the vectors of recruitment of the Grand Lodge of France, while the radicals were in-GO is from this obedience that Charles Ceccaldi-Raynaud made his classes. In a letter sent in 2007 to the regional chamber of accounts, where he enthusiastically praised the excellence of its city management, the former town councilor, who was a deputy Nicolas Sarkozy at the National Assembly in 1993, he sat through entry thereof in the Balladur government, did not hesitate to compare to Puteaux "New Carthage" a reference Masonic transparent. He had the alderman and then as an assistant popular brother, former official of the DST Roger Latapie. His popularity in box was perhaps not unrelated to the fact that he has for years a temple to the free provision of GLNF!

Go round the bricklayers in the Hauts-de-Seine would be long and tedious. A Rueil-Malmaison, Patrick Ollier brother succeeded brother Jacques Baumel. At Suresnes, Mayor Christian Dupuy is the son of former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge Richard Dupuy, who had requested a base for his son before the municipal elections of 1983. The young lawyer, at the age of just over 30 years, had passed the alternation in succession to another Freemason, socialist Robert Pontillon.

But all the brothers of the Hauts-de-Seine are not friends of Sarkozy. And so Patrick Ollier, whose symbol of love has never been very high. In contrast to these lands that the future president has met many friends in the know. Patrick Balkany may be cited as such, because he firmly denies belonging to the Grand Lodge, which always provokes a few smiles amused. Brice Hortefeux He attended the National Day for the youth of the UDR in 1976. It was at this event that the young Sarkozy is mounted for the first time at the podium. The legend tells that a large blond student, then just major, was presented immediately after the Gaullist party headquarters in Neuilly, where he resided. It Hortefeux. [...] Very discreet, he refuses to confirm or deny his former membership, however, confirmed by several witnesses.

Brice has witnessed the first marriage of Nicolas and godfather to his son John, now general counsel of the Hauts-de-Seine. For Manuel Aeschlimann, the opposite. Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been witness to his marriage, is the godfather of one of his children, a boy named Lohengrin. But with Aeschlimann, Nicolas Sarkozy has certainly made under "good pick" with Horfefeux. After the mayor of Asnieres by pushing out the mayor at the time, the companion of the Liberation Michel Maurice Bokanowski in 1991, he was repudiated by voters in municipal elections of 2008. Since he is no longer an MP. And no longer the same with his close friend. It was during the 2007 presidential campaign in the first circle, with a beautiful title of "advisor opinion" of the candidate. Manuel Aeschlimann joined the GLNF shortly after his arrival at the town hall of Asnières. At the time, he related with amusement to his colleagues his initiation, a passport over to the quarry. But when asked today, he is contradicting with remarkable aplomb by one of its employees.

It remains the case of Patrick Devedjian, who denied belonging to the club while the brothers are not suspected of mythomania remember the young lawyer apron. With Patrick Devedjian and Brice Hortefeux, Christian Estrosi was at the beginning of the quinquennium the forefront of the historic canal Sarkozyist government, he left after the municipal elections in 2008. A foreclosure that the Freemasons were also no strangers. He is also going under the banner to GLNF, he attended a lodge in the Cote d'Azur, France 7, including the former mayor of Cannes, Michel Mouillot, will oust the grounds of dilettantism.

To recapitulate, the brothers have lined the route of the president and are still many around him in the first circle, except for Patrick Balkany, which ensures not be affected, include Brice Hortefeux, and Christian Estrosi Of course Xavier Bertrand, who has shown, revealing his membership in the Big East The Express in 2008, we can show transparency on this subject without the slightest inconvenience.

Overall, the leadership of the UMP as the government have so few in their ranks individuals trained in the columns of the temple.

The office of President of the Republic also has several personalities who attended the boxes, starting with his closest collaborator, the secretary general of the Elysee, Claude Gueant. It neither confirms nor denies this membership, which also dates back a few années.On has not seen for long in the corridors of GLNF Pierre Charon, the counselor called "laughter and songs of President, responsible for many things, contact with show business to chaperone Carla through remote monitoring of the villa Corsica Christian Clavier. Nevertheless it is also part of the historical SARKOZYSTES. Former adviser to Jacques Chirac to the press, he was dismissed at the time by the young Claude, who wanted the job for herself.

Pierre Charon assures all its friends for years that it is not a freemason, and is one more opportunity to make them laugh. Yet it is explicit: he certainly knew him in his early youth who subsequently admitted their membership, but they had not yet been initiated. Charon is a precocious. In 1974, he was only 23 years but is already crazy about politics. He then presides, with Michel Vauzelle-brother who co-directs the presidential campaign of François Mitterrand in 1981 and is now president of the PACA region, the support committee of youth Jacques Chaban-Delmas, along with another Freemason shock that will speak to the pages in "miscellaneous" in the early 80: Didier Schuller, a former director of the Office HLM Hauts-de-Seine. A battle lost, but the young Charon remains a faithful Chaban. In 1978, he went first to the Elysee. He has an appointment with the warden Riolacci, VGE adviser, asking that the president's party does not run against his mentor for the presidency of the National Assembly. Chaban beat Edgar Faure few votes and keep the "perch" of the National Assembly from 1978 to 1988. At the Hotel de Lassay, Pierre Charon is part of the firm.

That's when he founded his fellowship to him, which ensures he has anything Masonic. Club tie since that is his name, has seventeen founding members including many senior police officers, such Ange Mancini, now prefect of Martinique, Jacques Poinas, inspector general and former head of the UCLAT , or Claude Cancès, also inspector general and former chief of police, some media men as Pierre Lescure, and profiles more unlikely as the car driver Hubert Auriol. There are some brothers in the band? Charon repeat that this is not the object, it is just a bunch of good friends who help each other and receive. Why the club tie? Because Pierre Charon, president for life, was making seventeen club ties identical, vertical stripes, red and yellow with black spots.

Today, old friends no longer meet as before, although we saw some of them at a restaurant in Clichy in autumn 2008. The presidential advisor, he occupies an office overlooking the courtyard at the Elysee. He is coach and confidant, "the adviser Carla" and is responsible for clearing all the dirty stories for "Nicolas". A strategic position that is obviously much more exciting than the attendance of the boxes.

A master at the Elysee

Even before becoming president and practice of political openness, Nicolas Sarkozy has moved closer to a Freemason from the left. Elected Grand Master of the Grand Orient to 38 years in 2000, Alain Bauer combines many lives, he sometimes likes to embellish. If he claims to have belonged to the office of Michel Rocard at Matignon between 1988 and 1991, consultants working there daily, they do not keep this memory. "Since long gravitated into the orbit of Rocard three young people very intelligent and very careerist, remembers an employee always the former Prime Minister. Alain Bauer, Manuel Valls, now deputy mayor of Evry, and Stéphane Fouks, the only three not to be a freemason. They had shared the market. At first the influence, the second policy, the third business. [...] "

Alain Bauer is also a criminologist. Singer of "zero tolerance", he saw his star rise in the late '90s, when the theory of "social excuse" no longer satisfied. Accessed repeatedly by Nicolas Sarkozy, then interior minister, he has found the tone he had to hold his attention.

In spring 2006, Nicolas Sarkozy asked him to compile a list of great masters he could invite Place Beauvau. At the time, the two men still vouvoient: "Do you want to come to lunch for the introductions? " asks the minister. Bauer has already anticipated by calling himself each interested. He then hastened to accept. [...]

During one of their meetings in the summer of 2006, it is mainly a question of safety. But Bauer finally apostrophize the presidential candidate of a rather 'inflated' "You suffer from a serious structural problem. You think the Republic is like a big chest in which there full of drawers that you open one after the other to manage the content of each. You have an image as a liberal who gives the impression of not being Republican. No one else among the candidates, not even those of the far left as you are likely to be the subject of a trial anti-Republicanism. If you continue, you will make a campaign on one foot. "

Sarko starts waving, signs of irritation when hearing the diagnosis. Then a great silence settled into office before he concedes: "You're right. "

Another silence.

"Since you're so smart, you got to give me suggestions. "

Alain Bauer is quick to write a few pages where he invokes the flag, Valmy, Jaurès and Blum. It sends the Minister of Interior who will fly to Marseille, where he must decide during the first weekend of September a great speech back at the Summer Youth popular. Out of curiosity, Alain Bauer listens to radio September 3 to see if his new champion has ignored its advice. And there's wildest expectations are exceeded. He found whole passages from the note he sent to the candidate. Excerpts: "When the students Jaures said:" It must, by additional effort and excitement of all your noble passions, you raise in your soul treasures inviolable, "was the opposite of leveling advocated by the left today. [...] . "

Then, in a very long speech, the word Republic returns several times a sentence he will be given more than twenty times a candidate, including this quote: Young French Republic, is yours. The Republic is you. "

For Sarkozy, it is a triumph: the hall stood up and applauded as ever. For Bauer, it's time for glory. And, as we do not change a winning team, the interior minister asked a frame of speech for his visit to Périgueux, City Xavier Darcos, October 12. On this earth Masonic candidate will deliver a speech entitled "Our Republic". Alain Bauer was peppered with references to Eugene Le Roy, writer, Freemason and author of the famous "Jacquou the crunch." He mobilized all the resources of the Grand Orient for food and even put to the Library Director of obedience.

But the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient has become not only the inspiration of the Minister of Interior. He also serves on the occasion, from tour operators. Between the speeches of Marseilles and Perigueux, the future president flew to the United States. A highly symbolic visit. Since the speech of Dominique de Villepin at the UN in March 2003 to oppose the war in Iraq, the symbol of France is at its lowest. This is the make up, to show courtesy to all incarnations of America forever. The travel date was not chosen by chance: Nicolas Sarkozy will be on hand September 11, a symbol.

Who can put the binder between the Minister of Interior and Administration of George Bush? Ambassador to Washington Jean-David Levitte, of course. Nicknamed "Diplomator" , We say that reconciles the worst enemies. But another nice organizer blends to pick up the pieces after the great quarrel of 2003. Alain Bauer has lived in the United States, where he worked for a security company. Critics have even maintained that it was a cover for the CIA or, more striking still, the NSA, the secretive National Security Agency. The main allegations concerned sweeps with a theatrical entertainment.

As part of its business consultant specializing in security, however it has a contract with the NYPD, the famous NYPD. He therefore planned a meeting with a medal given to Raymond Kelly, head of the NYPD, Saturday, September 9, while 10, the eve of the anniversary, a visit is scheduled at the fire station. It also suggests that his contacts with the White House were not in vain. He also joined the fundraising and support, at a chic Manhattan dinner in honor of the candidate of the right, where even the leftists of the Park Avenue are deliciously more frequent than Ségolène Royal .

Presidential Election: Never without my brothers

"For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic that the two main candidates have so many Masons in their immediate surroundings, welcomes Pierre Mollier, Director of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry Grand Orient de France during the presidential campaign. [...] But if he shows so satisfied, is that even in the entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy is one of the brothers of GO traditionally anchored to the left. [...] Ségolène Side, one of his supporters the first hour was Senator Mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb [...] The campaign co-director Francois Rebsamen [...] maintained a network very much alive in within the boxes, just like the Marseilles Patrick Mennucci [...] Without the mesh, the rallying of Jack Lang to president of Poitou-Charentes has not been as rapid. [...] Politics, even at the highest level, is sometimes as simple dress in a box!

"A state within a state," Sophie Coignard (Albin Michel, 336 pages, 20 E)


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