December 10, 2009

Balochistan: Pakistani security forces raid New Kahan

Balochistan: Pakistani security forces raid New Kahan, army perparing for an operation in Makuran region

Quetta: Several Pakistani security personal armed with latest weapons have raided New Khan Quetta ‘a Marri Baloch populated area’ on Tuesday evening. According to independent sources and Balochistan national newspapers the Pakistani security forces started a house –to – house search operation in the areas.

The Baloch Women Panel said in a statement that Baloch women and children were forced to stay out of their houses in the cold ‘temperature in Quetta dropped to minus 4’ for several hours. Their houses were searched and door of many house have been broken by the security officials. The BWP alleged that the Pakistani officials have looted people houses and took valuables. The statement also claimed that the FC and other security personal misbehaved with Baloch women and children.

The BWP said that people in New Kahan have not been provided with any basic facilities of medication, clean drinking water and electricity and on top of it the government keeps on raiding the area. Last year during such a raid an innocent Baloch woman Gull Naz Marri was killed and 26 others were injured. Several people have been abducted from New Kahan who are still missing, said the BWP.

The Women Panel spokesperson Mehr Jan Baloch said that it is a shame that on one hand Pakistani rulers talk of the packages and negotiations on the other hand operation against innocent people is still going on in Kohlu, Dera Bugit and other areas. She said it was sad that the International Community and International Human Rights Organisation were silent on such atrocities of Pakistan government in Balochistan.

She urged the UN, and other Human Right bodies to take notice of the going on massacres in Balochistan and put pressure on Pakistani to halt the military operation against Baloch people.

It has been reported that Pakistani FC and other law enforcement agencies have intensified their activities in Mand, Dasht, Turbat and some areas in Gwader. Fresh forces have arrived in Mand and Thump yesterday evening.

Local people have reported that fighter plan and helicopter gunships have been seen flying in Gwader and Mand. There is a mounting fear among the residents of these areas that the Pakistani forces might start yet another military operation in the region.

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