April 11, 2009


Saturday, April 11, 2009


The arrests earlier this week by the British Police of 11 Pakistanis,who had reportedly come to the UK on student visas, during aninvestigation into a suspected plot for multiple terrorist attacks onsoft targets draw attention once again to possible threats fromlegitimate visitors to the UK . Residents of Pakistani origin in theUK ---characterised as home-made jihadis--- had played the lead rolein the terrorist strikes of July, 2005, in London and in the thwartedconspiracy discovered by the British Police in August,2006, to blow upa number of US-bound flights. The perpetrators or the intendedperpetrators had independently, on their own, decided to organise theattacks and those involved in the July,2005, attacks had then gone toPakistan for being trained in the fabrication of explosives fromcommonly available materials and using them in improvised explosivedevices (IEDs).

2. Threats from legitimate visitors to the UK---as distinguished frompermanent residents--- are not new. The attempted terrorist strikes inLondon and Glasgow in June 2007 saw the involvement of legitimatevisitors---one of them an Indian Muslim student who died of burnsafter a thwarted attempt to blow up the Glasgow airport. There was nodefinitive evidence to connect those involved in the London-Glasgowincidents with Pakistan.

3. The latest arrests are significant for the larger number ofsuspects involved and their arrival in the UK ostensibly for higherstudies with legitimate visas issued by the Britishdiplomatic/consular missions in Pakistan after due verification oftheir antecedents. The issue of the student visas to them would showthat they had not come to the adverse notice of the British earlier.

4. The investigation is in a very preliminary stage due to hasty,premature arrests of the suspects caused by a breach of security byAssistant Commissioner of Police Bob Quick, who carried openly in hisarm in a manner readable by journalists with powerful cameras adocument, which had reportedly summarised the reasons for thesuspicion against them. The Police officer admitted the breach ofsecurity committed which could have compromised the pre-arrestinvestigation and alerted the Pakistanis that they are underinvestigation. To pre-empt the persons figuring in the list fleeingthe country or going underground, the police organised hasty raids ata nember of places such as the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester,Liverpool and Clitheroe in Lancashire. The indications till now arethat the police were able to arrest all those suspected and that noone figuring in the compromised document has managed to evade arrest.

5. The resignation of the distinguished police officer and thesubsequent arrests have given rise to considerable media speculationregarding the nature of any plot in which the arrested suspects mighthave been involved. It has even been speculated that the arrestedpersons were planning to carry out simultaneous explosions at crowdedplaces during the Easter holidays.

6.From the acceptable indicators available so far, all one can saywith confidence is that the British technical intelligence hadprobably overheard these persons discussing among themselves whatappeared to be a terrorist plot. They had identified them, put themunder surveillance and were making enquiries about them. Before theseactions could be completed the breach of security by the policeofficer occurred forcing the police to pick up the 11 suspects evenbefore their investigation had made significant progress. As a result,while the police had been able to collect evidence of a possibleterror talk by the detained Pakistanis, they had not been able tocollect evidence which would show that the plot had progressed fromthe talk mode to the preparations mode. The interrogation of thedetained suspects should show whether the suspects had made anypreparations on the ground for making their talk a reality.

7. During the investigation, the British Police would, inter alia, befocussing on the following questions: To which part of Pakistan thesuspects belonged----tribal or non-tribal areas? Where did they studyin Pakistan? Had they known each other before coming to the UK orwhether they came to know each other after arriving in the UK? Didthey have any association with any fundamentalist or terroristorganisation in Pakistan? Which organisation contacted them topersuade them to volunteer themselves for the terrorist strikes? Hadthey been recruited for the terrorist plot before they left Pakistanor after their arrival in the UK? How were they planning to carry outthe strike---with explosives or hand-held weapons?

8. The past terrorist strikes or attempts in the UK were in anger forthe British role in Iraq. The anger has now dissipated. The Britishtroops have also started withdrawing from Iraq. Anger over the Britishrole in Iraq is, therefore, unlikely to have been the trigger.However,there is considerable anger in the Pashtun tribal belt in theAfghanistan-Pakistan region over the British role in southern andeastern Afghanistan. Next to the US, the UK is playing the most activerole in the fight against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the Af-Pakregion---particularly in the Helmand provice of Afghanistan.

9.There is, therefore, a strong possibility that the plot thwarted atthe very beginning in the UK had its motivational origin in the Af-Paktribal belt. Sections of the British media have projected the plot asof Al Qaeda inspiration. For security reasons, Al Qaeda avoids directcontacts with Pakistanis either in the Af-Pak region or abroad. Itprefers to have them recruited through intermediaries such as theLashkar-e-Toiba (LET), the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HUJI), theHarkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM), the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM) or theTehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). A direct Al Qaeda role in thethwarted London plot is of low possibility.

10. The LET, the HUM, the JEM and the HUJI have trans-nationalsleeper cell networks---- all of them across the sub-continent and inSouth-East and West Asia, the HUJI in Central Asia too and the LETand the HUM in the UK and the US too. The TTP did not have atrans-national network outside the Af-Pak region till the beginning oflast year---not even in India. Pashtun terrorists had never operatedoutside the Af-Pak region. The reported discovery by the SpanishPolice of a suspected sleeper cell owing loyalty to Baitullah Mehsud,the Amir of the TTP, in Barcelona in January,2008, was the firstreported instance of a TTP presence in the West. The London cell justunearthed by the British police may turn out to be the secondinstance.

11. As a result of the considerable tightening up of anti-explosivecontrols in the West and Australia by the Police with theco-operation of the public, terrorist attacks of the 2005 type arebecoming very difficult to organise. That is why the London-Glasgowplotters tried using gas/fuel cylinders. This option is stillavailable to the terrorists even in the West and Australia.

12. One has been seeing since the Mumbai terrorist attack of November26 to 29,2008, that mass casualties and mass publicity through themedia are becoming the driving force of terrorist attacks. It was soeven in respect of 9/11, but repeats of 9/11 have become verydifficult due to tightened physical security. Terrorists are revertingto commando-style attacks with hand-held weapons to achieve theseobjectives. After Mumbai, one had seen them doing this in Kabul,Lahore twice and in Kandahar.

13. Commando-style attacks with hand-held weapons are much easier toorganise in the West and Australia than attacks with IEDs. There ishardly any gun control in the US. Gun controls are stricter in othercountries, but the controls are not yet foolproof as one saw in arecent incident in Germany.If it is still easy for irrationalindividuals to play havoc with guns, how much easier it should be forwell-organised and well-motivated terrorists? That is a question whichshould worry counter-terrorism experts and which should call for theirfocussed attention. (12-4-2009)

(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt.of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For TopicalStudies, Chennai. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )

Balochistan : Statement of Asian Human Rights Commission



April 11, 2009

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

PAKISTAN: Fingers point at state intelligence agencies in the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders.

Three Baloch nationalist leaders were killed after their abduction by plain clothes persons in mysterious vehicles that bore no registration plates. They were taken from the chambers of a prominent lawyer and their deaths have raised several questions on the role of state spy agencies, particularly about military intelligence (MI). All three murdered persons, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Muneer Jan Baloch, were earlier kidnapped by the military
intelligence agencies during 2006 and 2007 and each of them were
disappeared for several months. After their release it was found that
they were kept in the different military torture cells and severely
tortured. They all were interrogated by the military officers about
the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and funding for nationalist
movements in the province against military operations.

The killings are tantamount as witness killings as they all were
previously disappeared by the army and kept in different military
torture cells before being released. Therefore they might have proved
dangerous in the probe about disappearances after arrests of political
and nationalist activists.

The Asian Human Rights Commission issued an urgent appeal on the
abduction and disappearance of two of the leaders, Mr. Ghulam
Mohammad Baloch and Sher Mohammad Baloch. They were abducted when
they were holding a meeting for the preparations for a protest
demonstration against the murder of Sardar Akbar Khan Bugti, the
former chief minister of Balochistan by army personnel at his hide
out. The details of their abduction in 2006 can be found on this link

The third one, Mr. Lala Muneer Jan Baloch, was also abducted in the
month of February 2007 from Balochistan province by plain clothed
persons and was kept in different military torture cells for almost
eight months. These men were all released after the restoration of
Mr. Iftekhar Choudhry, the Chief Justice of Pakistan by the Supreme
Court on July 20, 2007, as their cases of disappearance were before
the High Court of Sindh.

The military authorities could not find any evidence of their
involvement in the so called secessionist movement in Balochistan
province. They all were dumped at different places along the road
sides bearing severe torture marks on their bodies. They were told
before their release by their military captors that if they revealed
anything about their captivity in the military torture cells then
they will be killed or persons from their families will face the same

Mr. Salim Baloch, vice president of Jamhoori Watan Party of
Balochistan, was abducted by plain clothed persons on March 10, 2006,
from Karachi, Sindh province, and was kept in military torture cells
in the different cities of Pakistan particularly, in the Punjab
province, and severely tortured. He was released in the month of
December 2006 with the warning that he should not tell about his
detention in the military cells. But he was again abducted within 36
hours after he gave his statement about his ordeal of 9 months of
torture and illegal detention. In his statement made before the Sindh
High Court, Mr. Salim Baloch believed that he would be rearrested by
the secret military agencies as he was threatened by the military
officers that it would happen if he told about his arrest and
torture. Mr. Baloch requested the High Court to provide protection
but it paid no attention to his plea. Please see link for the urgent
appeal which documents his ordeals,

An other case is that of Syed Abid Raza Zaidi, who was abducted by
plain clothed persons from Karachi on April 26 and kept in military
torture cells to get information on the Nishter Park incident of
April 11. He was released in September but again abducted by plain
clothed persons for not following the warning of the military
authorities. After giving his statement before a panel discussion of
Amnesty International and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan at
Islamabad he was again abducted from another city of Lahore, Punjab
province. Please see the details of the case through this link,


The brutal murder of the Baloch leaders is ample proof of the
involvement of state agencies in their abduction from the office of
the lawyer. In that they all were abducted in the same fashion as
others abducted by plain clothed persons in broad daylight in
vehicles without registration numbers. According to the Human Rights
Commission of Pakistan the Baloch leaders were forcibly picked up,
blindfolded and taken in cars, closely followed by vehicles belonging
to the Frontier Corps. The medical investigations by the doctors at
Civil hospital Turbat, Balochistan, suggests that all the three were
shot dead at close range with Kalashnikov AK47s and their bodies were
badly mutilated. The medical report suggests that they were killed one
week before the bodies were recovered.

The three murdered people were members of the governments committee
which was looking into the cases of disappeared persons since 2001 in
the province. Mr. Ghulam Mohammad had already given a statement that
he saw some persons in the Rawalpindi, Punjab, military centre who
had been missing for several years. Their own experiences of
disappearances and detention at military torture cells was a problem
for the state intelligence agencies. Mr. Ghulam Mohammad was also
involved in a dialogue with the persons who abducted Mr. John
Solecki, the head of UNHCR mission at Quetta, the capital of
Balochistan. He was one of the Baloch nationalist by whose efforts
Mr. Solecki was released.

Killing of witnesses threatens the possibility of any justice
regarding the large numbers of persons who have disappeared in
Pakistan. These recent killings seem to indicate the mobilisation of
secret units in order to eliminate those who have knowledge about the
maintenance of secret prisons and torture chambers in the country.
Particularly those who have taken a keen interest in pursuing justice
relating to these matters have been made targets of these killings. It
is likely that these killings will be followed by similar actions to
others. The knowledge about these murders will also discourage
victims and witnesses who want to narrate the human rights abuses
they have suffered and to seek justice. The deadening silence imposed
in such circumstances will obstruct all attempts to return to a normal
situation of rule of law. Now with the intervention of the Supreme
Court under the Chief Justice, Iftekhar Choudhry who has been
reinstated by popular intervention. On the other hand the terror
tactics adopted in this way will act to the advantage of the
extremist elements who resort to terrorism

# # #

About AHRC: The Asian Human Rights Commission is a regional
non-governmental organisation monitoring and lobbying human rights
issues in Asia. The Hong Kong-based group was founded in 1984.

Asian Human Rights Commission
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998 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hongkong S.A.R.
Tel: +(852) - 2698-6339 Fax: +(852) - 2698-6367

U.S. still lacks clear Afghan strategy

19:15 | 10/ 04/ 2009

MOSCOW. (Pyotr Goncharov, for RIA Novosti) - U.S. President Barack Obama has asked Congress to allocate another $83.4 billion for military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although this sum does not exceed the annual budget of a small country, it will probably be followed by other allocations under the new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.

Washington will have to finance its new Afghan war strategy at a time when its European allies are behaving passively.

On April 3-4, 2009, Strasbourg in France, and Kehl and Baden-Baden in Germany hosted a NATO summit to mark the 60th anniversary of the alliance's establishment. NATO leaders were not very enthusiastic about President Obama's new strategy for Afghanistan.

Although French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he was delighted with President Obama's new Afghan war strategy, he does little more than make optimistic statements.

This time, President Sarkozy told the U.S. leader that Paris would send French instructors to train Afghan policemen under the new plan. However, President Obama expected other NATO countries to expand their military presence in Afghanistan because the new U.S. strategy may otherwise fail.

NATO leaders decided to send 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan in order to facilitate safe presidential elections, scheduled to be held on August 20, 2009, and to train Afghan military personnel. The United Kingdom, Germany and Spain will contribute 900, 600 and 600 soldiers, respectively, but will probably withdraw them after the elections. Another 1,200-1,400 NATO soldiers will serve with 70 units training the Afghan army and police force.

However, such expanded military presence is not enough to maintain stability in Afghanistan at a time when Washington and Kabul want to crush armed resistance and to strengthen the incumbent Afghan government throughout 2009.

The NATO summit made vague statements on the Afghan aspect of its policy because it appears that only the United States knows something about the new strategy's details.

This is hardly surprising as this uncertainty is stipulated by the strategy's author himself.

Obama said a week before the NATO summit that an effective strategy in Afghanistan could include bringing a more regional, diplomatic approach to bear and coordinating more effectively with allies (The Associated Press - March 22, 2009).

This and other statements say nothing about the required format for implementing the aforesaid regional approach to solve the Afghan problem. Moscow will hardly be satisfied with U.S. plans to include Russia, China and India in the Contact Group for Afghanistan and Pakistan advocated by President Obama.

Moscow would like the entire Central Asian region represented by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to take part in tackling the problem of Afghanistan. Although the United States agrees with Moscow, the NATO summit did not discuss this issue because the alliance only wants the SCO to implement economic projects in Afghanistan. And there are still no signs that NATO has modified its stance on the issue.

Washington's European allies are reluctant to play a more active role in Afghanistan because national parliaments, rather than generals, have to deal with this and other similar issues. As always, members of parliament dislike wars because their electorate does not want to get involved in them.

The United States, which bears the brunt of the fighting in Afghanistan, has started allocating additional budgetary funding for the war effort. However, a comprehensive strategy advocated by the Obama administration prioritizing economic reconstruction is still lacking.

Russia and its Central Asian neighbors could become America's most consistent allies on the Afghan issue on the basis that it would be absolutely pointless to try and rebuild the Afghan economy separately from other regional economies.

Afghanistan's eastern and southern provinces cooperate with Pakistan, while its western and northern provinces deal with Iran and Central Asia.

The July/August 2005 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine contained an article entitled "A Partnership for Central Asia" by S. Frederick Starr, chairman of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at Johns Hopkins University's Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

Starr, who in his article advocated "a Greater Central Asia Partnership for Cooperation and Development," also mentioned the above-mentioned factor, namely, Afghanistan's close economic ties with its neighbors.

Several days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov underlined the need to significantly boost the regional factor's role in peace processes and to involve Afghanistan's neighbors in implementing and drafting various policies.

Everybody, including NATO, seems to like the new U.S. strategy for withdrawing from Afghanistan. The strategy aims to make Afghanistan a normal country and then pull out the foreign military units. But, most importantly, the concerned parties must agree on specific options for normalizing the Afghan situation because the strategy otherwise seems to be shaky.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's and do not necessarily represent those of RIA Novosti.


By Dr. Subhash Kapila

Introductory Observations

The United States new Af-Pak Strategic Blueprint has lumped together Afghanistan and Pakistan as a single hyphenated geo-strategic and geopolitical identity in the region as the central focus of its renewed bid to restore stability.

The dangers of strategically joining at the hip both Afghanistan and Pakistan together may be a wise tactical masterstroke but is strategically unwise.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are two separate and distinct geo-strategic and geopolitical entities. A comparative analysis of Afghanistan and Pakistan which this Paper attempts to analyze, would indicate that the geo-strategic and geopolitical significance of Afghanistan far outweighs that of Pakistan, both in regional terms and in the global power games.

In passing, it could also be asserted that despite its landlocked location, Afghanistan far outweighs Pakistan in geo-economic terms too both in terms of substantial deposits of oil and natural gas (assessed but not tapped) and as a energy corridor for Central Asia energy produce.

If Afghanistan was not geo-strategically and geo-politically significant, then the United States would have not have executed two military interventions in Afghanistan in a span of 20 years.

Echoing the assertions of America’s noted strategist Zbignew Brezezinski in terms of United States retaining predominance in Eurasia, this Author would like to offer a pointer that what the United States today is confronting is a regional Islamist coalition of the Taliban and Al Qaeda operating from Pakistan Army sponsored safe havens in Pakistan’s border tracts, intent on pushing out the United States from Afghanistan and the region.

It stands pointed out in this Author’s earlier Papers that in terms of public attitudes polled, the majority of Pakistanis and the Pakistan Army’s rank and file are decidedly anti-American. Contrastingly, the majority of the Afghans are in favor of the United States military presence in Afghanistan to restore stability.

Significantly, it should not be overlooked by the US strategic establishment, that the United States rode in victory into Kabul in 2002 on the shoulders of the Afghan Northern Alliance and not the Pakistan Army.

With the contextual background having been laid out, this Paper attempts to analyze the main theme of this Paper under the following heads:

Afghanistan: Its Geo-strategic Significance
Pakistan’s Geo-strategic Significance Exaggerated by United States and China
Afghanistan’s Geo-political Significance Reinforced by its Strategic Location
Pakistan’s Geo-political Importance Only in United States, China and Saudi Arabia Strategic Calculus
Afghanistan: Its Geo-strategic Significance

Afghanistan with a noticeable sizeable chunk of geometrically regular territorial configuration lies at the intersection of the Indian Sub-Continent (Pakistan), the Middle East (Iran), Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) and China (The Wakhan Corridor).

In terms of International borders, the details are Pakistan (2430 km); Iran (936 km); Tajikistan (1206 km); Uzbekistan (137 km); Turkmenistan (744 km), and China (75 km).

While the theory of buffer states may no longer be operative, but the considerations of regional balance of power and a country’s location affording geo-strategic access to strategically vital regions especially in terms of energy security are strong strategic determinations today.

In terms of United States national security interests and regional strategy, Afghanistan offers better long term strategic prospects than Pakistan. Afghanistan's landlocked location should be no impediment to the United States which has conquered gegraphical constraints by air-mobility.

American strategic planners seem to view strategic access to Afghanistan, through the long torturous routes through Pakistan emanating from Karachi to Kabul via the Khyber Pass.

The United States has now awoken to the much shorter route from Iran (Chahbahar Port) and then via the Indian constructed link road joining the Iranian border to the Afghanistan circular national highway.

Geo-strategically, if the United States wishes to adhere to Brezezinski’s famous precept of USA retaining predominance in Eurasia, then Afghanistan with a US-Iran rapprochement in tandem offers the best option.

Pakistan’s Geo-strategic Significance Exaggerated by United States and China

In terms of geographical configuration, Pakistan stands out on the map as an elongated thin slive of territory, more in the nature of a “geographical appendix” of the Indian Sub-continent.

Pakistan’s geographical configuration offers no “strategic depth” in relation to its more powerful neighbours and this magnifies her security problems and also her national security uncertainties

Pakistan’s long land borders with India (2912 km); Iran (909 km); Afghanistan (2430 km); and China (523 km) pose serious security problems with its more sizeable neighbors except China, presently. Pakistan has border disputes with Afghanistan and India.

Pakistan’s geo-strategic significance has all along in its 60 years plus existence has stood considerably exaggerated by the US strategic planners. Originally, in relation to the Cold War containment strategy, in the 1980s as a spring board for US strategy to confront Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and presently (doubtful strategic utilitiy) in the global war on terrorism.

Pakistan’s geo-strategic significance appeals to US strategic planners only in its value as a “rental state” to meet US strategic ends.

China attaches great importance to Pakistan’s geo-strategic location only in terms of giving China land access to the Arabian Sea (Gwadar & Karachi); energy corridor (Gwadur to Xinjiang via Khenjerab Pass); and a Chinese Naval Base in the proximity of the strategic choke point of Hormuz Straits (Gwadur).

In terms of future US containment strategy of China, Afghanistan air bases offers better prospects than Pakistan, provided USA stays embedded in Afghanistan. Afghan air-bases also provide an added strategic asset for US strategic air coverage of the Central Asian Republics and the Middle East.

As stated before if the choice confronts Pakistan in terms of strategic support for USA versus China, Pakistan will opt for China. In real terms Pakistan geo-strategically offers no value to USA except for a very remote possibility of use as an India-containment strategy.

Afghanistan’s Geo-political Significance Reinforced by its Strategic Location

Afghanistan geo-politically has existed as a nation state since 1749 onwards and as a political state with recognized boundaries since 1919. In terms of political existence, Afghanistan pre-dates Pakistan by nearly 200 years.

Afghanistan by virtue of its geo-strategic location has witnessed political rivalries over it between Russia and the British Empire and also from Iran.

Politically, today, Afghanistan is at peace with Russia, Iran, India and her Central Asia neighbors. There is ample cooperation and trust between them.

Pakistan has since 1947 been embroiled in confrontationist stances with Afghanistan. Devoid of geographical strategic depth, Pakistan has always argued that Afghanistan falls within its security perimeter and it should therefore exercise strategic control over it. The Taliban was created by the Pakistan Army as the instrument to execute this design.

In terms of geopolitics, Russia along with Iran and India have a convergence of strategic interests in mantaining Afghanistan as a stable independent entity, free of the virulent Islamist influences emanating from Pakistan.

Geo-politically, the United States has a strategic imperatives to retain control over Afghanistan, far transcending the neutralization of Al Qaeda and Taliban.

The United States however is in a strategic dilemma as it made its Afghanistan strategy totally dependent on Pakistan Army’s cooperation. A strategic denouement is underway presently.

The United States geopolitically stirs a witches cauldron in Afghanistan by giving primacy to Pakistan Army’s strategic sensitivities to control Afghanistan.

Any US exit from Afghanistan induced by combat fatigue engineered by the Pakistan Army, could create a political vacuum which most likely gets filled in by Russia, Iran and India.

China stands aligned with the Taliban and Pakistan both pre-9/11 and post-9/11 and finds no political support in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s geo-political significance therefore far transcends any dilution of US strategic interest or exit from the Afghanistan scene.

Afghanistan, both geo-politically and geo-strategically offers the best prospects for the United States to remain “embedded” in Eurasia.

Pakistan's Geo-political Importance Only in United States, China and Saudi Arabia’s Strategic Calculus

Pakistan's geo-political importance so far figured only in the strategic calculus of the United States, China and Saudi Arabia.

The reasons for Pakistan figuring in the strategic calculus of USA and China stand spelt out earlier in the Paper.

Saudi Arabia has had both a geo-strategic and geo-political interest in Pakistan. It saw Pakistan a strategic balancer of Iran with the same appeal applicable to USA. The United States viewed Pakistan as a springboard for any military strikes on Iran.

Politically, Pakistan offered a fertile ground for promotion of extreme Islami Wahabism all around through Saudi financing of Pakistani Islamist organizations and keeping the Al Qaeda away from Saudi territory and under protective custody of the Pakistan Army is the border tracts of the Pak-Afghan border.

Strategic realities however are fast over-taking the geopolitical interest of these counties in Pakistan.

The US has entered a strategic denouement phase with Pakistan. Pakistan is fast down-sliding into state-failure and its strategic utility to US strategy is becoming limited.

Indicative of a subtle change in Chinese altitudes is that China while ready for strategic investments in Pakistan in encouraging Pakistan Army build- up is not ready to under write Pakistan’s failing economy.

With cleavages surfacing in US- Saudi relations and a likely US-Iran rapprochement the Saudis may have to downgrade their focused interest in Pakistan.

Concluding Observations

A comparative analysis of the geo-strategic and geo-political significance of Afghanistan and Pakistan has contextually become pertinent resulting from the new United States AF-PAK STRATEGY. This strategy has changed American priorities of restoring stability and security in Afghanistan to that of retrieving Pakistan from state-failure.

The present analysis in the Paper, though brief has attempted to focus attention on the fact that the geo-strategic and geo-political significance of Afghanistan for outweighs that of Pakistan, not only for the United States but also for the major regional powers.

The United States can hope for a “strategic embedment” in Eurasia provided it strategizes for a sustained and prolonged engagement in Afghanistan by divorcing its historical baggage of bowing to Pakistan Army's strategic sensitivities over Afghanistan, disconnects Pakistan from its Afghanistan policy formulations and recognizes the strategic reality that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are using Islam and Islamist terrorism as a weapon to push USA out of the region.

(The author is an International Relations and Strategic Affairs analyst. He is the Consultant, Strategic Affairs with South Asia Analysis Group. Email:drsubhashkapila.007@gmail.com)

Commie Karat doesn’t know how to count

http://cpmindia. blogspot. com/2009/ 04/karat- doesnt-know- how-to-count. html

The drift and decline of the Left

T V R Shenoy | April 09, 2009 | 20:53 IST

Prakash Karat told an election rally in Agartala on April 5 that it was 'thousand per cent confirmed' that the Third Front would form the government in Delhi after the Lok Sabha polls.

'Thousand per cent'? For India's sake I hope the general secretary of the Communist Party of India-Marxist is just as good a soothsayer as he is a mathematician.

India could fool around -- a little bit anyway -- with Third Front ministries back in the days when the global economy was booming; the dinosaur economics of the Left will lead only to drift and decline.

But drift and decline seem to be in the DNA of the Left. Look at the records, and you can see how the Communists have been losing ground.

Jawaharlal Nehru's Congress sprawled over the benches when the first Lok Sabha met in 1952, occupying 361 of the 489 seats. The other parties were in such disarray that the next largest category consisted of Independents, 37 MPs in all.

You could count the seats won by the Jan Sangh and the Hindu Mahasabha, the ancestors of today's Bharatiya Janata Party, on two hands -- and still have a few fingers left over. The Jan Sangh had only three MPs, the Hindu Mahasabha was slightly better off with four.

The single largest party on the Opposition benches was the undivided Communist Party of India, 16-strong and led by the late A K Gopalan. The Revolutionary Socialist Party had three MPs and the Forward Bloc added a solitary representative.

The title of 'Leader of the Opposition' was not in vogue in those days. Gopalan would not have qualified in any case since the CPI did not have 10 percent of the seats, not even close to that. But it was generally assumed back then that the party would develop into a national alternative to the Congress.

The Congress is now a pale imitation of its old self; the party cannot win 361 seats, probably not even half of that. The BJP has expanded almost twentyfold since the Jan Sangh and the Hindu Mahasabha days of 1952. But what of the Left?

Technically, the Left Front now has three times the number of MPs that it did back in the first Lok Sabha. But in some ways the Left has conceded space instead of going forward. In 1952 five of the CPI's 16 seats were from West Bengal and two from Tripura, both still Leftist bastions. But one MP was elected from Orissa and the other eight, half the total, were from the then Madras presidency. (The CPI drew a blank in Travancore-Cochin. )

The name 'Madras' is slightly misleading since the giant state included most of what is now Andhra Pradesh along with chunks of modern Kerala and Karnataka. Most of the Communist MPs won from Telugu-speaking areas, the exceptions being Gopalan from Cannanore and K Ananda Nambiar from Mayuram (Mayiladuthurai) .

The point is that the CPI back then was strong enough to win seats on its own from Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. These are states where it now plays second fiddle to regional parties.

The CPI actually improved in the 1957 polls, both geographically as well as in absolute numbers. It had 27 MPs in the second Lok Sabha, expanding into new areas -- winning four seats in the old state of Bombay and one each in Uttar Pradesh and in Punjab. In 1962 the CPI tally went up to 29, with the party now making its parliamentary debut from Bihar too.

The Congress still dreams of winning back Uttar Pradesh though it has been whipped there in every election since 1989. The BJP has long-term plans of building a strong presence in the south, with Karnataka of course already in the party's bag. Can you imagine the CPI-M on its own managing to get a single MP elected from Uttar Pradesh, or Punjab, or Gujarat and Maharashtra (collectively the old state of Bombay)?

Fellow travellers may argue that in 2004 the Left Front registered its best performance ever in terms of numbers. How do those numbers stack up?

The CPI-M won 43 seats. Twenty-six of those were from West Bengal, 12 were from Kerala, two each from Tripura and Andhra Pradesh, and one from Tamil Nadu.

The CPI-M's junior partner the CPI won ten seats. West Bengal and Kerala each contributed three, it won two in Tamil Nadu, and one each in Jharkhand and in Andhra Pradesh. (It is a disgrace that this tattered rag of an outfit continues to be given the status of a 'national' party.)

The Forward Bloc and the Revolutionary Socialist Party each won three seats in West Bengal. Sebastian Paul, running as an independent candidate backed by the Left, won the Ernakulam seat in Kerala, as did the Janata Dal-Secular's M P Veerendra Kumar in Calicut.

Going through the lists above it is clear that the bulk of these 61 seats came courtesy of West Bengal (35) and Kerala (17). I suppose it is possible that the Left Front shall do fairly well once again in West Bengal. But it is hard to see a repeat performance in Kerala where the CPI-M chief minister and the local party boss can barely bring themselves to be civil to each other.

The problem for the Left Front is that, for all practical purposes, it does not exist outside West Bengal, Kerala, and tiny Tripura. Any major losses in West Bengal and Kerala simply cannot be made up by gains in other states.

Forget about the Third Front, there is a possibility that either the Bahujan Samaj Party or the Samajwadi Party shall overtake the CPI-M as the third-largest party in the Lok Sabha behind the BJP and the Congress. Will Comrade Karat then run around trying to create a Fourth Front?

Rereading Prakash Karat's statement, I note that the CPI-M boss spoke only of 'forming a government', not of winning a majority. That is the story of the Communist movement in India in a nutshell, it is a group that prefers to cut deals behind closed doors rather than reach out to India to win the people's mandate.

http://www.rediff. com///election/ 2009/apr/ 09the-drift- and-decline- of-the-left. htm

Yemen's Political Impasse

9 Apr 2009

With prospects for democratic reform unclear, Yemen is struggling to cope with myriad political, security and socio-economic challenges, Dr Dominic Moran writes for ISN Security Watch.
By Dominic Moran for ISN Security Watch

The recent decision to delay parliamentary elections by two years raises questions concerning the prospects for Yemeni political reform as the government struggles to address pressing economic and security crises.

Despite lengthy negotiations, the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) coalition and President Ali Abdullah Saleh's General People's Congress (GPC) were unable to find common ground on the holding of scheduled parliamentary elections this year.

The primary cause of the delay of the poll, initially scheduled for 27 April, was a failure to agree on the reform of electoral procedures and institutions, with the JMP's focus firmly on the GPC-controlled Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums. Under the GPC-JMP deal, the parliamentary term will be extended from four to six years.

The JMP had threatened to boycott elections if their demands for comprehensive democratic reform were not met, clearly believing that a free and fair poll would see a significant boost in their representation in the 301-member Assembly of Representatives, the lower house of the bicameral legislature.

Speaking candidly in a Wednesday interview with ISN Security Watch, Yemen Observer Chief Editor Zaid Al-Alaya'a said, "Personally, I think it is the first time in my life I hear an opposition asking the ruling party to extend their power for two more years."

"I think it is a violation of the Yemen constitution. […] I think it is wrong. It is a breach of the rights of the people," he said, stressing that this was a personal opinion and not that of his newspaper.

Backing stability

While key allies the US and EU expressed concerns regarding the election delay, it appears that significant pressure was brought on the Saleh government behind the scenes to agree to a postponement in lieu of genuine electoral reform.

Yemen Post Editor-in-Chief Hakim Almasmari told ISN Security Watch, "The government was forced to abide by the opposition demands or delay the elections because the opposition had European and American support and the EU announced that it would not send election observers if the opposition did not participate in the election."

There appear to be concerns amongst agencies involved in building the capacities of both the GPC and JMP parties that considerable work still needs to be done in order to build viable political movements with developed policy platforms and the capacity to respond appropriately to constituent needs. Given the stakes, it is hard to envisage significant movement in either the government or JMP positions on democratic reform in the coming years.

"The government is very firm and is not changing. The opposition is also very firm in its demands. I don't expect any positive changes in the next two years at all," Almasmari said.

Surprising cohesion

While the JMP is unlikely to be in a position to challenge the GPC for power in 2011, the fact that the opposition coalition succeeded in forcing a delay of the poll indicates its growing influence.

The ability of the JMP to present a united front in the standoff with the government over electoral reform underlines that the covert ties between the government and opposition elements through which the GPC managed political challenges to its authority in the past are being progressively undermined.

The survival of the opposition bloc since 2002 - despite the absconding of some minor member movements - is in itself a considerable achievement given that the JMP is an amalgam of disparate Nasserite, socialist and Islamic parties.

Explaining differences within the JMP over attitudes to the government, Al-Alaya'a said, "Some of them were willing to accept a kind of compromise with the GPC: the moderate ones. The conservative ones continue in their attack against the government, criticizing everything they are saying."

The future of political reform remains moot in light of reported efforts to undermine the status of the parliament through constitutional emendations.

Given the JMP challenge, the GPC could well see the election postponement as a positive, preventing the opposition from benefiting from its perceived governance failures.

Fomenting divisions?

A former GPC ally, the Sunni Islamic Islah party, is by far the largest and most influential JMP movement with 46 MPs, 7 percent representation on governorate councils, and 12 percent of district level seats.

Last year, former Islah spiritual authority Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani, who retains significant cachet in the movement, established an apolitical organization dubbed the Authority for Protecting Virtue and Fighting Vice, a move interpreted by the Yemen Times as threatening the integrity of the party. This, because the authority's stances on rights issues and civil freedoms was likely to stand at odds with positions held by fellow JMP parties.

Almasmari disagrees with this assessment: "Most of the [authority] members are from both parties: the ruling party and opposition. So it is not party-oriented and it is not authorized by the government in any way, so it will not have any affect on the elections whatsoever."

Regardless, the government may seek to foment latent rifts between Islah moderates and conservatives in a bid to break up the JMP front - divisions managed in 2006 when al-Zindani openly touted his decisions to vote for Saleh in that year's presidential poll.

"Most analysts expect that by next year either a split in the Islah party itself or agreements between the al-Zindani group and the other more moderate groups in the Islah party [will occur]," Almasmari said.

Co-opted opposition

The main political opposition to the JMP-GPC election postponement deal came from the National Alliance Parties (NAP) bloc, which appeared set to gain from a JMP boycott of the polls.

"They threatened that they would file a suit against the Joint Meeting Parties and the GPC because they believed that what happened was a sort of suspicious deal […] and [that] nobody has the right to postpone the elections," Al-Alaya'a said.

The independence of the Baathist and other movements involved in the NAP is in serious question:

"These parties are really part of the government […] were formed by the government to make a coalition to go against the opposition," Almasmari said, adding, "This coalition has no power whatsoever in the country."

Northern rebellion flares

With the national political contest effectively on hold and the economy on the slide a further challenge has reemerged through the reinvigoration of the al-Houthi rebellion in the northern al-Sa'ada governate.

On 5 April, it was reported that fighters loyal to the Zaydi Shia militancy had taken over all governmental and security facilities and the central market and telecommunications facilities in the al-Sa'ada district of Ghamr.

Reconciliation and mediation efforts had failed to secure a ceasefire at the time of writing, though the state-run Saba news agency reported Tuesday the withdrawal of al-Houthi fighters from the seized facilities.

Little apparent progress has been made in either instigating planned reconstruction efforts in the governate or to deal with the plight of an estimated 77,000 internal refugees forced to flee their homes during the conflict which has flared sporadically since June 2004.

The current leader of the militancy, Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, signed a Qatari-mediated ceasefire deal with the government in June 2007 (subsequently revised in July 2008). Under the agreement, the rebels agreed to disarm of heavy weapons and withdraw from seized positions. Both sides agreed to prisoner releases.

To Almasmari, the al-Houthi and government are now fighting solely "to show who has the upper [hand] and who will release their prisoners first and faster," he said, adding that an intensification of the violence was expected in coming weeks.

In a recent interview with a Saudi paper, Parliamentary Speaker Himyar Abdullah Bin Hussein al-Ahmer accused the Iranian takfeeri group of propagating extremist ideology and financing terrorist activities in Yemen and of links to both the al-Houthi and al-Qaida elements.

While careful not to single out a responsible country or movement, Al-Alaya'a said, "I think the Houthi rebels are being manipulated by others outside Yemen to destabilize and cause a sort of shake in Yemeni security and stability."

Almasmari said that most Yemenis believe the government claim of Iranian involvement lacks an evidentiary basis.

Managing relations

The resurgence of the al-Houthi rebellion is merely one of a myriad of security and governance challenges facing the government. A major government operation was reportedly launched in late March to hunt wanted members of a splinter faction of the fundamentalist, militant Jama’at al Jihad movement in the Ja’ar district of the southern Abyan governate.

With the extent of government control sharply circumscribed in many areas, the Saleh government has been forced over the years to negotiate its relationships with powerful local tribal groupings and Islamic movements including militant groups, some of which have purported links to al-Qaida.

"The government has been doing very well compared with the past when negotiating with tribesmen," Almasmari said. "The relations are much, much better and the problems are probably 80 percent less than what they were years ago."

Al-Qaida claimed in January that Yemen had become the center of its activities on the Arabian peninsula. A fortnight later, the Yemeni government released 170 men initially held on suspicion of involvement in al-Qaida.

Disturbances in the south in 2007-2008 were ostensibly over the failure of the government to provide equal treatment to South Yemen army veterans, but bespoke a broader disenchantment with GPC rule.

Asked if there is a genuine secessionist movement in the south, Almasmari said, "Until now there is nothing concrete. There are just some people in the south who are saying that, but their reach on this issue has no power whatsoever."

Poverty and instability

While political paralysis and security threats take the focus internationally, the root cause of the progressive undermining of the Yemeni state remains endemic poverty.

Speaking at a meeting of donors and government officials on 5 April, Prime Minister Ali Mujawar identified soaring food prices, flood disasters caused by climate changes, and the impacts of the global financial crisis as the "main challenges facing Yemen's development," alongside the Sa'ada rebellion and terrorism.

He also spoke of the pressure building on Yemen through an influx of refugees from Africa (total arrivals surged from 29,500 in 2007 to 50,000 in 2008).

Given the country's reliance on oil exports, the recent drop in oil prices is a major blow to the economy, with some officials speaking of a devastating halving of production ahead of an expected tapping of reserves by decade's end. Systematic planning for the expected end of oil production is sorely lacking and will only be impeded in coming years by the political stalemate.

In an indication of the direct impact of economic straits on the populace, wheat imports into Yemen fell by 49 percent in 2008. The country only produces a tenth of it annual wheat needs and has suffered drastic price rises in basic foodstuffs – now gradually easing. According to 2008 UN figures, 40 percent of children in Yemen are malnourished and close to 50 percent of the population suffers moderate hunger.

Referring to the public interest in wider national issues, Almasmari said, "They have another thing to focus on more which is just trying to live."

While noting that the situation is expected to improve over time, he added that currently: "People are trying to survive the crisis but most families are not able to do so."

Dr Dominic Moran, based in Tel Aviv, is ISN Security Watch's senior correspondent in the Middle East and the Director of Operations of ISA Consulting.

Rahul Gandhi’s phoney love for the poor


Rahul Gandhi has been making a big deal of his Poverty Tourism in election speech after speech while glossing over his own indifference to real suffering by the poor in the face of tyranny of the State.

The reality is Rahul Gandhi’s love of the poor is as phoney as his MPhil in Development Economics.

To refresh everyone’s memory, November 2007 was the most infamous month in the History of India when the CPI-Mafioso State Government allowed its cadre to wage War on the People of Nandigram.

November 2007 was also the month when Rahul Gandhi made his debut speech at the AICC after being annointed General Secretary of the Congress.

While the poor and largely Muslim populace of Nandigram suffered immensely between November 7th and November 22nd 2007, the mother and son duo of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi disgraced themselves with their conspiracy of silence on Nandigram in speeches delivered at the AICC session in New Delhi on 17th November 2007.

The reality for these mostly poor and largely Muslim Victims of the CPI-Mafioso’s tyranny of Nandigram was that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi let them down when they needed them the most by looking the other away at Buddhadeb’s Taliban Act.

As Rahul Gandhi goes about tom-tomming his phony love of the poor it is imperative to refresh everyone’s memory of those poor he let down badly in Nandigram by never fighting for their dignity.

Taslima Bibi - an armed band entered the village, assaulted residents and began firing
Rabia Bibi - Widowed with 3 sons and a daughter, refugee for 17 days
Sheikh Qayum Qazi - Killed because he participated in processions and meetings since he wasn?t sure of what would happen to his land
Maqsuda Bibi - refugee
Sheikh Anwar Ali - victim of terror
Mir Akbar Ali - witnessed wife’s rape and two teenage daughters missing
Abdul Hamid - House burnt
Mossamat Akhera Bibi - Raped, 2 teenage daughters missing
Sayam Kazi - Shops wrecked
Sheikh Akram - bullet wound
Sheikh Samad - house burnt down
Rabiul Islam - forced to carry a red flag

Abu Taher - refugee
Sheikh Sufiyan - refugee
Sheikh Jamshed - refugee, home ransacked
Mehroon Bibi - beaten up, hospitalized her shop was burnt to ashes and she was forced to abandon her home
Jehnara Bibi - beaten up for not joining a rally
Shamima Begum - beaten up for not joining a rally
Ansura Khatun - Age 16 missing
Mansura Khatun - Age 14 missing
Nuhu Nabi - house ransacked
Bulu Mir - 30 shot fighting for life
Amina Khatun - 7 years old saw her family thrashed and forced out of their home

And we are still counting ……….
No this is not Gujarat in 2002?we are talking Nandigram in 2007.
The untold story of Nandigram is the inordinately large number of Muslim victims who have fallen prey to the CPI-Mafioso.
So when Buddhadeb spoke like a Taliban Warlord that “they have been paid with the same coin” who exactly was he referring to - innocent Muslim women ?
Let us recount what exactly he said
“The people who were ruling Nandigram, do you think they were peaceful people? They were moving without arms? They harassed, killed and evicted our people without arms? Our people were evicted by a group of armed workers of opposition,?
More names from relief camps
Abdul Odud, the 62-year-old retired headmaster of Garchakraberia primary school. He and his son Md Mujdafa Ali are now in hospital with serious injuries.
A two-storied house that had been completely gutted. Its owner, Mohibul, said he was targeted because his absconding elder brother is a BUPC leader
Maleka Bibi of Osmanchak
Abu Mondal at Mohammedpur
Satangabari’s Abida Khatun
Khairul Mir - house ransacked, torched
Sheikh Jakaria, a resident of Satnambar jalpai village in Nandigram, is a teacher of Kanchannagar South Primary School in Garchakraberia, the most violence-hit village in Nandigram
Sheikh Mujtafa - had been beaten up at the Nandigram CPI-M office and released later
Sheikh Seikhwan, a 72-year-old man from Amgachia, said that he was beaten up brutally by the CPI-M cadres who forced him to leave his home on Saturday

April 10, 2009

Quotes of the day: Samskrita Bharathi Chennai

Source: Lakshminarasimhan Krishnamurthi , email : simhan_kl@hotmail.com
Samskrita Bharathi Chennai
कृतस्य करणं नास्ति मृतस्य मरणं तथा।
गतस्य शोचना नास्ति ह्येतद् वेदविदां मतम्॥

What has been completed shall not be done again; what is already dead cannot die again; what is lost shall not be repented for; such is the view of those learned in the Vedas.

अप्रियं पुरुषं चापि परद्रोहं परस्त्रियम्।
अधर्ममनृतं चैव दूरात् प्राज्ञो विवर्जयेत्॥

A wise man should keep far away from an unpleasant person, from injuring others, from other women, from unrighteous conduct and from untruth.

अप्रियवचनाङ्गारैर्दग्धोऽपि न विप्रियं वदत्यार्य:।
किं दह्यमानमगरु स्वभावसुरभिं परित्यजति॥

A man of culture does not speak unpleasantly though burnt by the heat of displeasing talk. Does the fragrant aloe wood abandon its natural fragrance when being burnt?

कुपितोऽपि गुणायैव गुणवान् भवति ध्रुवम्।
स्वभावमधुरं क्षीरं क्वथितं हि रसोत्तरम्॥

A man possessing good qualities surely serves only a good cause even when he gets angry; milk which is sweet by nature becomes all the more tasty when it is boiled.

Killing of Baloch Leaders by ISI : Baloch Diaspora Press Release

Kiling of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch : OTHER PRESS RELEASES


Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Chapter of the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) strongly condemns the brutal murder of three prominent Baloch politicians by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

The mutilated bodies of Mr Ghulam Mohammed, President of Baloch National Movement (BNM), his deputy Lala Munir and Mr Sher Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of Balochistan Republican Party, were found on a mountain river bed in Pidrak near Turbat on late Wednesday afternoon.

Ghulam Mohammed, who is also the President of Baloch National Front and was former chairman of Baloch Students Organisation, and Sher were previously kidnapped from an open and public political gathering in Karachi by intelligence agencies and went missing for more than a year during Musharraf’s dictatorship. They were traced in a remote Balochistan police custody held on some dubious charges like stealing a cow. When brought to Turbat after released, they were almost dead due to torture.
All the three were picked up by officials from an intelligence agency from their lawyer’s office in Turbat (the headquarters of Makran division of Balochistan) at 12 noon on April 3.

They were sitting in the office of advocate Kachkol Ali Baloch, a former provincial minister and former leader of the opposition in the Balochistan Assembly, when intelligence officers in civilian dresses arrested them, blind-folded and put on a four-wheel drive vehicle.

BHRC information collected from local residents suggests they were tortured and killed on the same day they were picked up. An eye witness said a helicopter was seen hovering over the Pidrak valley in the late afternoon of April 3. Also, Turbat local government officials told the media the medical reports suggest they were dead six days ago. According the local government hospital doctors, their bodies must have been dropped from high height.

Ghulam Mohammed was one of the key members of a committee set up in coordination with the United Nations to trace and rescue John Solecki, the Balochistan UNHCR chief, who was claimed kidnapped by a shadowy organisation called Baloch Liberation United Front, an organisation never heard before.

The slain BNM leader’s fellow friends Munir and Sher were also involved in recovering Solecki, who was released just a day after the three leaders were kidnapped by the agency from their Mr Kachkol’s office in Turbat. They had returned from a court hearing related to their earlier disappearance.

The Chief Minister of Balochistan Mohammed Aslam Raisani on Wednesday told the media at a function in Karachi he could not disclose the identities of Solecki’s kidnappers as it was an extremely sensitive issue involving sensitive elements.
BHRC condemns this criminal act of the state and calls upon the international community, particularly the United Nations and the European Union, to send fact-finding missions and investigate the brutal murders of Baloch politicians.
We also call upon international human rights organisations, with particular emphasis on the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the UNHCR, and the international media to come and see what is happening in Balochistan. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and living a miserable life due to the ongoing military operation in Balochistan. Hundreds of Baloch people, including women, children and aged, have been picked up by intelligence agencies (Military Intelligence and ISI) and are still missing.

No Baloch in Pakistan is safe from the state terrorism and crime. Particularly the intellectual section of the population - journalists, writers, poets and politicians and artistes - are the most vulnerable to this state crime. The majority among the missing people are journalists, writers and political activists.

Recently an highly intellectual, who is the author of several English literary books, a critic and the editor of Aasaap daily newspaper, Janmamad Dashti , escaped death when he was shot by state agents while driving to his office in daylight in Balochistan capital Quetta. His driver died, and he is still fighting for his life in a Karachi hospital with an eye lost in the attack. Before this, he has been called by officials from an intelligence agency warning him against his newspaper policy. Ha has also been receiving life-threatening calls days before the attack.
Please, it is a wake-up call. The world now must look into the grievances of Baloch that has been marginalized by the history. We are not Taliban. We, by nature, are a secure people. For us, religion is a relation between man and God. But unfortunately, the state of Pakistan is trying its best to tell the world Baloch means Taliban, Al Qaida and global terrorists. Pakistan is using American-provided weapons meant for terrorists against Baloch to settle old scores.

This is the third in series of selecting and killing Baloch leaders. Pakistani intelligence and its mighty army can find a 90-year-old Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti fighting for his people’s rights in the most difficult and rugged mountains and caves and kill him with an aerial bombing. They can find, target and kill the young Baloch engineer Balaach Marri, the son of Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri, one of the most prominent politician in entire Pakistan. But they cannot find Mulla Omar and Al Qaida terrorists living in not-so-difficult-to-find locations. They are in the safe custody of intelligence agencies to blackmail the international community to get more dollars.

The state can and always negotiated with international terrorists like Baithullah Mehsood, Nek Mohammed and Sufi Mohammed and many more groups and individuals allowing them to impose inhuman and ancient rules to flog and humiliate women and children in public in the name of Islam.

Pakistan deserves for the new development that took place today, April 9 – Sufi Mohammed has declared his truce with the state null and void. No surprise. It is another engineered move by agencies – to further blackmail the world community for more dollars and divert the attention of the media and the world at large from other issues like the brutal murders of the three Baloch leaders. The new development happened when the entire Balochistan and beyond with Baloch populations in Pakistan were burning in protest. It also happened when top US officials just ended their visit after warning military-cum-bureaucracy establishment to behave.
There is an insurgency in Balochistan, but it never involved suicide bombings. It does not involve killing innocent people while praying. Suicide and hurting innocent people is against Baloch culture.

Please wake up and save Baloch from state barbarianism.

Mir Dadal,
Spokesman BHRC, GCC Chapter
Mir Dadal bd.press @ hotmail.com

Baloch Human Rights Council
Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) is a non-political-party-affiliated organisation formed to unite Baloch Diaspora on a single issue – to highlight human rights violations in both Eastern (Pakistan) and Western (Iran) Balochistan.
It was formed in August 2008 in London, which is now BHRC headquarter with regional offices across the world, by a grand gathering of Baloch delegations from both Balochistan, Afghanistan, GCC, East Africa, Turkmenistan, form different European countries and North America.It is an organisation of Baloch Diaspora with different political backgrounds with an aim to tell the world what is happening in Balochistan.

BHRC Background
The Baloch who live and work outside Balochistan have, for a long time, felt the need for a worldwide organization to highlight the never-ending human rights violations committed, almost on a daily basis, by the twin governments of Pakistan and Iran. The cruel irony is that both these countries are signatories to the United Nations’ Universal Declaration and its Charter of Human Rights. But the fact of the matter is neither of them has shown any respect for these documents as far as their treatment of the Baloch people is concerned. Not only have the Baloch been denied basic human rights but have had to undergo most horrific atrocities at the hands of both Pakistani and Iranian authorities.

Lately as a consequence of the ongoing military operations in Eastern Balochistan mounted by the Pakistani army and the constant acts of violence perpetrated by the Iranian regime in Western Balochistan, the human rights’ situation in the whole of Balochistan has become extremely critical. Responding to this unprecedented circumstance, the representatives of the Baloch Diaspora gathered in London in August 2008 and decided to launch a global organization. The Baloch Human Rights Council shall endeavour unfailingly to uphold the principles set forth in this constitution and work tirelessly to promote its aims and objects in order to help the Baloch people achieve their legitimate historical rights including the right to national self-determination and independence.

Kiling of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch : OTHER PRESS RELEASES


Balochistan deaths spark strikes

There are fears violence could spread over the weekend
Political groups in Pakistan's Balochistan province have called a three-day general strike in protest at the killing of three ethnic leaders.

One policeman died in riots on Thursday and more trouble is feared.

The United Nations expressed "serious concern" over the killings and urged an immediate investigation.

Supporters say the three men went missing after being detained by security forces. An army spokesman blamed "anti-state elements".

Reports from the provincial capital, Quetta, suggest the strike is being widely observed, with shops and schools closed and little traffic on the streets.

The BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says the discovery of the bodies has torn the lid off a simmering conflict. Baloch nationalists have long campaigned for greater autonomy and control of local resources. An armed insurgency is demanding outright independence.


It is feared protests and riots will continue across Balochistan on Friday and over the weekend.

The government has already shut educational institutions in the province, while lawyers are boycotting courts in protest.

A statement by Michele Montas, spokeswoman for the UN secretary general, read: "The United Nations calls on the government of Pakistan to immediately investigate these murders and to ensure that the Balochistan Qaum Dost Committee continues its important work."

Clashes broke out on Thursday after the bodies were discovered

The victims were members of the committee that was recently formed by the government of Pakistan to investigate the case of missing persons in the province, notably abducted UN worker John Solecki, who was freed last Saturday.

The three leaders killed were named as Ghullam Muhammad Baloch, Lala Munir Baloch and Sher Muhammad Bugti.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has condemned the killings, calling them an attempt to sabotage reconciliation efforts.

Balochistan's worsening situation

A lawyer and former opposition leader in the province, Kachkol Ali, said that the three were picked up by members of a security agency from his chambers in Turbat last Friday.

Their decomposed bodies were found late on Wednesday night near Turbat. Apparently they had been killed more than two days previously.

The BBC's M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says the statement by the army spokesman is highly unusual.

It terms the murders "regrettable" and blames "anti state elements... out to destabilise and undermine the reconciliatory efforts of the government".

The spokesman said it was "unfortunate and not in the interest of the country to make serious allegations against security agencies without knowing the facts and evidence".

Our correspondent says the army's internal intelligence wing, the Military Intelligence, is widely held responsible by many people in Balochistan for "disappearances" of political activists this century.

Many of them have been killed or maimed by torture.

'Largely forgotten'

On Thursday a policeman was killed by protesters' gunfire in the town of Khuzdar.

In Quetta, three policemen were injured when a grenade was thrown at a police van.

A number of banks and offices were set on fire.

In August 2006, Balochistan experienced widespread rioting and strikes after the killing of tribal leader Nawab Akbar Bugti. Hundreds were arrested.

Writing recently on Balochistan, BBC columnist Ahmed Rashid pointed to the worsening situation in the province, where the wide-ranging political and economic grievances of the alienated Baloch people have remained largely forgotten and unaddressed.

India Defies Slump, Powered by Growth in Poor Rural States



DEV KULI VILLAGE, India -- This country's path out of the global economic turmoil may start here, among a community of outcastes who dine on rats.

In Bihar, India's poorest and least literate major state, the Mushahar are the poorest and least literate. Most are farm laborers. About one in 10 can read. So impoverished is this group that they hunt field rats to supplement a deprived diet. Mushahar is Hindi for "rat eater."

But the outlook for the state's two million Mushahar has brightened in the past year. Thanks to government aid programs, more Mushahar children are attending school. Increased state investment in roads and local factories has put their parents to work. Demand for laborers has pushed up wages for field work.

Bouncing Up From the Bottom Rung
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Peter Wonacott/The Wall Street Journal
The one-room primary school for Mushahar children at Bihar's Dev Kuli village, where several hundred of the low-caste Mushahar families live.
In a sign of the times, a government proposal to promote rat farming was ridiculed by the Mushahar, the very group of untouchables, or Dalits, it was supposed to benefit. They worried it would pull their children out of school and extend a social stigma to the next generation. Some protested on the streets of Bihar's capital, Patna, shouting: "We want to learn to use a computer mouse, not catch mice."

The Mushahar in Bihar are part of a political and economic shift that is building across the Indian countryside. The transformation, largely driven by development spending by national and state policy makers, will be put to a test starting next week. The world's largest democracy kicks off a month of polling April 16 in which many of the leaders behind these experiments are seeking re-election.

Growth has slowed in the new India of technology outsourcing, property development and securities trade. But old India -- the rural sector that is home to 700 million of the country's billion-plus people -- shows signs it can pick up the slack. The rural awakening helps explain why India continues to grow even as the U.S. recession drags on the world economy.

The change is largely political. In years past, many state leaders rode to power with vows to give voice to lower-caste voters. But after failing for the most part to lift living standards, these officials have been replaced in many cases by leaders who have. In poor and largely rural states from Orissa in the east to Rajasthan in the west, many new leaders have invested in health, education and infrastructure. That has set the stage for the creation of industry and consumer markets and enabled upward mobility.

It's unclear whether development spending in rural India will spark longer-term expansion. "Up till now, a lot of our growth has been bubble growth," says Nandan Nilekani, co-chairman of Infosys Technologies Ltd., a software and outsourcing company. "That makes the internal reforms even more important now, so we create momentum for future growth."

The rural economic rise is recent, with few figures yet available for 2008. In the five-year period ending in 2007, rural Indians' consumer spending grew faster than that of city dwellers, according to Indian brokerage IIFL. Rural India has surpassed urban centers in the number of households earning $2,000 a year, above which families begin to have disposable income.

Companies from Coca-Cola Co. to telecom provider Reliance Communications India Ltd. say rising sales in once-spurned rural areas are driving their India growth. The Indian unit of LG Electronics, which sells low-voltage appliances for power-deprived areas, expects rural areas to account for 45% of its Indian sales this year, up from 35% last year. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a car and tractor maker, says it couldn't keep up with orders for its new Xylo, a cross between a minivan and SUV, in part because of surprising rural demand.

"If any one part of the economy is decoupled from the global crisis, it is India's rural sector," says Anand Mahindra, vice chairman of auto maker's parent company, Mahindra Group.

Tariff Barriers
The countryside's strength comes in part from a trade policy that free-market economists say may hurt India in the long run. Tariffs on agricultural imports are among the world's highest and may have deterred investment in rural India. But these tariffs have also sheltered swaths of the country. An estimated 88% of India's rural incomes are tied to activities inside those markets, according to IIFL.

Even slight improvements here are significant, economists say, because they build on a base of practically zero. "For so long, these states were a drag on our economy," says Surjit Bhalla, head of Oxus Research & Investments, an advisory firm in New Delhi. "Now larger rural populations can become a fillip to growth."

India's economy has held up better than most, in spite of slowing tech sales and falling real-estate and stock markets. The International Monetary Fund projects India will grow 5.1% in 2009, faster than Brazil (1.8%) and Russia (-0.7%). India is also closing the gap on China, whose 6.7% projected growth for 2009 marks a sharp decline from recent double-digit gains.

Bihar, which borders Nepal, was once a breadbasket of eastern India. But it largely missed out on the economic miracle of the last decade. In the 1990s, as India's economy expanded about 5% a year, Bihar barely grew.

Infrastructure was poor. Farm goods often rotted before reaching the market. Amid corruption and rampant crime, the state was branded India's "kidnap capital." The young left to seek education and jobs.

More than half Bihar's 83 million residents live below the international poverty line of about $1 dollar a day. Fewer than half are literate. The state attracted $167 million in foreign direct investment between 1994 and 2004, a period when India as a whole attracted $29 billion.

Government Open House
In recent years, political candidates won elections with promises to empower to lower-caste voters. But education, health and infrastructure projects were often neglected, presenting opportunity for opponents. In late 2005, a former railways minister from a low-caste background, Nitish Kumar, became chief minister, the leader of Bihar state.

Breaking from the torpid bureaucracy of his predecessors, the 58-year-old Mr. Kumar has tried to prod the government machinery into action. He hosts Monday open houses at his residence, where ministers and department secretaries are required to field public complaints. Bureaucrats must also accompany him to town-hall meetings in far corners of the state, where they pitch tents in fields. His critics say the exercises simply aim to drum up votes; Mr. Kumar says an open government serves the people and the economy.

"My message is that democracy should provide solutions to the problems," he said in an interview at his residence, where he wore traditional white linen trousers and shirt.

With an alliance led by his ruling Janata Dal (United) party, Mr. Kumar has built thousands of miles of roads. He has hired 200,000 schoolteachers and is recruiting 100,000 more. He has lured private-clinic doctors back to public hospitals.

Development projects and strong harvests have helped Bihar's economy close the gap with the national average. The state is growing at an annual rate of about 5.5%, and that is expected to accelerate, according to the Asian Development Research Institute. The number of people migrating out dropped 27% in the 2006-08 period compared with 2001-03, according to the Bihar Institute of Economic Studies, a local think tank.

Homes in a Gully
One of Mr. Kumar's toughest challenges is improving the lot of the Mushahar in places like Dev Kuli village.

Home to about 10,000 people, Dev Kuli is surrounded by farming hamlets and abuts a two-lane highway where long-haul trucks blast their air horns as they rumble toward New Delhi. The lives of all residents, from low caste to high, have long revolved around the rice and wheat harvests.

Several hundred village families are outcaste Mushahar, who live among goats, pigs and swarms of flies in a dried-out gully. The government began to build brick houses but left them without windows or doors.

As a caste the government has identified as "extremely backward," the Mushahar will be eligible for a $57 million government program that will provide families with a water supply, toilets, radios and educational support, according to Vijoy Prakash, the principal secretary for two government departments dedicated to low-caste assistance.

On Mr. Prakash's desk sits a stuffed rat, a reminder of who such programs aim to help. Yet he says past efforts have failed in part because only 9% of the Mushahar can read. "This is the group that has remained excluded from India's growth," he says.

As the sun came up on a recent day, a group of Mushahar gathered round a water pump to wash clothes. Later in the morning a long line of Mushahar children made their way up a mud embankment and, in a profound departure from community tradition, headed to primary school.

Parents complain that their children face discrimination even at Dev Kuli's one-room school for Mushahar children, the name of which translates as "Slum People's Primary School." Children from other castes attend a school nearby.

The government has repaired the school's roof in recent months, hired a new teacher and added an extra bathroom to provide privacy for girls. Even so, the school doesn't have chairs or desks, so students sit on empty grain bags and write on a cement floor covered with dirt.

Each day, a group of government-hired Mushahar, known as "motivators," roust children from their homes and escort them to class. Motivator Phulwanti Devi, a recent and rare Mushahar college graduate, says she battles parents almost every morning to release their children from farm work.

"We tell them, 'It will improve their future,'" says Ms. Devi, 25 years old.

"They reply, 'We don't see that you have such a good job.' I tell them: 'I have a diploma, and so I can get a better job. What about you?'"

Still, Ms. Devi and other motivators say attendance at the school has grown. Teachers say about 150 children are enrolled. On a recent day, the motivators rounded up about half that many.

There are other challenges. Some motivators say they haven't been paid their salaries of 2,000 rupees a month, about $40. Local officials occasionally tell teachers to skip class to conduct government work, such as counting votes at election time.

Mr. Prakash, the secretary for lower castes, says the motivators will soon be paid from funds his department has set aside. Bihar's education secretary, Anjani Kumar Singh, says a Bihar court has ruled that teachers can't skip class for government work, but admitted the order could be hard to enforce at election time.

Spicy Masala
Generating genuine business activity among a largely illiterate community hasn't been easy, either, judging by Mr. Prakash's rat-farming initiative. He estimated that three million people in the state would welcome a stable supply of the protein-rich meat.

Many Mushahar say they enjoy the meat, typically barbecued or cooked with a spicy masala, and believe it keeps their hair dark. But many resented being pushed into farming them. "If we get involved in rat farming, our children will also get involved," says Ms. Devi.

After some Mushahar protested in Patna late last summer, Mr. Kumar, the chief minister, shelved the proposal.

Yet Dev Kuli's economy has improved. The infrastructure push has created jobs building and repairing roads. That has helped bring factories to the area, say locals, including a steel mill and a cola-bottling plant. Those jobs have boosted farm wages to the point where the Mushahar won't work in the fields for less than about $2 a day, says Raj Ballabh Raji, a local farmer from a different caste.

Mr. Raji, who now works his six acres with a new tractor, notes one more sign of prosperity. "You can now find a petrol pump within a mile of here," he says in a tone of pleasant surprise. "The economy is changing."

—Manoj Chaurasia in Patna and Vibhuti Agarwal in New Delhi contributed to this article.
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Congress gimmicks

N.S. Rajaram

It is obvious that Sonia has committed a major blunder by giving a ticket to Jagdish tytler and then announcing (through proxies) that the CBI has given him a 'clean chit'. The CBI is an investigating agency, it cannot pass judgments, which is the court's job. So, someone very ignorant has come up with the idea.

And now, Manmohan Singh is stuck with the problem, made worse by the fact he is a Sikh himself. Tytler is finished to save Sonia. Another Sonia gimmick is Chidambaram' s announcement that Sonia is a target of LTTE terrorists, immediately denied by them. This is to get some sympathy, especially since the Congress-DMK coalition is in trouble in Tamil Nadu.

"Muslims are victims of vote bank politics"

"Muslims are victims of vote bank politics" (Interview with Lal Krishna
Publication: The Hindu
Date: April 9, 2009
URL: http://www.hindu. com/2009/ 04/09/stories/ 2009040956041200 .htm

We held the price line for six years and our contribution to building
infrastructure cannot be ignored

Lal Krishna Advani is the star campaigner of the Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP), the man who would be the Prime Minister should the BJP-led
National Democratic Alliance (NDA) come to power at the Centre. He is
busy criss-crossing the country, having covered 45 Parliamentary
constituencies since the first week of February. He spoke to VINAY KUMAR
during his election campaign in Karnataka, on the way to filing his
nomination in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on a wide range of issues from the
2004 'India Shining' campaign to the BJP shedding its image of being a
party of 'North India.'

Q.: In 2004, your slogan was 'India Shining.' Is there one in 2009? And,
how would you assess the performance of the UPA government over the past
five years?
A.: There were two main reasons for the setback we suffered in 2004 -
the first was our overconfidence that we are going to win and the
second, which was more widespread, was the failure of our support base
to understand the compulsions of coalition politics. The common plank
with our allies was the nuclear deterrent and they could not agree to
our promises of construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, Uniform Civil
Code and abolition of Article 370. Our support base, which identifies
with our party ideology, saw resentment seeping in. But this time round,
we are not overconfident and my interactions with a large section of
people show that NDA will be able to put up a good show.

As far as the UPA government's performance is concerned, it is very
disappointing to say the least. If the Congress went to the polls last
year, when the Left parties had withdrawn their support, I think it
would have been better placed and politically it would have made much
more sense.

Q.: Did Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stake too much on Indo-U.S. civil
nuclear agreement?
A.: The nuclear deal has failed to become an issue in these elections;
nobody is talking about it in the campaign. If the Congress was so keen
on it, politically it made a blunder in not going to polls at that time
on this issue and withdrawal of support by the Left. For us, the
strategic independence of India is important.

Q.: In the recent past, political life has seen much rancour, with
accusations and charges being hurled at one another by political
leaders. Would you say politics is touching a new low?
A.: I have been in public life since 1952. It was not so during the
times of Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and I would say even Rajiv
Gandhi, [who] observed niceties and pleasantries and displayed utmost
dignity. I feel hurt to hear and see all these accusations. I would not
like to comment on it but will say that prominent political
personalities only belittle themselves by indulging in all this.

Q.: How would you compare the performance of the NDA and the UPA?
A.: Besides Pokhran-II, the biggest achievement of the NDA government
which concern the common man and middle classes was holding the price
line; the government ensured all through six years the price stability
of food items and commodities of everyday use. Then, our contribution to
building infrastructure - the golden quadrilateral linking North to
South and East to West cannot be ignored. The NDA government also
handled the economic situation well in the face of sanctions that came
after Pokhran-II, as well as cyclones and quakes that affected the
country. We also launched the Kisan Credit Card, pursued a policy of
technological advancement and took Information Technology ahead. As
against all this, the UPA talks about only NREGA scheme but it failed
miserably in preventing suicides of debt-ridden farmers in Maharashtra,
Andhra Pradesh and parts of Uttar Pradesh. There have not been any
incidents of farmers' being driven to suicide in NDA and BJP-ruled

Q.: The BJP is criticised for returning to the Ram Temple issue when
elections are round the corner.
A.: The issue of the Ram Temple has always been there, it touches the
faith of millions in our land. Our commitment remains to construct a
temple at the birthplace of Ram in Ayodhya. It finds prominent mention
in our manifesto and we are not apologetic about it. We have said in the
past also that the Ram Temple can be constructed either through a court
order or by discussions and agreement between Hindus and Muslim
community. And I am hopeful that the temple will be constructed with the
cooperation and agreement of the two communities. The sad part is that
Muslims have been victims of vote bank politics and that is the main
reason behind their social, economic and educational backwardness. The
Sachar Committee pointed it out after six decades of Independence.
Politicians deliberately kept alive symbols of separation from the time
of creation of Pakistan. Gross mishandling of Muslim community prevented
it from readily assimilating into the national mainstream. I would say
that we have slightly modified our slogan to "Justice for all,
discrimination towards none" instead of "appeasement of none."

Q.: After initial hiccups, the BJP is now backing Varun Gandhi after his
alleged speech at Pilibhit.
A.: For the first time in 60 years, the Election Commission gave advice
to a political party [BJP] not to give a ticket to Varun Gandhi.
Secondly, a draconian law like the National Security Act was slapped on
him. Whatever has been attributed to Varun Gandhi was denied by him and
he said the CD was doctored. The BJP disassociated itself from his
alleged comments, but invoking the NSA was a thoughtless action. It is
not that candidates have not won in the past because draconian laws were
invoked against them and they were under detention. Two examples are
George Fernandes and Nanaji Deshmukh.

Q.: Which States will provide you with a rich harvest of Lok Sabha
A.: I will say that the 2009 elections are mainly a contest between the
BJP and the Congress. And it is also for the first time that we are at a
disadvantage in not having Vajpayeeji campaigning for us. Also, the
advantage is that for the first time the BJP is not being seen as a
party of 'North India.' We have our own government in Karnataka for the
past 10 months and it is a major difference. I believe we will do well
in Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and
Bihar. In U.P. and Orissa also our position is not bad despite Kalyan
Singh leaving us and Naveen Patnaik's BJD snapping ties with us. On the
whole, the prospects of the NDA are bright, I am sure people of India
will give us the mandate once again.

RAHUL GANDHI: His M.Phil lies , what citizens say at Indian Express Blog

Anub: REDIFF IS FRAUD, CHEATED PUBLIC in 2004 REDIFF in 2004 published "Cambridge confirms Rahul's MPhil" --(rediff.com Newsdesk | April 20, 2004 16:44 IST) . saying ( rediff.com decided to check this and so got in touch by e-mail with the Old Records Office at Trinity College. The request was apparently forwarded to the press and publications office of Cambridge University, from where rediff.com received an official reply today. It said: 'Rahul Gandhi was a student at the University of Cambridge as a member of Trinity College from 1994 to 1995, and was awarded an MPhil in Development Economics.' ) PRESS RELEASE of Janata Party The revelation in New Indian Express, Chennai today of the false claim of Mr.Rahul Gandhi made in his sworn affidavit that he holds a M Phil in Development Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University calls from an immediate Notice for perjury to be sent to him by the Election Commission. Otherwise, I shall move the Courts for acti
By Radhikasingh

4/10/2009 5:35:00 PM To "We the People" - Agree Akbar was illiterate but he did not produce False Certificates to claim that he was educated. Being illiterate is not the issue here . telling lies is
By raj
4/10/2009 12:19:00 AM //Akbar was illiterate- could not read anything by some accounts. So, since when we did start requiring kings to have Cambridge education? Rahul is a great great grandson of Motilal Nehru and great grand son of Jawaharlal Nehru. He is a grand son of Indira Gandhi. Why are we checking his certificates? // Mr. Bharat shah Akbar didnt said I am educated in Cambridge but Mr.Rahul did signed an affidavit saying he is having M.phil degree from the university which is not true by all means?? Why do he want to lie for this matter?? No voter asked him to be cambridge educated to vote him.. BTW great great grandson of Motilal Nehru and great grand son of Jawaharlal Nehru and grand son of Indira Gandhi is not a certificate of goodness or greatness??!! Man is valued by his deeds and not by his family background ... being an Indian we should start seeing the Values by deeds instead of family values... bcoz family values are just USELESS as dung!
By We The People India
4/9/2009 3:23:00 PM This is the ultimate realtly of the Gandhi family in studies as well as politics. I had not thought it in dream that rahul will do this, it is very unfortunate and disaster for gandhi's goodwill.
By shakti
4/9/2009 2:38:00 PM This is the real truth about the so called ethical, moral and secular Gandhi family. They had cheated and controlled India by hook or crook and the results are visible to all of us, the india's progress reflects their educational qualifications, BOGUS. It is time that we Indians understand these cheats and punish them by voting them out of power. You make them sit out for 5 years,they are finished and India will be much better without them
By Arun
4/9/2009 11:45:00 AM This NO surprise at ALL! In Nehru's family, except him NO BODY had an inclination for studies as they were assured of seat of POWER as any ROYALTY in olden times. Why would they waste their times in NOBLE activities like STUDIES. For the FIRST family of Congress, it is Sheer waste of TIME - spending in Universities!
By Ike
4/9/2009 7:18:00 AM After winning, BJP must also promise public to retrieve all of india's precious heritage and wealth that has been looted by the British colonizers including all the declared or undeclared items an gold ornaments and jewellery and gold bars lying in british museums or private collections,besides the black money deposited by corrupt congressmen and Nehru dynasty members including Sonia Maino and Rahul Maino in swiss and german banks.Although the looted items items now in England are classified cosmetically as gifts by the british, it is a fact that these are simply looted items done by british gangsters that looted us for 500 years and more. The unfortunate part is that after indepenence in 1947, the Nehru dynasty and crooked congress politicians and agents who have been looting Indians to the tune of trillions of dollars and deposited in swiss and german banks. Hope BJP and NDA show guts to retrieve our heritage items and promise hindu majority to make them first class citizens and
By V.Mehta
4/9/2009 12:53:00 AM I read all the comments on this story. I especially liked those of Krishna Sarma, particularly when he says that a high degree of schooling (being put through high fee charging public schools, colleges, institutes of management, etc.) does not necessarily lead to high degree of education which builds character, love for country and its heritage, etc. The discussion should be more based on whether Rahul is going to be open to ideas to change India wherever it needs change, courageously taking the benefit of all that has been great in its past - especially a living tradition of seclarism to welcome and assimilate with its own culture, much that is found to be good in alien religions, modern political notions, etc. Mr J Nehru subscribed to this view but he blundered in identifying what is good and what is bad in India's past, and in falling head over shoulder for universally discarded socialism-communism. Rahul or Varun or any people in his dynastic line with a bit of his blood should
By Kittappa SK
4/8/2009 11:01:00 PM Akbar was illiterate- could not read anything by some accounts. So, since when we did start requiring kings to have Cambridge education? Rahul is a great great grandson of Motilal Nehru and great grand son of Jawaharlal Nehru. He is a grand son of Indira Gandhi. Why are we checking his certificates? Ask the Prime Minister. He will verify he is son of Sonia Gandhi. Show me one eligible young man who has Nehru-Gandhi blood in his veins. And about being not truthful - If anyone plans to vote for a truthful politician, he will be better served staying home. Politics is the game of compromise. And the first casualty of compromise is truth. So forget this charade of who is holier than thou. Let the elections begin.
By Bharat Shah
4/8/2009 8:40:00 PM Our culture & Heritage is Ancient, we respect our guest"Atithi Devo Bhavah" but if someone tries foul with my nation, we will not tolerate..........if you want, say ITALY IS SONIA, SONIA IS ITALY, we are least bothered..............
By Dinesh Parikh
4/8/2009 5:58:00 PM Kash have you named your kids after SONIA MAINO, You are an 100% sycophant than the real Congress neta's, What ever happens in USA need not take place here, I think you will advocate for GAY marriage too, in India..... You are not fit to be called a Desh Premi , you may be affiliated to any party, that's not a problem, that's every Individuals right, but do not be so carried away that you yourself don't know what you are talking!! If we have to Call India with some other Name certainly it can only be BHARAT..... By your this comment you have insulted all the freedom fighters of India and even to your Patriotic great grandfather's too.... It's Shameul on your part to degrade our Great Nation like this.. Sonia can't even be like a pinch of My Great Nation's Dust.... My Nation has History too not alone Geography,we can say lineage of our parents with full confidence, will sonia be able to say her Grandfather's name with that certainity.... Our culture & Heritage is Ancient, we respect our
By Dinesh Parikh
4/8/2009 5:56:00 PM Can even a 'sound' knowledge with 'perfect' mastery of development studies help the future Finance or Prime Minister or, in general, the future, elected government of India to size up the antinational phenomenon of black money economy and the "contribution" to the country's GDP of the huge mountains of money stashed away by politicians and businessmen (not to speak of the rest of Indian citizens) and harboured in safe havens like Swiss accounts, AND enable those resources to be legally pumped back for India's economic and social development, in a timebound manner with a time horizon until 2012 ? Highly Improbable that this can be done : insurmountable obstructions will be laid by the international laws and the network of evil political forces at work abroad and within India, especially the politicians whose chief aim is power, and partly also for party and leaders' illgotten riches. THERE CAN ONLY BE A GLOBAL ATTACK ON THESE ANTISOCIAL PHENOMENA LIKE THE WAR ON TERRORISM INVOLVING
By KP Sundaram, BM Karuppan
4/8/2009 5:24:00 PM (Correction in my earlier comments) I had written "These men are the ones who are blowing up Varun Gandhi's details of affidavit for election nomination." I meant to write Rahul Gandhi who is at the focus of this report. It was an inadvertent mitake, which I regret. Of course, it is another matter, it is immaterial, for the purpose of the comments, even if had been the news that Varun Gandhi had committed such errors. Both the Gandhis would need to unlearn much of dry developmental economics/ studies since they mostly do not come to grips with the India-specific realities on the ground in detail, the expectation being that the graduates would need to that work themselves. We see how great Nobel prize economics played such a role in bringing the Western economies to such a horrible mess !
4/8/2009 5:12:00 PM INDIA HAS HAD SEVERAL HIGHLY SCHOOLED PRIME MINISTERS WHO NEVER QUITE SUCCEEDED IN MOBILIZING ALL INDIANS TO UNITY AND DETERMINED ACTION FOR INDIA'S UPLIFT ESPECIALLY WITH SPECIAL MEASURES FOR ASSISTANCE TO THE POORER AND THE UNPRIVILEGED. These men canNOT be considered highly EDUCATED, since high level of academic achievement with degrees and diplomas without a sound grounding in our culture and ethos and native genius, or without a fiery and youthful enthusiasm (not to be confused with young calendar years) and love of the country, is going to be of no use to the society. Our English media are a typical example of highly schooled but little educated men dabbling in pointless and useless jugglery of words and often writing contorted articles aimed at merely sales maximisation of their cheap magazines. These men are the ones who are blowing up Varun Gandhi's details of affidavit for election nomination. If deviations are there, the EC will look into them.The media should correct th
4/8/2009 4:34:00 PM Another media conspericy is going on ....they called slumdog millionare a great film and all the congress sang together ....they made a great sensationalisation of 26\11 as if all other attacks never been seem as important as it is .....now where is the guts of media to sensationalisation of the $1.5 trillion dollers in tax havens where india comesfirst in list and have a share more than all combined together, when government all over the world made an agreement to tackle the econmic situation Indian leaders are quite and media acting so unaware of these black money in tax havens and white collar criminals....nothing seems to go in this direction....if anbody have the guts to moblise against this anybody who constantly throw mud on eachother ....if any action in this direction goes it will show the credablity of all those comments in this site and who claim nationationalist and secularist...it is well said by Obama....it is the poverty u indians should be conserned about right now..
By indiancitizen
4/8/2009 2:55:00 PM after seeing big cash deposit in swiss account i dont feel UN should provied any aid to India.Both claims to be nationalist and secularist and leader of poor must form a mass movement tovers this direction to show their crediablity...otherwise no one should belive wat the press claim to be they are and leaders to be they are ...all have vested intrest to squeze the common man and throw them in slums and a forigner makes Oscars out of it ...it is going to be the furture thamasha....i now dont tell about india to forigners and tell the greatness of our culture and heritage etc...etc...i will tell them we ar slumdogs but we have more than 2 trillion in swiss banks ...what a hypocratic country and leaders and myself used to fell proud to corelate india with china and its growth...it is all illusion nobody cares for anyone in this country.
By indiancitizen
4/8/2009 2:54:00 PM Another media conspericy is going on ....they called slumdog millionare a great film and all the congress sang together ....they made a great sensationalisation of 26\11 as if all other attacks never been seem as important as it is .....now where is the guts of media to sensationalisation of the $1.5 trillion dollers in tax havens where india comesfirst in list and have a share more than all combined together, when government all over the world made an agreement to tackle the econmic situation Indian leaders are quite and media acting so unaware of these black money in tax havens and white collar criminals....nothing seems to go in this direction....if anbody have the guts to moblise against this anybody who constantly throw mud on eachother ....if any action in this direction goes it will show the credablity of all those comments in this site and who claim nationationalist and secularist...it is well said by Obama....it is the poverty u indians should be conserned about right now..
By indiancitizen
4/8/2009 2:48:00 PM If what is reported is true, why is it that BJP is not appealing to the CEC to disqualify him? Why our friends Krishna and Co who seem to have no other business than monopolising the forums, writing to the election commission? Since they are not doing this, we have to only conclude this news is false.
By Raghu108
4/8/2009 1:20:00 PM I have to ask rahul gandhi ............ JOIN HANDS WITH CRIMINALS? Hey rahul gandhi you and your party( congress) have 'NO SENSE OF NATIONALISM'. Proofs are given below Terrorist afzal guru ( congress party stops even supreme court decision). Achyutanand and Antuley (gave very hate speech during the 26/11 attack for the two police officer and a commando who saved our mumbains' life and killed by terrorists). Jagdish tytler and sajjan kumar (accused of 84 anti punjab riots). The list is long........................................................................................... .
By paritosh
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:58:00 AM This will take away Vatican’s control over Church properties in Kerala and discourage christians from mindless reproduction. “Canonical papal control over Church properties in Kerala will be a new imperialism repugnant to the secular character and sovereign authority of ‘we the people of India’,” said Mr. Iyer, while asking the Church to withdraw a pastoral letter circulating in churches and chapels all over Kerala that trashed the Commission's recommendations. Mr. Iyer added, “The vast properties of the Church in the State were the product of parishioners' contributions and naturally the management of the estate must have democratic dimensions giving a voice to the Christian parishioners.”
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:53:00 AM Kerala Church is an exporter of menial female labour for European convents and Church institutions, and that their pay packets are entirely confiscated by the Church. It is very clear that Vithayathil’s mention of the pathetic nuns in his book is a last-minute knee-jerk response to Jesme’s “Amen”, hurriedly appended to a finished book intended for something else – to meddle in electoral politics to garner votes for christian congress candidates. The Church’s open call to vote against the Marxists is especially aimed at subverting secular reforms, which are very much needed in the state. It is evinced by the Cardinal’s tirade against the recommendations of the Kerala Law Reforms Commission, which advocated hundred percent secular reforms in religious institutions. One recommendation, pertains to the handover of Church properties to Christian trusts consisting of ordinary lay people based on “representations made by thinkers like Justice K.T. Thomas and Dr. K.V. Pylee, etc
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:52:00 AM Kerala's grand old christian extremist priest Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil two years ago exhorted the Kerala christians to reproduce like rats to combat the rising Muslim population. This rascal is now President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, released a book, “Straight from the Heart”. Straight from the Vatican’s Heart would have been more appropriate for its content. The 82-year-old Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil rues over the state of nuns and says they are compelled to do menial jobs for priests, but keeps mum on sexual exploitation. According to The Times of India, 17 March 2009, he writes, “I would say to a great extent our nuns are not emancipated women. They are often kept under submission by the fear of revenge by priests. That’s how the priests get away with whatever humiliation they heap upon them. It is a pitiable situation from which somebody has to liberate them.”
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:51:00 AM The Women’s Commission also could not act with any direction on the complaint of the nun from the Daughters of Mary Convent in Anchal who was forced into the mental asylum, even though its Chairperson had gone to meet her. There seems to be nothing the govt or the civilized world can do because these nuns are the possession of the richest private organisation in the world. 80% christians believe that they will go to hell if they are not buried by weirdo christian priests. All are worried about what their neighbours talk and leave everything, including dispensation of justice, to god. A small percentage believes that accusations against clergymen and Church are the workings of Satan.
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:50:00 AM Slave nuns are garnering strength and slowly beginning to escape the church. Ex-sister Jesme’s autobiography, “Amen”, published by DC Books, is a revelation of the sexual exploitation of the vulnerable women in the possession of the Catholic Church. The publication of this book came close on the heels of an allegation by a nun in her 60s, from the Congregation of Daughters of Mary Convent in Anchal, accusing the Church of forced abortions of young nuns in the convent. According to her nephew, the nun is still being kept in a Church-owned mental hospital near Thodupuzha. Some nuns in Njarakal near Kochi openly rebelled against the Church in February 2009 for trying to move them forcibly from the convent where they have been living for years. Acting on complaints received by it, the Kerala State Women’s Commission submitted a recommendation to the government last year to stipulate the minimum age for joining nunnery at 18 years. The Church raised a furore.
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:50:00 AM The sexual abuse of nuns by Catholic priests is no rare news and not restricted to Kerala. It is as common and virulent worldwide as Catholic paedophilia. In a report, quoted in the Catholic National Reporter in the USA in the 1990s, Sister Maura O’Donohue, a medical doctor, said the sexual abuse of nuns by priests had been documented in 23 countries. The detailed report would inspire only fantasy porno writers, for such is the ingenuity exercised by the sworn, supposedly ascetic, clergymen to satiate their perverted sexual urges with their helpless women slaves and wives of men congregating in the churches. Would you blame the hormone-driven human beneath the cassock, or the irrational, sexually aberrant Church, which is polluting the entire world with its perversions? No wonder, the head of the Church, Ratzinger alias Benedict, the present Pope, is blaming condoms for HIV/AIDS as condom is only 80% safe
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:49:00 AM The number of suicides of nuns in Kerala that never got reported in the press are very high. Only those cases in which the victims had some relative to question the unnatural death ever got into the newspapers. Otherwise there were just obituaries. Sr. Abhaya's case would have been written off as suicide, as many murders of nuns have been dismissed, but for her cousin, Jomon Puthenpurakal, who himself came close to becoming a victim. On 11 August 2008, Sr. Anupa Mary committed suicide in St. Mary's Convent, Kollam, leaving a suicide note that accused a senior nun in the convent of sexual harassment. A few days later, two girl inmates of an orphanage run by the Holy Cross Order in which Sr. Anupa was ordained, tried to commit suicide and later accused an apprentice priest Benedict of harassment. On 11 February 2009, Sr. Josephine who lived in the Daughters of Mary Convent in Thiruvananthapuram, committed suicide. Harassment was alleged initially, but that too went up in smoke.
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:48:00 AM When I read Amen, I was not surprised. Kids are donated to church to become nuns and priests, with no right to property. Such donations of humans are tantamount to slavery which the christians practiced for long. In mid-1960s one Kerala priest killed a woman but escaped the noose due to India’s slack legal system. This Kerala’s infamous murder is known as Madatharuvi murder case. In Amen the book written by a nun a doctorate in English language, whom the church was trying to put in a mental asylam depicts the sexual deprivation of Christianity and church. A christian priest removed his dress in front of the nun and masturbated and produced the white liquid to show Jesse that it was the way to live. Women slaves called nuns are used by the priests in Africa to avoid AIDs.
By n.krishna
4/8/2009 11:47:00 AM INDIA IS A GREAT COUNTRY. Before Obama, Sonia Gandhi, an immigrant won the election and could have been PM. Only in INDIA CAN AN IMMIGRANT BECOME A PM. Yet, in a selfless act, SONIA ABROGATED THE POSITION FOR AN INDIAN. Nehru was a freedom fighter. Nehru guided Indian democracy. If not for Nehru India would be a failed state today, like Pakistan. DON'T BE FOOLS, INDIANS, GANDHI IS INDIA, INDIA IS GANDHI. This family has sacrificed so much for India. NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD OWES AS MUCH TO ONE FAMILY AS INDIA DOES TO THE NEHRU/GANDHI FAMILY.
By kash
4/8/2009 10:36:00 AM KKK as your name suggest you are an Member of Xian terrorist outfit Ku klax Klan, kkk , james and Nanda you Perverts, hinduism does not need any certificate from Pigs like you, Just go thro today's express page no:6(Belgaum Edition) , see your Parish Priest from NEW LIFE,Mysore has been caught for Chain Snatching along with Eight of his colleagues, in Mangalore. You Perverts they snatched Six Mangal Sutras of Hindu females,four gold chains weighing 211gms.You talk So much about your christanity,.. As American money has stopped coming in for this pigs, they have resorted to robbery, this what Jesu taught you people, ..Nanda next time when you go to AMNESIA, be careful of your xian brothers they may snatch even your dress too, Nanda if you in need of Pink chaddi contact me i will give you a dozen..........................
By Somu
4/8/2009 9:55:00 AM What is the difference between LTTE and BJP? Nothing. Both are illiterate organization with pea sized brains. All they can thin about is Sonia. You remembering her so much has given her yawning sickness it seems. I am sure, you guys are thinking about her in your dreams too. Your hatred has made her a princes. Hindu WAS a peaceful religion. Now, they have no religion. Hindus = TERRORISTS. What is the difference between al quaeda and Hindu groups? Nothing.. India has only population. Indians have attitude problem and that is why India is so laid back.
By Nanda
4/8/2009 9:34:00 AM stupid venkat, come and see how many people attend Sunday services ? How many has re marriages. Second marriage people are not Catholics you stupid idiot venkat. What you know bout christianity being a Hindu. YOu get out of west and get back to yor stupid India. The talk.
By James
4/8/2009 9:24:00 AM It is clear that after failing first semester in core courses, Rahul dropped out. Raul Vinci was not going to get M.Phil. in Development Studies just after passing these four basic courses. All mistakes in election affidavit is due to the fact, he did not get a free certificate in English language from Lennox Cook School like his mom, so he could not read, what is written in Cambridge result card. I doubt if he really wrote any exam in Cambridge Univ., he might have hired someone with the birth name Raul Vinci. Regarding Sonia's English certificate, this is given free if you can't speak English and taught 2 hours per week by volunteers to help foreigners who want to work in UK - without any exam or test to check competency but a certificate of attendance. This is not the education, election affidavit is about, they want formal education, not the embroidery or milking certificate done by Rabri.
By Rahul Kumar
4/8/2009 9:07:00 AM Christian Albino pigs , occupiers of our land go back to your ghettos in Europe. Purveyors of child pornography, incest and homosexuality because of the unholy shit called the Bible GET OUT of the Americas. Ask that bloody self appointed homo jesus why his Jehovah never told him that the earth and universe were spherical and it was not flat as this shepherd with an IQ of minus 150 thought
By Aztec Indian
4/8/2009 8:52:00 AM If everything written here is true, why the print media is keeping quiet? They are equally responsible for withholding the information on the true identity of our leaders. If any of these people who hold the passport and citizenship of other countries try to become the executive head of our country, it is nothing less than foreign invasion of India. If any of these issues are true, media has a serious responsibility and they need to act responsibly and it is the time do it.
By Rajendra TK
4/8/2009 7:10:00 AM Indian dogs get out of USA.
4/8/2009 7:06:00 AM Congress under Sonia is anti-national party. They have allowed Reddy and family to get thousands of crores from missionaries to fund conversions and politics. These missionaries have cheated/killed people of North America, South America, Africa and Australia and now they are targeting Andhra since more white people are leaving Christianity. Narasimha Rao brought financial reform. Narasimha Rao fixed Punjab. Vajpayee improved roads and ports and defense. What has Sonia done?
By Narain
4/8/2009 7:05:00 AM John who says Sonia is a Hindu, Was Rajiv a Hindu??? When a Hindu Indira marries a Parsi Feroz, then how come Rajiv be a Hindu instead of a Parsi?? Ok as per your argument he is a HIndu, then you mean to say Feroz converted himself to Hinduism!!!! And by Marrying Hindu Rajiv, Sonia too became a Hindu!!! My Dear friend, Rajiv too followed his father's footsteps and got himself converted into a Xian....John have you ever came a Hindu boy being named RAUL?? A hindu girl named Bianka??? John, Conversion is also another type of Terrorism, and which Vatican follows...John does KU KLAX KLAN belongs to Hindu???? John you have showed your Cheap Mentality by branding India as HELL, you are an example of Vatican mole in India along with Maino vinc.... Are you not Living in India, My Bharata has become HELL(AS branded by you) because of People like you,....
By Dinesh Parikh
4/8/2009 7:03:00 AM Is Raul Vinci a member of KU KLAX KLAN ............................................................
By vikas patel
4/8/2009 6:42:00 AM Rahul is a LIAR all along, her mother too lied about her educational qualification during 2004 elections, Her nomination papers’ affidavit claimed she obtained a certificate in English from Lennox Cook School, University of Cambridge, in 1965. After it was revealed that the school had no affiliation to the University, Sonia claimed that the error on the affidavit was the result of a secretarial typing mistake. So this LIE Virus are there in his GENE carrying from his Parents...A FAMILY FULL OF LIARS RIGHT FROM NEHRU TILL RAUL, ...... Kash, if not for Nehru India would not have been divided, please go thro the pages of History first, If not for Rajiv IPKF would not have gone to Srilanka, Sahbano case, Bofors, all these scandals would not have taken place,....
By vikas patel
4/8/2009 6:39:00 AM Mr Rajashekar who is making baseless allegations?? You mean to say Express has made baseless allegations!! Ok agreed we make baseless allegations, but your master's should have sued this paper, but why they are keeping quiet??? "SILENCE AMOUNTS TO ACCEPTANCE"!!! Sir It's you and not us, who needs very urgent admission in Mental asylum,... Ok agreed we are affliated to a political party or subscribe to a particular ideology or religion, but what about you??? We know where your Loyalty lies. It's like Tea calling kettle black, YOU ARE A SYCOPHANT..... You will be given one of the Padma Awards(whether you deserve it or not is Immaterial) by your masters......... follow their Sermon Blindly by killing your Soul and Self Esteem... Are you Glassmate of Raul Vinci?? oh Sorry I meant Classmate...................
By Dinesh parikh
By Krishna
4/8/2009 5:59:00 AM I congratulate ExpressBuzz for their boldness in publishing this article. Most of the indian media is acting like a congress party propagand machine. But you are different . It is assumed that Rahul Gandhi will be our future PM and we Indians have all the right to know about this person. Thanks for exposing our prince!
By Peter
4/8/2009 5:55:00 AM He is an italian dumb cow, Noooo way he could be our Prime minister!
By saurabh
4/8/2009 5:31:00 AM Making mindless allegations and charges against people, religions and communities are a sure sign of mental derangement! Some of you guys and gals should check into a mental hospital ,if you aren't already committed to one. What good it is to malign people without any basis because you are affliated to a political party or subscribe to a particular ideology or religion. Those whot thrive in spewing hatred and venom will one day reap a bounteous harvest of the same in return. Shame on you narrow minded Indians!
By Rajashekar
4/8/2009 5:08:00 AM Congress now has two identities one is the deputy of Muslim league - its spiritual arm and mafia group - that its spirit has morphed into to some distance. What do expect from those who are at its helm?
By Anil
4/8/2009 2:28:00 AM This sonia/rahul and nehru family are fraud,they are agents of italian mafia n vatican,eevryone knws vatican is a satanic place full of gays and greedy people.Lets throw these missionares and christian mafia out of india.missionaries have already terorized india a lot.lets throw this family out of india to dogs.
By amit
4/8/2009 1:10:00 AM Very good post except that Raul Vinci is not a pseudonym but his real name as per his Italian passport which he carries to travel abroad. He also failed his Hindi exam and is a three time college dropout. The facts are on web, please google it.
By Seema
4/8/2009 1:08:00 AM Chrisitnaity is a satanic cult,they belive in killing people and are adamant for conversion.They have killed billions in japan/iraq/afganistan and many places.Chrisitnaity is not a religion but a monarchical architecture to rule the world.The 10 commandmants of chritanity are frauds.Chrstains rape and rober,they convert ,they are terorrists who are killing millions around the world.
By amit
4/8/2009 1:06:00 AM Mr. Prabhu, Christians are not minority in West. Come to USA and see Atheist are less than 10 % and agnostics (neither deny nor accept the existence of God) and about 5 %. Peopel who claim to be Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others are less than 5%. The rest pretty much claims to be Christians and about 30 % of them are Evangelists who strongly believe it's their duty to propagate Christianity, which includes coverting poor Indians either by hook or crook. So, please stop spreading lies. (My numbers are based on recent census)
By Venkat
4/8/2009 12:36:00 AM Every body seems to ask how will BJP find money for all the schemes/Simple, BJP and NDA will hopefully do its best to get the 50 trillion dollars black money deposited by corrupt Nehru dynatsy and congress ministers and agents in swiss and german banks and get baclkall the looted gold and jewellery and ornaments that British colonizers had looted during the past 500 years.No party has presented such a wonderful manifesto as BJP for the past 60 years and during the past 60 years congress promised to eradiccate proverry, but they made majority hindus beggars and put all the corrption money of trillions $ in swiss banks and made as many slums to create a world record for wretched mis-rule of past 50 years and more. Voters and public are not fools and they know how NDA rule has helped the country to withstand the global meltdown and crisis, otherwise we could have been bankrupt now
By V.Mehta
4/8/2009 12:13:00 AM Looks like Krishna was Sonia's treasurer. And now he is sacked. Poor Krishna! Krishna, in this rate, you will have heart attack very soon and who is going to suffer, not Sonia or Rahul, but you and your family. Try to relax. If not soon, you will also join Mehta and both can be friends in mental hospital. Your birth was a mistake.
By Raghuveera
4/8/2009 12:12:00 AM Bharat is right, I think you are the perfect candidate with chicken brain to rule the country.
By Naresh
4/8/2009 12:07:00 AM The person does not follow the commandments written in the bible is not a christian at all. They are terrorists. There only 10 commandments and but is very hard to live according to them. That is why christian population is decreasing. If you want to have a liberal life, you can be a Hindu. In Hinduism, no regulation, you can rape someone, you can kill someone, you can cut someone's hand, you can do all the above and put a poor Christian's name. that is what is Hinduism. Christians are minority in the west too. What you find majority are atheists, with European names. They are European names, not Christian names. They are no Christians. Don't blame the minority religion for what atheists are doing. Don't punish minority Christians for the faults of atheists.
By Prabhu
4/8/2009 12:06:00 AM Mehta needs to be in Mental hospital. He is suffering from serious bouts of schizophrenia. He think Sonia has a place in Vatican. She is Hindu. She had married a Hindu. Mehta, I read somewhere that you are a Muslim and spying on Indians. Vatican does not need poor India. There is no place for Stupid idiot like you in heaven. You deserve India(hell). Vatican does not have agents. VAtican only is roman catholic organization. Vatican has regulations only for true believers. Who follow the ten commandments. Others are nto welcome there. Killing is not allowed in Christians and blood shed is the biggest sin for a catholic. Catholics are not allowed to marry second time. There is no divorce in Catholics. Catholics are not allowed to drink. What you are looking at isnot christians. They are terrorists like you.
By John
4/7/2009 11:58:00 PM The whole Italiano fascist clan is a fraud, imposed on this nation by the fraud Rajiv Khan fake gandhii. Those Bharatiya/Indians have self-respect and earned their education with hard work must wake up and not whitewash this. Why shall we allow such frauds to rule our naiton? Are we less eligible?
By Bharat
4/7/2009 11:45:00 PM We, the citizens of a country, which had the esteemed Mr. Chandrashekar as its Prime Minister in the past and is currently projecting Ms. Mayawati as a potential candidate, have issues related the discrepancies in the "educational" claims made by Rahul and Sonia Gandhi???....you gotto be kidding me...at least they are educated.
By An Indian
4/7/2009 11:29:00 PM These Italian idiots and liars have now come to rule India, the greatest country on earth. Is this a curse by some Gods?
By Nagesu Singam
4/7/2009 11:03:00 PM Sonia Gandhi got bofors bribe received by her husband Rajiv Gandhi, the bribe from submarine deal, missile deal with Israel, $2 billion KGB bribe, Rs 10000 crore from illegal smuggling of antique Hindu idols to her two shops in Italy, drug export money sent via coffin export that was done by Sonia, Saddam Hussains oil bribe money. The list is very long and she tops the list of politicians who stashed away black money in Swiss banks. Indian nationals top in Swiss Bank deposits, as of Year 2008 India $1891 billion, Russia $610 billion, China $213 billion, UK $210 billion, Ukraine $140 billion, Rest of the world $300 billion. scribd.com/doc/14047562/Sonia-Gandhis-Billions-in-Swiss-Banks
By n.krishna
4/7/2009 10:45:00 PM And Raul (aka Rahul) has hopes to be PM of my country someday. A liar running my country... a sad thought. But this is reality. Wake up my fellow youngsters of India and vote for change - let's repeat Obamamania in India. Lets find our own Obama in Modi who also talks of hope and development and security like Obama does. Lets vote for the party that may one day bring Modi to the centre and give him a chance to prove himself. Down with liars, down with the Gandhi dynasty, down with the party that supports these liars, down with the goondas and traitors like Lalu, Mulayam, Ram Vilas Paswan and the "teersa morcha". Vote for BJP!
By PatriotHindu
4/7/2009 10:24:00 PM Dear The truth man, truths often are stranger than fiction.Let us get facts right. LTTE is a christian organization funded by Vatican and christian nations. That is why Sonia Maino the vatican agent is ruling India like an empress using christains agents and robots and slaves like Manmohan Chidambram and so mnay thousands of power hungry money crazy agents.See how vatican and CIA did the conspircay to get their agent as empress of India, by first getting a damsel Sonia to trap the wpmanizer Rajeev Gandhi and then getting killed all the family including Rajeev using LTTE and eliminating all contenders for power like Rajesh Pilot,Scindia and so many others. Moronic majority hindus including BJP,RSS and VHP have no brains to see all these comspiracies.Now BJP must go for aggressive hinduvta and majority hindus must vote in large numbers for BJP and allies to kick out corrupt Nehru Dynasty forever
By V.Mehta
4/7/2009 9:42:00 PM Mehta, Please open ur eyes and see the truth, Rajiv Gandhi was killed because Indian Government betrayed LTTE. Hope you know the detail that LTTE was patronised by Indian Government .They were trained by Indian Army . Suddenly Congress betrayed them and the LTTE which was sponsored by India was not only left alone but was also killed by same Indian Army (Peace Keeping Force)which trained them. What Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia did to India we all know. If you can tell the truth about others also it will be of great help. But remember Always spread genuine knowledge and not rumours. Else everyone will feel you are propogating BJP.
By The Truth
4/7/2009 8:44:00 PM Mehta, Please open ur eyes and see the truth, Rajiv Gandhi was killed because Indian Government betrayed LTTE. Hope you know the detail that LTTE was patronised by Indian Government .They were trained by Indian Army . Suddenly Congress betrayed them and the LTTE which was sponsored by India was not only left alone but was also killed by same Indian Army (Peace Keeping Force)which trained them. What Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia did to India we all know. If you can tell the truth about others also it will be of great help. But remember Always spread genuine knowledge and not rumours. Else everyone will feel you are propogating BJP.
By The Truth
4/7/2009 8:43:00 PM Mehta, Please open ur eyes and see the truth, Rajiv Gandhi was killed because Indian Government betrayed LTTE. Hope you know the detail that LTTE was patronised by Indian Government .They were trained by Indian Army . Suddenly Congress betrayed them and the LTTE which was sponsored by India was not only left alone but was also killed by same Indian Army (Peace Keeping Force)which trained them. What Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia did to India we all know. If you can tell the truth about others also it will be of great help. But remember Always spread genuine knowledge and not rumours. Else everyone will feel you are propogating BJP.
By The Truth
4/7/2009 8:26:00 PM After winning, BJP must also promise public to retrieve all of india's precious heritage and wealth that has been looted by the British colonizers including all the declared or undeclared items an gold ornaments and jewellery and gold bars lying in british museums or private collections,besides the black money deposited by corrupt congressmen and Nehru dynasy members including Sonia Maino and Rahul Maino in swiss and german banks.Although the looted items items now in England are classified cosmetically as gifts by the british, it is a fact that these are simply looted items done by british gangsters that looted us for 500 years and more. The unfortunate part is that after indepenence in 1947, the Nehru dynasty and crooked congress politicians and agents who have been looting Indians to the tune of trillions of dollars and deposited in swiss and german banks. Hope BJP and NDA show guts to retrieve our heritage items and promise hindu majority to make them first class citizens and a
By V.Mehta
4/7/2009 7:57:00 PM Varun is a terrorist and you have to accept it. it is very sad that you guys are encouraging him and leading him towards terrorism and you guys are watching. Shame on you people! He seems to be intelligent and help him to use this intelligence towards better things not destruction. Because of your attitudes, India remains poor and will remain poor.
By Babu
4/7/2009 7:29:00 PM I think Krishna took major role in the gang rape of Sukanya Devi. If not, he will not not much details about it as anyone. Krisha should be handed over to Osama Bin Ladin. He is a religious extremists with no balls. He suits better to be a Talibanian than Indian.
By Babu
4/7/2009 7:23:00 PM This is beautiful and bold journalistic work by Newindpress team. Congratulations to newindpress team.Majority hindus and all patritic indians must wake up, unite and vote in large numbers for BJP and allies to kick out crroked and corrupt mafia and fraudulent Sonia Maino congress and UPA allies and communists from our land forver, in coming Lok Sabha elections.
By V.Mehta
4/7/2009 7:17:00 PM This fraud by Rahul Maino is not surprising at all since that whole family if a mafia family and full of frauds. Now Sonia Maino is ruling like an empress due to wicked conpsiracy by Vatican and CIA, frst trapping Rajeev Gandhi using her charm and then like in a Hitchcovk move and by wicket steps, eliminate one by one in the family including the husband Rajeev with help of christian LTTE and their minority agents. The moronic hindus are just charmed by the "gora" or white skin and are unable to se all the deep rooted conspiracise and like the Brittsih colonial rule, there are hundreds of christian and church agents to advise Queen Sonia and there are thousands of slaves who are prepared to serve as door mats or robots to get some personal and family favours.Majority hindus must unite and vote in large numbers for BJP and allies to save the hindus from miserty and terror and eliminate all the anti-hindu congress mafia and crooked anti-nationals around them
By V.Mehta
4/7/2009 7:12:00 PM This shows the calibre of this family and the person himself whom the media is hell bent on projecting as a youth ( ?) icon and the next PM. The whole family is beset with lies,crime and an embodiment of evil.
By Muthuveeran
4/7/2009 6:04:00 PM With The Exception of Varun, Therez None Who Studied Beyond High School in The Nehru Family after Jawaharlal Nehru
4/7/2009 4:21:00 PM These Gandhi family is full of lies! From Rajiv , Sonia to now Rahul. Just imgain if they can't tell the truth about their qulification are they going to tell the truth in politices? This only show their character, Ghandhi's are a bunch of liars and crooks.
By Ragu Pinto
4/7/2009 12:12:00 PM The cambridge university should clearly tell about Rahul's study on Developmental Economic. Otherwise, we Indian, have to doubt the credibility of the University.As discussions on Rahul Gandhi's MPhil degree is in the big debate and who will oneday rule India as PM. If he is not done MPhil who is botherd. To serve Inidian we need only VOTE BANKS of various Caste, Creed, Colour, and Money (unlawfully accumulated and Muscles of GOONS and GOONDAS. Why so much people bothered about Degrees?
4/7/2009 11:56:00 AM This is a typical Indian Express expose.The coming loksabha elections are a godsend opportunity to throw this italian mafia from our land.
By r vassudevan
4/7/2009 11:55:00 AM The cambridge university should clearly tell about Rahul's study on Developmental Economic. Otherwise, we Indian, have to doubt the credibility of the University.As discussions on Rahul Gandhi's MPhil degree is in the big debate and who will oneday rule India as PM.
4/7/2009 11:41:00 AM n.krishna, you are well informed!
By Arun
4/7/2009 11:27:00 AM It is said not to track the origin of R^ishhiH [the sage] or of nadi [river] but expressbuzz has stood up to its name. See the duplicity of name given - vinci for a Gandhi. It rings a more famous truth search - breaking da vinci code. Let expressbuzz search further on the madam and many a skeleton will fall out of the cupboard, for I suspect the madam has entered India with a purpose as she represents the opus dei.
By Jayaraman
By n.krishna
4/7/2009 10:00:00 AM The only sports Raul knows is gang rape. Rahul Gandhi has gang raped one Sukanya Devi on 3-12-2006 and the matter was hushed up using IB thugs sent by Ahamad Patel and needs to be investigated by CBI. Raul is his real name in the Italian passport. He was traveling with Italian passport along with his wife Juanita and was arrested at an airport in USA, by FBI, on September 27, 2001 for illegal possession of $200,000. Juanita and Raul Gandhi were released after CIA agent Brajesh Mishra, whose daughter was married to an Italian and working for the steroid filled Prime Minister Vajpayee’s office.
By n.krishna
4/7/2009 9:53:00 AM Rajiv Ghandi had converted to Christianity and changed the name to Roberto and married the Italian Christian Edvige Antonia Albina Maino who was presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi in Cambridge by Archbishop Paul Casimir Marcinkus alias Paul the Gorilla Marcinkus. Now She has the illegal name of Sonia Gandhi. Rajiv Ghandi and Antonia Maino had one daughter and one son by name Bianka and Raul. For the Indian public these names are presented as Prianka and Rahul. Rahul is also holding an Italian passport in the name of Raul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi married Juanita daughter of a Colombian heroin peddler. The marriage was conducted anonymously in the island of Tenerife in Canary Islands. Juanita holds a Venezuelan passport
By n.krishna
4/7/2009 9:47:00 AM Evict Italian mafia from our country ..we have enough swadeshi crooks of our own..no need to import these m-fcukering gandhis
By Jay
4/7/2009 9:38:00 AM Hope they did not get this degree from giving a donation or endowment to the college. I do not understand which sports would qualify for sports quota. They should just mark illiterate instead of getting into controversies with the details.In the name of garibhi hatao they have amassed huge wealth. Thanks to them India won an oscar for slumdog.
By rsahoo
4/7/2009 9:21:00 AM @ if u can call this sacrifice a cunning jackal or fox also does this to get its prey. fools like u have handed ur hand in these prople who were responsible for improper division of nation, loss of wealth, lands, water and people. Why is it cong hesitant about the swiss bank account, do u know when the first corruption of so called free india started even before independence after freedom in the first year when indian army needed jeeps immediately and we received so early that it took 1 yr, the very yr we lost half of kashmir, Nehru family to bangarappa family to moily everyone have a swiss bank account. do not be so foolish to decorate ur slavery to family who have been know to convert their faith every time to get something for them. also the person who traited nation for his love to others wife made J&K a burning problem till today
By lohit
4/7/2009 9:08:00 AM Rahul can not match up his mummy in mis-representing facts. His mamma could not even count the heads of her flock when she went to President Abdul Kalam and declared she had the majority support which in fact was far short of the magic figure. The Dynasty will do anything to keep themeselves in power as long as they have Congress slaves under their feet. She does not even know how many billions USD she has stashed away in Swiss Banks looted from the illiterate, poor Indians. But they claim that their total net worth is less than a total of Rs. 40 millions. Members of Election Commission will be fools if they do not verify and correct the statement.
By R.Krishnan
4/7/2009 9:07:00 AM If not for Nehru, India would be just like Pakistan today. Rajiv Gandhi walked away from decadent economic policies like the 5 year plans and introduced open market, Friedman policies to India. It was him who initialy appointed Manmohan Singhe to change the Indian economy, by asking him to study J.R.Jayewardenas economic policies. Manmohan Singhe has been part of the Indian economic wonder for the last 30 years. You should thank Rajiv Gandhi and Manmohan Singhe for modern India. Sonia Gandhi won the election, and could have been PM, but instead of been a gready politician, she gave the mantle to a more suitable person. HOW MANY INDIAN POLITICIANS CAN CLAIM THAT? What India needs is selfless leaders. Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singhe is the best you will get. By the way, thank JR Jayewardena for having a chat with Rajiv Gandhi about modern econmomics, because India is great because of that chat.
By kash
4/7/2009 8:56:00 AM There is nothing surprising in this news item. This is very much possible from the 'Ghanti' family. Their ability to distort facts is notorious. Look at their names. They like to add the magical word 'Gandhi' to their names. they know people will think that they are relatives of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, they cleverly polished the surname of 'Firoz Ganti' as 'Firoz Gandhi' and started using the name of Mahatma with their names. What a dynastical way to fool the people ! They must be defeated at any cost.
By Indian
4/7/2009 8:41:00 AM And if he has got the degree in 2004-2005,then how he had claimed in year 2004 election affidavit that he has above degree.
By pk
4/7/2009 8:09:00 AM Not at all surprising! This rogue family has consistently falsefied their qualitfications. Perhaps the last one to be straight on qualifications was the grandfather Nehru. The rest are all claims in the air. This family has mocked affidavits time and again. They are confident of fooling Bharatiyas. No exception; whether it was Indira, Rajiv, Raul alias Rahul or Varun. Birds of the same feather showing their true colours. Bharatiyas, trash this family and ensure they are out of power forever. Only then can we live with self-respect and govern ourselves honestly.
By Bharata
4/7/2009 8:03:00 AM And if he has got the degree in 2004-2005,then how he had claimed in year 2004 election affidavit that he has above degree.
By pk
4/7/2009 8:01:00 AM And this illiterate Rahul Gandhi is our future PM. What a shame!, they don't have even a decent education. How can they rule billion people. He registered as Rahul Vinci (christian) and basically he did not take is sir name from Rajiv Gandhi. Then why now calling himself as a Gandhi? Is he fooling Hindus? Both mother and son are cheating and exploiting Indians and slave congress politicians licking their feet! This mother-son duo has robbed crores of wealth from Indians and deposited in Swiss bank. It is time to kick this robbers from India,
By Ramesh
4/7/2009 8:00:00 AM Was he not a member of the Lok Sabha during 2004-05. How could he be attending the college? There is something fishy.
By anbu
4/7/2009 7:33:00 AM