June 20, 2009



Despite the heavy use of force by the Basij militia and the Revolutionary Guards to disperse a procession of protesters in Teheran on the afternoon of June 20,2009, the protesters, who have been forced to disperse into small groups, continue to be defiant. They are now calling their protest as a fight against Fascism and have called upon the people to join the fight to liberate the country from the control of the Fascists. It is not clear whether Mir Housain Mousavi, whose defeat by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Presidential elections on June 12, triggered off the mass protests, is participating in the demonstrations or has gone underground. Some Tweets say he is with the protesters; others allege he has been "silenced". It is not clear what is meant by that.

2. Some of the latest Tweets from Iran are given below. The time of origin is not clear:

Tonight to the streets - for freedom.

Today the world can see why we want our freedom from fascists.

Dawn is upon us - Allah Akbar - Let us pray together today.

The world must not watch us - you must all join us wherever you are.

Confirmed - Mousavi - SATURDAY is a big day for fighting fascists.

Confirmed - Mousavi - SATURDAY 4pm Enghelab Sq - HISTORY will be watching us.

People of the world - Today Saturday 20 June 2009 - Iran will again make HISTORY.

Khatami - It is the time of Twilight - but I LOVE THE DAWN - Sea of Green.

EU condemns threats of Ayatollah Khamenei.

Shirin Ebadi - Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate - condemns harsh treatment of protesters in Iran.

Iranian scholars and uni Professors write joint letter to Secretary General of UN condemning violation of Iran Human Rights.

Karoubi - Recognize the will of the nation and void the 10th Presidential Elections to return order to the country.

Karoubi - As a former political prisoner who was tortured I know that insulting a nation will turn them into a raging fire.

Advice - remove sim and use mobile to film ANY violence or attak against Sea of Green.

Advice - your location can be identified from mobile signal - delete all sms after sending in case u are arrested.

58 scholars & lawyers condemn the recent killings & arrests in Iran as illegal.

Of course Mousavi has been silenced - but he has not yet been arrested - today everybody was silenced!

Confirmed - sms text messaging is working again in Iran after 1 week of disconnection.

Mir Hossein Mousavi is safe and well - preparing for tomorrow - Sea of Green.

Tehran is alive with the Sea of Green.

Confirmed - IRIB.ir - HACKED - Dos Dos Dos Dos.

Please join Mousavi, Khatami and Karoubi Sat 4pm Enghelab Sq. to Azadi Sq. Tehran for a crucial green protest.

Mousavi - confirmed - show support for Sea of Green from balcony starting 9pm to midnight tonight .

Mousavi - Confirmed - calls for ALL the nation to stand on balconys TONIGHT and show support with 'Allah Akbar'.

Confirmed - 2 student activist arrested - Alirezah Khshbakht & Zahra Toheedi .

Mehdi Karoubi letter to National Security Council.

Confirmed - Shahab Talebani has been arrested . (20-6-09)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )



"Be prepared for martyrdom"

That is the message Mir Housain Mousavi, the leader of the Iranian protesters, has tweeted to his followers after the heavy use of force by the Basij militia and the Revolutionary Guards on peaceful protesters in Tehran on the afternoon of June 20. Latest Tweets from Iran claim there have been many casualties and that the hospitals are finding it difficult to cope with them. Some of the latest Tweets are given below:

Sodium metabisulfite Na2S2O5 mixed with water (5% solution) cures CS tear gas. Wash eyes with solution

Hospital source - Tehran hospitals report hundreds of casualties.

Advice - Tear Gas - cover mouth/nose - remove gased clothes immedietly - wash face and inside mouth/eyes/nose with water fast.

Unconfirmed - The Army will not follow orders to kill the people -

People of Iran - be ready to take people from the streets tonight and give protection -

Tehran is burning with the blood of our Martyrs - The streets are full of dead -

Mousavi speaking to supporters in the street NOW -

Mousavi - declares results of 10th Presidential Election null and void -

Today is the day of rekoning - the day of GHIAMAAT - Allah Akbar -

Helicopters pouring acid on people from the sky -

Mousavi - Confirmed - I have prepared for martyrdom -

Tonight to the streets - for freedom - ( 20-6-09)

( The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )



In an address to a Friday congregation at the Tehran University on June 19,2009, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader, again changed his position on the legality of the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the President of Iran at the elections held on June 12,2009.

2. After having endorsed the re-election in the initial days of the protest against it, he then gave the impression of taking a neutral stance by suggesting that as laid down in the Constitution, the matter should be left to the Guardian Council to decide as per the procedures laid down by the law.

3. As this did not have any impact on the anti-Ahmadinejad demonstrations all over the country, he has reiterated his original endorsement of the validity of the re-election without waiting for the report of the Guardian Council, which is enquiring into over 600 complaints received against the election and is to examine the defeated candidates on June 20, 2009. He has thus sought to pre-empt any adverse ruling by the Guardian Council. Khamenei also expressed his support to the foreign policy and pro-poor economic policies followed by Ahmadinejad.

4.He has rejected indirectly, but definitively the demands of the protesters for the annulment of the election results and for a fresh poll and expressed his strong support for the continuance of Ahmadinejad as the President. He has warned against the continuance of the street protests, which, according to him, could be manipulated by outsiders and could lead to violence.

5. His speech was an indication of his belief that any seeming neutral stand of his could aggravate the situation and that the time had come to remove any impression of softness which might encourage more demonstrations. It was also a green signal to the Basij militia and the security agencies to start dealing with the protests more firmly even at the risk of some adverse external reactions. His message was clear: Thus far and no further.

6. The clear-cut stand taken by the Ayatollah in support of Ahmadinejad and in endorsement of the validity of his re-election creates a dilemma for Mir Hossein Mousavi, the defeated reformist candidate, and his supporters who have been demonstrating in their thousands.Till now, they have been projecting their protests as directed against Ahmadinejad and against what they allege to be his rigged victory. They have taken care not to give the impression of their protests being also against the Ayatollah and the Islamic system.

7. The continuance of the protest movement after ignoring the intervention of the Ayatollah could bring them into an undesired confrontation with him and the Islamic system. The Islamic revolutionaries, who came out into the streets in their thousands in 1978-79, were protesting against the arbitrary rule of the Shah of Iran, who was viewed by them as a stooge of the US. By continuing with their demonstrations in spite of the appeal for restraint from the Ayatollah, the present protesters would be unwittingly projecting themselves as opponents of someone (Ahmadinejad), who is widely viewed as standing in the way of a re-imposition of the US hegemony in the region and over Iran.

8. How to keep the protests focussed against the rigged elections without making it appear as directed against the post-1979 Islamic rule in Iran?That is the dilemma facing Mousavi and the protesters. Mousavi was himself a product of the Islamic revolution and had held office as Prime Minister in the initial difficult years of the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. He was in the forefront of the war effort which frustrated the efforts of Saddam Hussein's Army to have the Islamic Government overthrown, with the tacit backing of the US . How can he now be seen as weakening the foundation of the Islamic system, which could play into the hands of the Americans?

9. The answers to these questions will decide the future course of the protest movement. The immediate reaction of the protesters after the address of the Ayatollah was not to relent in their protest movement and to keep it going till they have achieved their objective of a fresh election.

10.For the present, Mousavi and his supporters are going ahead with their plans for two demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday despite the refusal of permission by the Government, which is planning to suppress them. They have also appealed to the international community to demonstrate in their support on Sunday. If the Government with the help of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij militia succeeds in suppressing the demonstrations without many casualties----the situation could take an unpredictable turn---more violence or a collapse of the movement.

11. The Revolutionary Guards and the Basij seem to be confident that once they get the green signal for action from the Ayatollah, they should be able to put down the protest movement. Some more Tweets which have come out of Iran after the Ayatollah's speech are given below. An examination of these Tweets would indicate that the protesters are concerned that the Ayatollah's public intervention in support of Ahmadinejad has made the situation very complex calling for a careful handling of it.

Mousavi - confirmed - show support for Sea of Green from balcony starting 9pm to midnight tonight -

Mousavi - Confirmed - calls for ALL the nation to stand on balconys TONIGHT and show support with 'Allah Akbar'.

Ebrahim Yazdi has been released by Gov due to poor health.

Shahab Talebani has been arrested today.

Unconfirmed reports - Revolutionary Guard has been mobilised to secure Tehran.

The situation in Iran is now CRITICAL - the nation is heartbroken - suppression is imminent.

The Gov has refused to issue a permit for Sea of Green march at 4pm on Saturday in Tehran.

Confirmed - Mousavi calls on people of the world to march on SUNDAY in support of Sea of Green.

Confirmed - Saturday Sea of Green rally - Enghelab Sq - 4pm - Mousavi, Karoubi and Khatami will attend -

Now is dawn - we must go - location not safe - thank u for supporting Sea of Green.

NEVER log on to any proxy posted on twitter - u will be traced .

Advice - travel in groups - always tell someone where u are going - dont go out unless needed .

Political situ in Iran is v/complex - for every decision there are reasons - some we cannot mention here. (20-6-09)

(The writer is Additional Secretary(retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. E-mail: seventyone2@gmail.com )

IIPM :Indian Students Beware - BEST ONLY IN CLAIMS?

A superior course, global exposure, international faculty and dollar salaries, so claims IIPM. Careers360 investigates

by B Mahesh Sarma

This started off as a normal investigation, into the malaise affecting the education system and the checks and balances that need to be brought in. After all, we all know that the government cannot be a sole participant in making the youth employable and the country a prosperous one.

Everyone that we spoke to was of the unanimous opinion - while a systemic overhaul is essential to improve the quality of many bad institutions in the country, the least we could do is to protect students and parents from being misguided and misled by willful wrong-doers. There are institutes where students walk in with their eyes open and know what to expect. And there are those where they walk in, blinded - misled, misguided and misinformed, by a campaign where media, regulatory agencies and academia become willing accomplices. While we can't do much about the informed decisions, we have to take up the cause of those who were cheated, an act that robs students of their career and in a way, their life.

As we scanned the ads, spoke to experts, affected parties and counselors, we realised that one name cropped up the most - IIPM. We decided to investigate. We sent mails to all those, that IIPM draws upon to validate its claims in its advertisements, namely - journalists, editors, foreign universities, employers. We spoke to current and former students and their parents. What our investigation unravelled left us cold. Here is an institution that enjoys all the privileges of an academic institution (according to IT authorities, it claimed exemptions citing Section 10(23C) (VI) of the Income Tax act, 1961) with zero responsibility and accountability. Here is an institution that brazenly uses its power and reach to make unsubstantiated claims that play with the lives of students and parents alike. We know we are opening a Pandora's Box, but are prepared for the repercussions, knowing fully well that you, our readers are with us. We were shocked by our findings, and what you are reading is just a part of it. We await your verdict.

BBA/MBA degrees

IIPM CLAIMS to award PG/UG degrees from IMI Belgium. We checked with NVAO, the accreditation organization of Netherlands and Flanders(Belgium) about IMI Belgium. The response from them is given below. This implies that the degree that students earn would be useless for higher education or employment anywhere in the world, where formal degrees are required.

-----Original Message-----
From: XXXXXXXXX@nvao.net]
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 8:14 PM
To: XXXXXXXX info@nvao.net
Subject: RE: Kind attn: XXXXXXXX,as per telecon yesterday
To answer your first question, I would refer to our official register of recognised institutions and degrees: http://www.highereducation.be . Please read two items in our section FAQ:- http://www.hogeronderwijsregister.be/faq/117/48 - http://www.hogeronderwijsregister.be/faq/117/49 IMI Belgium is not a recognised higher education institution (neither in the Dutch nor the French speaking part of Belgium). Since it is not recognised it cannot award recognised degrees.
In our position it is difficult to answer your second question. For us only registered institutions with accredited programmes are considered credible.

Best regards

  • Campus placement
  • BASED ON some of the claims about MNC employers participating in the campus recruitments at IIPM, we checked with a few of them. We are listing a few responses, of employers, who have denied having recruited from the IIPM campus from the class of 2008, though IIPM claims otherwise. There have been a few more, who did not respond and we did not pursue, as we already got a sample of what is in store. Some gave us information but refused to come on record.


    We have hired 9 students from IIPM this year, though this was not through the campus recruitment process. These are all freshers.


    I have looked into the below and we at Barclays, UAE Dubai have not done any campus placement with this institute.

    DEUTSCHE BANK ( sms response)

    Deutsche bank has no association with IIPM in terms of campus placements. We may have one or two employees from IIPM at the junior level but that's about it

  • Un(en)viable International Placements
  • ANY B-SCHOOL that claims to have the interest of students at heart should ensure that only companies that would treat students with respect, dignity and care would be allowed in the placement process. We are listing out some of the placements facilitated by IIPM. Look at the offer details and make your own judgement.

    Saud Bahwan Group
    Position: Senior sales officer
    Salary: 275 Omani Rials or Rs.34,000 P.M plus 23 rials as food allowance
    Job: It is a two year contract and not a job offer
    Conditions: Passport to be surrendered and Termination at employer's discretion during probation with 48 hours notice.

    Khimji Ramdas

    Position: Section Sales.
    Salary: 250 Omani Riyals or Rs.31,000 P.M or 3.7 lakhs P.A
    Job: It is a two year contract
    Conditions: If you leave before 24 months, you pay the company recruitment, visa, air ticket and other expenses. Even if you have to temporarily leave for an emergency, deposit the same amount with the employer.

    Al Sharawi Group

    Position: Executive Trainee
    Salary: 2300 AED in the first year progressively reaching 3000 AED in the 4th year (27600 P.M in the first year going up to Rs.36000 P.M in the 4th year).
    Conditions: If you resign during the contract, you can not take up employment in competing companies, and pay the company two months salary.

    Frequency Advertising LLC
    Position: Marketing Executive
    Salary: 3500 AED(incl HRA) or Rs.42,000 P.M.or 5 lacs P.A Conditions: Office hours 8.30 am to 6.30 pm, 6 months probation, No leave entitlement during probation.

    Ceramin FZC
    Position: Management Trainee - Sales & Marketing
    Salary: 3000 AED (incl HRA) or Rs.36,000 P.M or 4.4 lacs P.A
    Conditions: 12 months training period, Valid Passport to be submitted at the time of joining.

    Note: All the jobs excluding Frequency LLC provides single accomodation

  • International collaborations
  • IIPM claims to award a global certification in management for all its students from one of the leading universities of the world. Every advertisement carries the logo of institutions like Darden, Haas, Judge etc as partnering institutions. Some ads even say the certification is from one of these universities. We wrote to each of the institution to check the veracity of IIPM's Claims. Here is what they have to say.
  • McCombs Business School, University of Austin,Texas
    Subject: RE: Query regarding your Institute's association with IIPM,Delhi

    I'm sorry, but I am unaware of any association between the McCombs School of Business and IIPM. It is possible that they have a connection I am unaware of with a particular professor, but in any case they are not an official partner school.

    I should caution that I am only responding for the McCombs School of Business. While McCombs is the only business school at the University of Texas at Austin, it is possible that they have a relationship with another college at UT-Austin. If that were the case I would not be aware of it.

    Best regards,

    David E. Platt, Ph.D., Director,CIBER, McCombs School of Business

  • Judge B School, University of Cambridge
  • Hello XXXXXX

    Thanks for your enquiry about the programme Judge Business School is delivering to IIPM participants.

    This is a five day non-degree executive education programme delivered in Cambridge by Judge Business School.

    IIPM have engaged us to deliver and the first group will commence in July 2009. There are no university qualifications awarded from Cambridge University or Judge Business School. The only certificate is a certificate of attendance which is what we provide to participants on all our programmes.

    Very best

    Aislinn Ryan,Communications Manager, Judge Business School

  • Darden B School, Univesity of Virginia
  • Dear XXXXXXX

    Thanks again for your e-mail. The University of Virginia's Darden School of Business has agreed to provide a series of week-long Executive Education programs (i.e., a contracted teaching arrangement) for IIPM. Darden has no partnership agreement or tie-up with IIPM.

    Along with Cambridge (Judge) and UC Berkeley (Haas), Darden will host IIPM's Executive Education program participants and deliver to them a high-quality mix of general business class sessions. No course credits at Darden or UVA are associated with this program, as IIPM is not a partner school and their participants are not taking Darden courses.

    Best regards,

    Juliet Daum, Director of Communication, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

    • For a few dollars more - The changing colours of UCB
    • Haas B School, University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

      THE SLOWDOWN may have hit the revenues of the international B-schools! The desperation with which they are getting into arrangements with Indian B-Schools to lend their name as 'participating,' 'partner', 'affiliating' B -School - all to earn a few dollars more, while compromising on their ethics and professionalism left us flummoxed. And when no less than the University of Berkeley tries to wriggle out of a situation through three different mails, each a reaction to a correspondence by us and possibly IIPM as well, we are bewildered. The first said no connection what so ever, second acknowledged a client relationship and the third announced CEE sending faculty to IIPM programme (which programme?). We cannot understand what is the truth and why this progressive grovelling? (Read the mails below and form your own opinion).

      Ist Response 27th February 2009

      From: Pamela Tom [mailto:ptom@haas.berkeley.edu]
      Sent: 27 February 2009 01:51
      To: XXXX
      Cc: UTE FREY
      Subject: RE: query regarding your Institute's association with IIPM,Delhi
      XXXXX UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business is in no way affiliated or connected with IIPM.I am told this institution has been known to claim associations with top universities without any basis. One of the ways they do this is that they invite faculty to do some executive education stint and then use the university name for ever. It is possible that some Haas faculty has done work for them but the Berkeley and/or Haas name should not be associated with IIPM.

      Pamela Tom
      Media Relations, Haas School of Business

      2nd Response

      XXXXX, On February 26, you wrote to verify the "association" between the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) and the University of California. While the statement that the two are not "affiliated" is accurate, at the time, we were unaware of a new client relationship between IIPM and the Haas School's Center for Executive Education. CEE and IIPM have a contract, the first program will begin in June and the agreement permits client institutions to say that they are "participating" with the Haas School of Business.

      3rd Response

      From: Pamela Tom [mailto:ptom@haas.berkeley.edu]
      Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2009 4:45 AM
      To: XXXXX
      Subject: RE: In continuation of your correspondence with XXXXXX

      In response to your inquiries about the Center for Executive Education's contract with the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM): During the duration of the agreement, IIPM, the client, may represent itself as a business school "participating" with the Haas School of Business. Participation means IIPM has contracted with CEE to provide Haas faculty to teach courses in the IIPM program. A five-day program scheduled for January 2009 was cancelled. A five-day program is now scheduled for June 2009.

      Pamela Tom

  • First Person
  • Sir, I have a mom, who is a heart patient, a father who is a teacher in a school, and a village which looks up to me. It is very easy for you to ask why I don't speak up. If I do, my people would come to know I did a degree which is useless, my company will sack me, and the bank would strangulate my dad for the loan instalment." says Ramesh*, a pass out from IIPM. Ramesh like most of us comes from one of the tier 3 towns of our country. He completed his BSc and sought salvation in an MBA. But he chose IIPM, thanks in no small measure to the full page multicolour advertisements he and his parents frequently saw, in publications they trusted for ages. He adds ruefully, "Sir, I got a good percentile in MAT (above 90 percentile), and had offers from the best colleges. At least I would have got a recognized degree."
    "What did you learn?" I ask. "We are frequently taught by students who passed out from the last batch and work for Planman Consulting," said Ramesh. He fought bitterly and got placed through campus in a company based in south India. The institute promised him Delhi, the company told him that they had specifically informed the placement office of IIPM about their need for people in the south. So he was on his own again. Ramesh smiles at a thought. "I am much better off than some of my friends who got a campus placement in companies where you are paid Rs.200 as commission for every card you sell, and no salary at all." His bitterness creeps through. He goes on. "Sir, 10% of MBAs secure jobs, because we are well-groomed, speak good English, and are well-connected. 50% of us are not connected but have the rest of the qualities, and struggle a bit. The remaining 40% who has neither are already in s***. So the least they can do is to keep quiet."
    Ramesh pays more than 2/3rd of his meagre salary to service his loans, lives in a cramped shanty, puts up a brave face to his doting parents, hopes for the best and keeps quiet. While relating events, the brave boy, briefly wavers and with a lump in his throat says. "Maine yeah soch ke ayaa, yeah ek formal interaction hai. Baat karthe karthe bahout kuch bol diya." (I came to meet you, telling myself it is a formal interaction. But as I got talking I spoke quite a lot). All of us look in different directions, and let that moment pass.
  • * Name changed to protect identity
  • First Person

  • "The IIPM had indulged in heavy advertising promising the sky and claiming to be the best management institute in the country. It was very clear in its advertisements that it will give MBA degrees from a University. We got lured by the fake ads coupled with newspaper news praising IIPM institute," says Shiv Prasad.*
    "It is only after the UGC blacklisted it that the cat came out of the bag. Now it started giving advertisements that it prepares students for BBA and MBA degrees and does not give degrees by itself. This is a clear case of cheating as we have the copy of the earlier advertisements claiming that they give degrees. Parents from Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal, Haryana and UP are still falling prey and the institute is flourishing!
    The institute has never given full receipts for the amount we paid and if given, it was under a different head. Recognition was never a concern for us, because the ad blitz was so strong we got carried away and the UGC also acted very late. Most of the parents are still not aware about the UGC controversy as the matter appeared in Delhi newspapers only.
    Regarding placements, this year (2009) all students have been clearly told that the institute does not guarantee placement. Students have to look for positions on their own. Many students with campus jobs could not join as HR divisions of companies are avoiding IIPM students. Most of the students are coming back with their useless training certificates. The institute has hardly any campus placements and it does not help students find jobs elsewhere as well. Having taken a bank loan between 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs, we are ruined, and actually don't know which way to turn." * Name changed to protect identity NOTE: Readers may look for the counter view of IIPM in the next issue, if received

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    nikita June 20, 2009 10:31 AM

    All u guys are missing the point.

    I or my dad never said that IIPM is the best school. Everybody has different reasons to choose the school they want to attend and it his/her personal choice. For a girl or his father her fdamily happiness is most important. My sister went to IIPM in 2003, before all these rankings came out and even after the rankings are out nobody repents the decision. Decision to go to a school depends on motivations, career choices, life choices, and vision for the future in five years and ten years and so on. My choice is different. I have decided to join one of the top law colleges for my 5 year law course, that is my choice.

    The point I have been trying to make is why are not we holding the media responsible for selling these ads and cheating their loyal readers. Why is IIPM being singled out.

    The students who read ads and beleive them and make their life's decions based on that at the mature age of 21 do not deserve to be a manager in any industry.

    sasikiran June 20, 2009 7:44 AM

    Oops! i just realized i did a multiplication mistake in my previous post
    5000QR = 65,000 INR
    I hope not to do such mistakes in my CAT! sry guys

    sasikiran June 20, 2009 3:00 AM

    ok let me clear the dust about the jobs in middle east as a resident of Qatar.
    I'm BITS Pilani, Goa student residing in qatar. I was offered a summer intership of 5000QR(1.65lakhs INR) per month here in qatar for working in a construction company. Which i rejected.. thats a different issue though.
    So, a student with even a complete degree just with institute affiation can earn a 1.65 lakhs per month and you guys are talking about 4-6lakhs INR per year!!! for an mba grad?
    life in not possible here with such low salaries.
    Advice for everyone: Never join a foreign company for low pays. Join only if salary is more than 3 fold your present pay in India or ur expected salary

    Venkatesh Varalu June 20, 2009 2:18 AM

    More here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Indian_Institute_of_Planning_and_Management_(IIPM)_advertising_controversy

    vivek June 20, 2009 12:30 AM

    well no offence 2 ur dad's research..but i really cnt belive that argument regarding not sending ur sis 2 IIM's!!!it seems the reasoning employed is well beyond the grasp of a common reader...u started off ur note brilliantly..yes MBAs r overrated n yes no other professional degree gives such a huge variance of packages...but u temme which side of the range(1.5-100 lacs..) wud u ideally wish 2 b???as for me...it really doesnt make any sense 2 spend Rs. 10 lacs+(mayb loans or mayb ur rich dad's booty...) n get a degree(rather a namesake one..) which cant fetch me returns so as 2 breakevn on th investment!!!..ny indian whu dreams of the big bucks(dat a MBA grad makes..) definitely sits for CAT,XAT,MAT n GMAT..there r a plethora of institutes from the world famous IIMs to other lesser known but reputable collegs...which for an equal amount offer a respectable degree n a breakeven period of max 4-5 yrs(for a bank loan)....

    u r ryte in ur own opinion...n ur preference for the pony-tail..but as for the rest of the country i guess...for dem this article is a much-awaited eye-opener..mos of the tier-1 n many tier-2 city chaps already doubted the tall claims ala IIPM...(i mean cn yu believ the height of ludicrousity!!!...the pony-tail sez dare 2 think beyond the IIMs:IIPM????....roflmao!!)...but still a large no. of the uniformed credulous youth fall prey 2 the misconstrued facts...

    n as for comaprin wid ur local colleges....c the point babe....they dnt come up wid loads of garbage claiming high placements n all the oder bullshit...
    the bottomline here is IIPM has actively indulged in swindling innocent youth(deir only crime i guess is dreaming high...but at the same time nt doin enuf research on the institute)...n i guess its high time UGC comes down heavily on these frauds...they sud do more than issue some ads in delhi papers....become more aggressive in their endevaour 2 shut down these scamsters...

    P.S.(the pony-tail): the a** hit his purple patch swindling innocent youngsters...it wud serve him right 2 b taken on an PaN-india A** ride....

    Mallik June 19, 2009 9:55 PM

    If IIPM is amonst even the top 100, we are happy. Basically, it is about peddling lies and taking students. The worst college that you talk about may not be peddling lies as the Pony Tail does. I am sure Amity, ICFAI all have problems. But they dont peddle lies. We are not talking FOR people like you, who can take a bit of corruption with a smile, because you can afford it. This is for thos, who cant afford, but because they have dreams joing IIPM because of the promises to ealize 10 lacs and their career and life gone down the drain. And you are right. The tier 2 and Tier 3 students get taken in and come here with dreams. What IIPM offers, even a 6 month diploma in YMCA can offer. So why charge 12 lacs, make promises of high salary and placement? Please understand the context. The Pony Tail has bought a few Bentleys robbing poor people from the smaller towns. And he needs to be thrashed publicly for that.

    Pooja June 19, 2009 8:45 PM

    A good researched article but the comments seem to be v.biased. People who are putting up views against the article are thrashed :).
    Even I am against this marketing make-up of IIPM and their way of branding and false promotions. It has always targeted the Tier- 2 and 3 cities as its potential consumers and they are lured by the gimmicks. If it was such a fraud it wouldn't have survived but it is still strong on its student intakes.
    This essentially means two things: a)People are just plain dumb and are lured into this. b) This school is serving at least some purpose for the students who have no knowledge or influence to break into a decent job.
    At the end of it, if one is good and learns to utilize the time in a b-school he is bound to get good shot at an interview and convert it. The brand name does matter and the top 25 b-schools are definitely niche. There is no comparison between IIPM and IIMs for sure.

    nikita June 19, 2009 6:52 PM

    Why are all u comparing IIPM with IIM etc. Just comapare it with all the MBA schools in your local area and the fees they charge and the education they impart. Only a very few handful of students get into IIM and these ones do not thnik of going to IIPM. So be real and compare reality of life not idealistic situation that should be.

    jazzy June 19, 2009 6:30 PM

    I remember a big add in newspaper in which a guy with a pony tail commented "I have researched bollywood audience and my movie will sureshot be supehit" the movie was "rok sako to rok lo"

    KK June 19, 2009 5:01 PM

    Nikita, Your mail seeths of ignorance of the larger issues that the article drives at. It is not meant for you, a rich, spoiled, care a damn girl who doesnt mind being submissive, to an instituution or a husband. The article is an alert to all those who are like Ramesh, in the artcle and the father, in the article. It is for those, who believed in the Con Man's lies, trusted their money and time and came up with nothing. They would be happy if IIPM is in the top 100, bit it is in the bottom 10. that is the problem. I know a few people who have offered to be direct sales people at a commission of Rs.150 per sale, and they end up making Rs.6000 a month.
    Instead of talking about the larger issues, you should dispute the facts, mails, stories in the article. All of them are irrefutable evidence of IIPM's misdeeds. As far as the rankings are concerned, we all know that OUTLOOK threw them out when they got to know the lies of IIPM, way back in 2005. It is Outlook that threw them out.
    I wish every one is as fortunate as you, but if your father has come up with IIPM after research to have your sister study, I can only laugh at his research.
    BTW, just have a glance at the international placements and tell me whether IIPM doesnt qualify to be called a sweatshop?

    Rahul S June 19, 2009 4:43 PM

    @ nikita
    girl.. when u say
    "He did not want her to be a IIM graduate so either she will neglect her career for family or neglect family for her career. She can support her husband in anything he does"
    i am really surprised by this coming from a girl.
    Nyways, you cannot compare what your sister is doing with the fate of several others who were mislead through wrong information. Not everyone has so little ambition in life and not everyone is supported by a wharton MBA spouse. They want best education, so that they can find a good job and get a handsome money.
    The issue is not why this check was not done for other institutes, the issue is it was done for IIPM, and it stands true.

    nikita June 19, 2009 3:49 PM

    This article appears to be written with some malice towards IIPM.

    MBA degree is one of the most overrated degree amongst all the professional degrees, i.e. Medicine, Engineering, Architect, Attorney, etc. In the world of science 2+2 will always be 4, but in decision-making process grey can be 90% black & 10% white as well as 10% black & 90% white. MBA allows one to understand the logic behind the decision making and then to put that in a mathematical form so it can be shown why a particular decision was made. And even then we have the outcomes like that of 2008 in the financial world, remember most of the top people in these companies were MBA.

    Other than the tools, MBA gives a student self confidence, ability to say/present what he/she wants to say in clear words, suppliment rest of the education, and exposure to the real non scientific world. Salaries of a fresh MBA graduate range from 1.5 lacs to 100 lacs. Does any other degree have such a big difference in salaries. This difference is true in US as well.

    Now let us come to IIPM. If any student beleives that IIPM is a better school than any of the top ranked tier 1 schools in India (about twelve of them and all the aspiring MBAs cannot go there), then he/she does not even deserve the MBA degree, no matter what the rankings of these magazines say (remember OUTLOOK magazine had rated IIPM as 4th at one time). But if we compare IIPM to the rest of the colleges it will be ranked in the top 5 in this group. IIPM gives student the tools he/she can use (full/part time or visiting faculty is good enough, even Mr. Lalu Yadav gave a lecture at Harvard), self confidence in speaking, exposure with some of the middle rung industries, world exposure etc. and an opportunity for the small to medium scale business/industries to hire people they otherwise cannot afford. Are we forgetting that 85-90% job creation in India is in these industries and still they are unable to hire talent. My father did an extensive research in all these colleges before he sent my sister to IIPM and feels she has gotten the qualification she wanted. He did not want her to be a IIM graduate so either she will neglect her career for family or neglect family for her career. She can support her husband in anything he does, and he is a Wharton MBA. IIPM also gives prospective enterpreneus the tools they need for a successful businessman. She just topped the course she was auditing in one of the top fashion institute in NY.

    My question is with all the private colleges, universities and tutorial institutes placing big ads, why Outlook only singled out IIPM. Is it because they did not get the Advertisement. And finally remember it is the media that is earning the revenue from these ads and thus allowing all these instituions to cheat their own loyal readers.

    ANand June 19, 2009 12:44 PM

    Hi. I am a Btech grad from a deemed university. One of the premium National Institute of Technology institutes. I am an engineer and am currently looking forward to getting into a college for an MBA degree. As i see it an MBA degree carries a lot of value in todays market. Everyday i open the newspaper to find an ad from IIPM's. I mean seriously! its a joke rite. Well, if we think of ourselves writing exams like CAT, GMAT etc...we do have some institutions in mind...IIM's, SIMB, XLRI etc...which we know are recognized govt/private insti's which provide recognized degrees with value in the market. Now i haven seen any of these institutions marketing their college brand in any of the papers of boasting about the placement rec. We know because it is well known. People with good positions in business are from these insti's. Providing a bait like a laptop for free is hilarious. Nowadays u can blink and get a premium laptop for an bare amount. And abt the statement... DARE TO THINK BEYOND THE IIM's???? ROFL...lol...i mean seriously...being an grad from an insti which ranked 9th in Engg Insti's among India...i must say...Sorry I cannot think beyond the IIM's.

    Full_Metal_Jackass June 19, 2009 10:24 AM

    @ Priyanka - Oh Yeah ???

    I have friends from IIM and IIT's (IIT's and IIM's never promised a Foreign tour - These guys got it automatically as they are from IIM)

    I also have friends from IIPM - 1 is doing good after 4 years and 3 job changes (One of them was for Planman - Where he said he didn't get salary on time)

    I agree advertising is a Buyers beware factor...May they do not lie at all - They said Ex RBI and Ex TCS - Yeah quite possible - Benched from TCS - Fired from RBI - Possible - and they are not exaggerating...

    They give a good branded Laptop like HP or Dell - Hahahahaha - What were you expecting ???
    (I was with Dell till 2006 and am presently in HP - I better not say any damn thing about them)

    About that 200 INR per card one sells - Ummm I think that was a little hard to believe (It is posted as an Ex Student's version - not the research Outcome).

    About Zee awards and other crap - HP has been awarded #1 in Customer service in "Consumer Electronics" and #8 in"Any Business" http://bwnt.businessweek.com/interactive_reports/customer_service_2009
    I work for HP - Our Customer Service teams never meet their goals - But still they are at the TOP - I was wondering "Wow - What the F$%& are others doing ???

    I know as a alumni - You hold quite good respect for your own college - I studied from a Shitty school myself - But I still like it becoz - I studied there - I respect your feelings for your institution...

    About foreign placements - I have friends in Oman(Muscat) - One of my Cameras was bought from Muscat in 1999(Khimji Ramdas - Who hires Senior sales officers from IIPM).
    Maybe - when I visit again - I might see your senior replacing that old man who suggested me that camera when i asked for help regarding a suggestion. Maybe do a Google search on Muscat Oman Home rents(I shall provide you that Info too - 400 Rials for a 2BHK room Unfurnished with attched bath and Electricity+Water Tax extra)...You'd understand where these people need to stay with the 250-300 Rials that they get. A lot of people from India/Bangladesh/Pakistan stay there...Mostly people who were not lucky enough to have got their higher education. After a 2 Year PG (I am not calling it a Degree/MBA) and spending 5-10 Lacs INR...It is not worth it...

    Oh yes - This report / case study / investigation / Whatsoever was done to bring done IIPM's image - Maybe by someone who passed out of it and didn't get placed well.

    Life's not like your stuffed toy teddy bear - There are things that you just might not know under your nose...

    Get used to it.

    Amit June 18, 2009 11:03 PM

    Great Work@ careers360

    The veracity of your findings wrt. IIPM might still be disputed by some but it brings to light a more pressing issue. The impunity with which purely commercial establishments are posing as 'educational institutions' is truly alarming.
    UGC has a important link which it updates regularly
    but still more needs to be done to disseminate such information to the students.

    btw,waiting for the IIPM answer to this.

    RN June 18, 2009 10:48 PM

    Could you please let me know whether any action has been taken against such misleading information? As in if a institute say that they are not associated with IIPM, arent they worried that their names are neing used for misleading prospective students?

    praveen June 18, 2009 8:04 PM

    Thanks for quitting these posts. You dont seem to understand the plight of the student or the parent mentioned in the article. Neither do you seem to understand the 'sweat shop' placements that IIPM does in dubai and Oman for 4 lacs p.a( it is a real serious issue) with the pass posrt surrender and other termsjust to jack up their international placements. I farther we are from people like you, who defend the indefensible, we are better off.

    and now the pony tail is brandishing Shah Rukh Khan on the unsuspecting students. I hate Shah Rukh etc. He may as well be a 'Dalal' if everything should be to earn money.

    Appila June 18, 2009 7:20 PM

    Why cant I add comments?

    Priyanka June 18, 2009 6:53 PM

    There always is a provision for all those who don't want to take the trip and the laptop in that case the fees is lower around 5L. The price range varies after that so its your choice as to what u want to take.

    @Manjit/ Shameek
    I never said that IIMs manipulate, I said " As commented by one of the people here, IIMs also manipulate the figures for placements" and the guy was IIPM_IIM June 16, 2009 11:07 PM. I just made a reference to it. I am not trying to compare IIPM with IIM or IIT. I just was giving my view on the false allegations being imposed.

    For your information I am no representative from IIPM. My name is Priyanka, u want to belive it then do else don't try to give special/ unnecessary comments.

    I agree that their are some mistakes as I was working on too many things, but that doesn't give anyone the right to undermine my degrees and no one has the right to point finger at me. I already said no personal allegations please!!!!!!!

    Anyway to everyone, I don't think I want to take this nonsense any further. I never in my entire comment tried to convince anyone to take admission in IIPM nor did I say the its the best, I just expressed my opinion and its at the end of the day always a personal decision of which institute one would like to taken up.

    Appila June 18, 2009 6:49 PM

    See what is happening (below). B Mahesh Sarma / people do something about it. IIPM is fraud. Save innocent student's lives.

    IIPM is organizing an international B-School quiz, the grand finale of which will be hosted by Shahrukh Khan & winning team will get a cash prize of Rs. 2,50,000

    Please find attached the official invite for the same.

    Warm regards,
    Rohit Singh

    International Institute of Planning and Management

    New Delhi- 110074

    Tel: +91-11-42789802

    dheeraj June 18, 2009 3:17 PM

    partly we all r responsible for such frauds.....

    Arjun June 18, 2009 1:19 PM

    Atlast the news is out now. Thanks for the effort.

    @Priyanka's msg
    Irrespective of what she wrote i see a lot of spelling mistakes that are not typographical errors. Engineer, MBA with foreign exposure ?? Either you are bluffing about yourself and trying to defend IIPM or you must be one among the clan who still believe in IIPM because u cant think any further.

    Happy June 18, 2009 12:37 PM

    This man is a big fraud
    Heard someone with firsthand info that the students graduating didnt get any jobs...The only job they got was in his production company as PAs:)
    Common sense tells that why would a reputed school advertise so much and be so loud:)

    sasikiran June 18, 2009 12:27 PM

    Thanks a lot! for taking all the pain behind this research.

    Let's stop arguing about this and spread this news. Let's save the innocent.
    Even most of us are innocent before this research. I hope this news spread faster than a wildfire.

    Aman Gupta June 18, 2009 12:21 PM

    Just for fun, I emailed on a couple of addresses listed on IIPM's contact page, for comments on this article. Not surprisingly, got a mail delivery notice for one of the addresses.

    If I get a reply, I'll surely post it here.

    Shameek June 18, 2009 3:25 AM

    I must congratulate everyone upon the successful uncovering of this IIPM scam. Its being suspicious was too obvious from the very start as can be clearly seen from the general comments of those who have posted prior to me. But it is not really a complete surprise to me that such (this is just the tip of an iceberg..) institutions of fake and self-acclaimed repute are a creation of our own society and each single one of us should feel responsible for this situation if we are truly to improve the scenario. Here is what i mean:
    1) Who is responsible for such institutions cropping up?
    Ans: Failure of the goverment to provide 'something' for those millions of students who are fall behind in the race for iim's and iit's.

    2)Who is responsible for ignorant (and several willing) students taking admission into these fake institutions?
    Ans: When there is no alternative left, even a piece of bread coated with hone can seem like a golden meal.

    3)Should we be blaming only the sytem for everything?
    Ans: Not ofcourse! Our parents expect of us to be able to beat the rest in the competetion and secure a good future for both ourselves and themselves..even if it comes at a very high risk. And of course, they are not really in the wrong shoes either since it is a do-or-die situation for them as well.

    4) What is the solution?
    Ans: Most of it lies in the hands of the government ofcourse. But a lot of it lies in the hands of active members of our student community like ourselves as well.. I am not the type of person who believes in saying that "We should elect people who are worthy" or "If we really want to change the system, we should be in the political system" or crap like that. We can change the system from outside as well.
    a) We must spread the word as far as possible about such fake organizations.
    b) When such organizations come up, use the RTI act to actually get some info. There is no need for legal procedures after that. Simply, spread the fire on the internet and see the eyeballs popping up by themselves.
    c) Better career counselling is almost necessary and sufficient for putting people in the right tracks. If am not mistaken, the ad for IIPM came out in TOI several times. But we are forgetting that TOI also publishes the Education times which contributes to such counselling activities. Be a good citizen by sharing your knowledge and experience with other prospective students. After all, it is only students who can better guide prospective students. If necessary, we can come up with an online portal for career counselling for prospective students. I dont think it makes a serious dent in our time.
    4) Finally, but certainly not with the least of weightage, participate in campaogns like Teach India so that you can prevent such institutions from ever coming up in the future by eliminating the problem at the very root of our country's ignorance.

    @ the last few posts: its a pity to see you guys fighting over something so trivial. There is no point in blaming and bitching amongst each other. Irrespective of her views of IIPM, Priyanka did not found IIPM. So why attack her so vehemently??

    Your personal opinion counts as an alumni of the institute. But I need to ask you two questions:
    1) Can you prove in anyway that IIM's fake their placements? I shall gladly acknowledge any answer to this question. Please do not reply something trivial like the one of the last comments say so..
    Also, unfortunately, you have already acknowledged the fact IIPM DOES vehemently fake their their own placements irrespective of whether that is a practice or not in the IIM's.

    2) Being an ex-student and having known about the flaws of the institution, you are even more responsible for making sure that no more students get caught in such traps than any of us out here. Hope you realise that.

    In general:
    IIT's and IIM's have set a standard that is almost impossible for any newbie institute to behold. Very true.. But I personally believe that the Indian student community has had to pay a very high price for this EXTREME competetiveness and I know of many students who have fallen victim to the disaster.. The system needs to be changed. It can only be changed by us, the students who have face this s***.

    My affiliation is with IIT Guwahati


    Neeraj Shukla June 18, 2009 1:04 AM

    Nice research done by Careers 360.
    I have always found it unconvincing that an educational institute can give full page advertisement in every national newspaper almost every-week. I mean how will they provide facilities to the students, because it is ultimately the students' money which will be used for advertisement.Such a waste of money of students' parents!!!

    And see their claims...IIT,IIMs,Harvard,Yale...whatever institute their chief(the self styled and self-acclaimed pony-rich and value-less Arindham Chaudhry)knows the name of!!

    I am a student of National Institute of Technology and i know how funds have to be carefully managed by an institute so as to provide maximum facilities to a student at minimum cost. Institutes like IIPM which use so much of their money in advertisements have obviously the focus of cashing in on more and more money rather than teaching the students and building the nation strong by providing us with good trained manpower.

    We should ban such institutes....and put the 'Pony-Man' behind bars for fraud.

    Anuj June 18, 2009 12:38 AM

    even though B-schools in india don't cook the placement figures and are not doing anything illegal.
    Still there are many legal but immoral ways of doing manipulations.
    A few:
    1. median salary is not salary of (n/2)th student arranged in order but (m/2)th salary when salaries arranged in order. (consider multiple offers to top students)
    2. average salary is (sum of all offers)/(no. of students) irrespective of accepted or rejected offers.

    there are many other similar possibilities, which no college 'd like to mention in their presentations, prospectus or website.

    So take every info with a pinch of salt.

    good luck!!!!

    SM June 18, 2009 12:01 AM

    I am an IIPM(Mumbai) alumnus from the batch 2003-2005… I have to agree that IIPM claims big in ads… It may definitely not be better than the likes of IIMs, but my experience with the institute wasn't bad… My comment is not in defense of IIPM, but its just my personal view from my first-hand experience with the institute.

    Currently I am working in US as a consultant… For my work-visa I had to send my degrees (bachelor's and master's) for educational evaluation to the authorized government agency in US, since I had no degrees from here.. My degrees were evaluated at Master's equivalent of US..So, this makes it clear that the PGDPM/MBA degrees awarded by IIPM are valid here in the States (I had my own doubts about the validity of this degree as I had heard/read a lot about this issue on blogs earlier)..

    As for the curriculum: 72 subjects/courses in 4 trimesters (tri semesters), 3rd trisem – internship, 6th trisem – thesis… was a whole lot for a 2 year programme.. as you may have guessed, these courses werent covered in detail, but they taught enough for all of us to take back some knowledge..insightful!... lots of projects/assignments which prepared us to handle pressure eventually in the professional world… they stressed on getting live(real-time) projects so we could network with people from different companies, and also get exposure to the policies/practices/strategies of the companies… which I thought was a great learning…

    Faculty: I can speak only of the Mumbai branch and of year 2003-2005.. the professors were truly good… all were very experienced and were at top positions at the companies they worked for… the classes were interactive and some of the professors were exceptionally good! On the other hand, we also had some professors who were ex-IIPM students (mostly freshers), but they covered subjects like Executive Communication & Mass Communication, which don't require much teaching anyway.. so I wasn't bothered…

    General Aministration: Most of the immature staff mentioned by someone here, were a part of the admininstration dept of the institute. As a student I didn't have to interact much with them… I was only concerned about the faculty, and was happy with what we got…

    IIPM at that time did arrange some seminars with the Management bigwigs like Philip Kotler, Azeem Premji and a few more.. they took an hr to 2 hr session with the students… was a good experience….

    As far as the placements go… even back in 2004-05 period, when the economy was doing rather well, not many companies showed up for campus recruitments.. Few big names like Asian Paints, Oracle and Shopper's Stop did turn up for campus placements and projects, and also a few mid-size/small companies.. but not as many as we expected… I would like to agree with someone here who mentioned about IIPM claiming to have placed students, even when those students found jobs on their own.. I myself was surprised to see my name appear in the list of placed students, when I had found the job on my own... It did bother me at the time, I was angry!

    Once I started working, I realized that its all about your personal abilities.. it doesn't matter which institute you come from..what matters is how good or bad you perform at work…

    There is no denying that I learned a lot in those 2 years at IIPM…

    My overall experience with the institute wasn't bad… that's all I can say…

    I leave it upto the readers what to make of this…. Peace!

    DevD June 17, 2009 10:44 PM

    I have a feeling this so called "Priyanka" is not someone who has studied at this shit place, but one among the marketing dept of this iipm. Some dude who is trying to cover their A** with a cute girly name like Priyanka and coming up with plain blatant lies like the ones which we get to see in the newspapers.

    Manjit June 17, 2009 9:52 PM

    @ Priya you said that IIMs also manipulate placement figure. Do you have any evidence of it. It is a punishable offence to make false claim, like the one made by IIPM. I am a student of IIM and I can give full prove that IIMs never manipulate in placement.. & IIMs do not boast of placement...
    The matter might have been told to you by Arindam Choudury.

    Ahmad June 17, 2009 6:55 PM

    @ Priyanka

    What kind of weird defense is this for this dubious institution?

    I won't call it stupid but heights of. Stupidity

    You say…

    "They promise that they will take you for a foreign exposure program for which students do not have pay anything, it is included in the fees and they fulfill their promise. I swear the experience is really good and makes you learn a lot. Apart from that they promise of giving a laptop and they do give!! And that too of good companies like HP, Dell etc."

    How is foreign trip free when it is actually paid from students fees?.

    And isn't it a cruel joke that IIPM fulfills student's promise of 40k laptop but dupes them Rs 8-10 lakh which they pay...

    Not everyone is a millionaire.

    I have my wife cousin who has joined IIPM. I don't know how will his parents, who have spend all their hard earned earnings for getting him to this institution, react.

    They will be broken if they happen to read this article

    ..... I won't be telling them and I hope they dot get a copy of this article.

    But why is government silent. Is HRD ministry listening?

    Praveen June 17, 2009 6:37 PM

    agreed Priyanka. Let us keep this objective. I have a few questions

    1. The average salary that an Indian laborer draws in Dubai, who serves as a peon is Rs.20000. What IIPM gets is 25000 for an MBA after 3 yeasr of study and 12 lacs as fees.
    2. What dio you call an institution that lies to students about 16.5 lacs salary while getting 3.60 lacs as salary on international placements.
    3. What do you say about an institution that talks about giving out MBA from IMI when this expose suggests that even that degree is invalid.
    If IIPM has ethics, they will not use the words MBA, BBA, wrong placements etc. and still go by their own standing, the way IIM's, IIT's, IIFT and ISB do. They at least dont take ads claiming all these lies.

    Priyanka June 17, 2009 6:11 PM

    Excuse me!!!!! This was in no way a defence in 1st place, n that too a stupid one. I just shared my experience as you shared yours. So it would be good if their are no personal allegations made!

    N ya I do agree about the foreign placements part but that doesn't mean that whatever I said in my previous comment was wrong or misleading.

    It would be really gr8 if this is not taken personally and the discussion is kept objective.

    Mathew June 17, 2009 5:38 PM

    I belong to the batch of 2005-2007,I can assure all the readers one thing abt this institution that its a JOKE and an absolute disater.They have LIED just like ENRON did to its satke holders.Made promises they could never deliver.Managed by probably the most icompetent induviduals.

    All this is expected because it is run by India's only self proclaimed managemnt GURU.

    Maniam June 17, 2009 5:10 PM

    A really stupid defence.
    Zee ranked them No.1 in global exposure based on I think the information provided by IIPM. Careers360 has nailed each of those lies, especially on the International placements, International degrees and international B schools. Zee should be ashamed that it ranked them on global exposure and review their ranking after this expose.
    You should speak to people like us who have tasted IIPM, Idiot.

    Priyanka June 17, 2009 3:36 PM

    Hello All,

    I am a part of the Alumni of IIPM with Engineering as my bachelors degree and a proactive student of the year 2007-2009 batch at IIPM, Mumbai.

    About your research: Firstly I would like to appretiate the efforts that have been taken for the research conducted. But I am sorry to say, the report doesn't seam to have been for the purpose of informing people and students but has been drafted just to put down IIPM as an institute.

    People here are saying that IIPM is a fraud concept...... I dont think so!!! If it is? How does it still exist in such a competitive world. But yes you can say their ideologies are different (out of the box). They do not want to go with the wave, they want to do things differently, which may not be right always.

    Talking of the alligations put on them, if they advertise it is a their way of maintaining the top of the mind recall. I do not believe that they give any completely false information. As comented by one of the students here, IIM's also manupulate the figures for placements, so that should not be a big deal.

    Talking of placements this year the scenario has been anyway bad everywhere, so you can't blame an institute for the same. All the alligations that have been put up like the salary of Rs. 200 as comission and all of that is all utter crap. There are companies like these approaching institutes but that doesn't mean that the institute goes ahead with such profiles, they obviously dump it and so does IIPM. No institute can survive for such long years if they were doing something like that. The report says that companies like DEUTSCHE BANK have picked up students in low numbers is not true, as per my updates in 2008-2009 they have picked up approximately 10-15 students.

    Eveyone here has been trying to put IIPM down saying that all that they advertise is false and that they are a fraud institue, but I would like to tell u that all whatever they promise they give you. They promise that they will take you for a foreign exposure program for which students do not have pay anything, it is included in the fees and they fulfill their promise. I swear the experience is really good and makes you learn alot. Apart from that they promise of giving a laptop and they do give!! And that too of good companies like HP, Dell etc.

    The claim that they made about being ranked 1st in Global exposure and 6th over all is a fact which they used to publisise. They were given these awards by the Zee TV awards. I dont believe that their is anyting wrong in using this information in their ads. Everyone does it!!!!!!!!!! So wat wrong have they done in doing this.

    Also one more important thing the faculties are anytime better that other institutes. We have faculties who are ex-RBI and people who have worked with companies like Mahindra n Manindra, TCS and many more. We have faculties who are PHD's in their respective fields. The kind of information that they give is realtime. I feel every institute has a mix of students, a category who wants to study other who dont want to so it is a students decisions as to what he/ she wants to choose for himself.

    Sandeep June 17, 2009 3:25 PM

    This fraud is going on in the entire ad industry. Soaps says they tested on 2000 families, health drinks mention some institute, and many more. There is no verification/standard for the claims made in ads.

    Sasidhar June 17, 2009 1:37 PM

    When my father wanted me to go for a higher degree and when I couldnt end up clearing CAT. Parents' first consideration was IIPM. But I never gave a S**T about it and immediately ruled it out of their minds saying another fraud in a commercial education system. First thing SCREW HINDU NEWS PAPER for printing such fraud ads (ofcourse unknowingly, but responsibly should have inquired before printing such) DAILY, day by day, with some idiot's photo to stare at with all the envy (:P)

    Yuva June 17, 2009 1:02 PM

    My regards and thanks to the team who did this investigation. You did a remarkable job of bringing the IIPM scam into light.

    I have always had a doubt on the claims of this institute, particularly about the placements which they claim to be high even in these tough hours of recession.(As even IIM's feel cold in their placements)

    Its high time, the concerned authorities act and take necessary steps against the institute. Else many students would get fascinated by the claims and would land in trouble. I personally feel for the students who were ruined by the institute in their career.

    I wish this news to be widespread and the student community be informed.

    Sandeep June 17, 2009 12:47 PM

    Why are we so surprised at the expose? And why only IIPM, there are new institutes cropping up everyday that offer B-tech and MBA. In fact I think there are more enginering and management colleges in some palces that there are primary schools. The worst thing is that they still manage to find students to fill up seats. Some of them get accredition from local universities by fair or unfair means while other like IIPM just mislead students into beleiving that the give out recognised degrees. A 1960 batch electrical engineer from my engg college who retired from a senior post in a state electricity board was once contracted by a university to do inspections of these colleges. He went into a college and asked them to show their elec engg lab. What they showed him was an empty room with a disassembled table fan for equipment. Thats it, nothing else. Education in india had become an industry now, with local businessmen and even old tution coaches opening engg and mgt colleges just because its good business. We as consumers do as much research we can before we buy a cell phone or a car. Why not put in some time before paying tuition to these new colleges, just to make sure they are not thugs like IIPM?

    Nausheel June 17, 2009 11:34 AM

    Well I always knew that IIPM is a Scam. I had been to the bangalore branch of the institute around a year back with my cousin, who was looking to get admitted in some good college for his Business Administration course.
    I was not too impressed with the info which they gave us and once these guys came to know that we were not too interested in taking the seat in their college, they offered us a "unique" deal.

    They told us that they have a special degree where in a student can complete both his BBA and MBA in 3 years flat!
    I was astonished at their claims, and not to left behind they even suggested that there is no need for the student to come to the college regularly as everything will be taken care of by them.

    I'm glad that I did not get my cousin admitted to that college and also alerted all my colleagues and my friends regarding the college.

    I truly appreciate you guys for bringing the Cat out of the Bag..!!!
    And seriously hope that serious action will be taken against them for misleading the people..

    Suchithra June 17, 2009 9:53 AM

    I would echo Vivek Gupta. Most of us who know the value of IITs n IIMs kno that IIPM is a fraud. Stil, its disgusting. N its bad for the ppl in the villages n remote towns who may end up believing the ads.. We shud all try to spread the word as much as we can.

    N kudos! Good work!

    lalit sharma June 17, 2009 5:02 AM

    Howsoever disgusting it may be, this is not at all surprising that a mediocre media joker pulls off running a con-business in broad daylight.
    IIPM epitomizes everything that is wrong with our system today. The rule is simple, if you can hype it big; you can make a million bucks, selling crap. People like Arindam Chaudhary who should be behind bars in the first place, are not only accepted into the society but allowed to ruin careers of unsuspecting students.
    I never saw even a tiny ad for IIMs or IITs, nor did these institutes ever respond to IIPM making a mockery out of them in the newspapers. These institutes are too big, and too smug to pay any heed to the circus that IIPM is putting up. Unbothered and unchecked, the shameless Chaudhary doesn't shy away from lying on the top of his voice in page wide ads. IIPM's only valid claim is its pulling off the biggest scam ever in the education sector.
    A lot of people got cheated. I admit that to some extent this has been a result of their own misjudgment. Screaming ads in newspaper, which look like a cheap flea market sign board "Education on sale" show nothing but sheer desperation and greed of IIPM.
    Any student who has worked hard for IIM can never believe in IIPM's false claims. But what about the ones who didn't have any hope of clearing the CAT? These students fall easy prey to such loud ads. The IIPM brazenly targets this group of students, who are already in a state of self-insecurity and IIPM offers a glorious mirage of something even better than IIM.
    People behind IIPM should be put where they belong: behind bars, or even better: jobless on streets. Not only should IIPM be made to pay back the monstrous fee that they charge to its students, it also owes big compensation to them for trying to ruin their career.
    I don't know law; I don't know how it can be taken up legally (if at all), but I know that a thief is thief is thief.

    pony tailed ass June 17, 2009 2:27 AM

    more information than this was uncovered by blogs few years back. There is nothing new in this investigation!!

    sushant bhatia June 17, 2009 12:16 AM

    dere shud b a proper trial for arindham chaudhary n ppl.
    n i think press shud also act with little more responsibility in publishing dese advts.
    neways ppl were always doubtful bout iipm...n here s d pruf 4 dem..

    Aakash Goel June 16, 2009 11:58 PM

    amazing post! and an amazing investigation!

    me always suspected them, nice that now everyone knows the truth.

    Aakash Goel June 16, 2009 11:52 PM

    amazing post! and an amazing investigation!

    me always suspected them, nice that now everyone knows the truth.

    AR June 16, 2009 11:12 PM

    I used to come across advertisements for this 'institute' quite often. I always felt they are kind of suspicious. Their claims were too much. And all I heard about this institute was from themselves. Nobody else seemed to be talking about this allegedly world famous institute. I felt quite strange. But I never saw any investigation from any of the media. May be they were too busy covering Bollywood starlets, or worried more about lose of advertisements from IIPM. Difficult to tell.

    IIPM_IIM June 16, 2009 11:07 PM

    Even the IIMs fudge placement figures and put out misleading data - somehow they get away with it because of the brand name and their alumni strength. In this regard, IIPM's claims of being better than the IIMs is absolutely true. IIPM does on a much larger scale what the IIMs do on a smaller scale. Atleast IIMs resort only to distorting info, not falsifying it altogether. It would be good if a formal enquiry is conducted into IIPM's claims.

    Ankur Chakraborty June 16, 2009 11:00 PM

    The institute's claims are somewhat engineered. It claims that it has more foreign placements than any IIM. while doing so, they count every IIM as a separate institution but all 17 IIPMs as a single institute. What a joke!! Also they claim about numbers in placement (eg, 1200 students placed till now) but not the percentage. There are many more examples. But yes, the common men forgot to look between the prints.

    Prashanth June 16, 2009 9:25 PM

    The Berkeley B school is called "Haas" not "Hass".

    Ranjna June 16, 2009 8:54 PM

    Thanks 4 clearing all my doubts.I always doubted this institute as it claimed to be better than the IIMs.Its very sad to know that people are being cheated in this manner.Its sader that our govt is not acting against such institutions.

    Raja June 16, 2009 8:13 PM

    They claim that they are Better than IIM'S - WHAT A JOKE. These People who play with Life of Students should be Put behind Bars.

    Kartik Gupta June 16, 2009 6:28 PM


    Nice investigation. Iread about the same institution about 1 year back. There was another report showing bare lies given in the advertisment. That report was mainly focussed on the infrastructure (the campus, library, facilities etc) claimed by IIPM for its various different campuses.

    Throwing some more light on these aspects can make the report much much better!!

    In any case. Great job done !

    rajeev June 16, 2009 4:19 PM

    Why the email sinppets are like XXXX?

    why those names and full email id's are not mentioned? I know IIPM has something fishy, but I seriously doubt the anonymity of the investigation.

    Vivek Gupta June 13, 2009 7:02 PM

    I was also always doubtful about this institute. They used to tell themselves better option than IITs and IIMs. According to them, their quality of education and placements used to be far better than IIMs. Such a big fraud and such an attempt to mislead the people. Its disgusting.

    hkc June 12, 2009 10:22 AM

    It is not fair to leave IIPM do its business as usual. It must pay back money to the students whose life it has taken away.

    Bharat Chandra June 11, 2009 3:12 PM

    It was indeed a great investigation. 'Hats off' for the work. I really liked the fact that this article had been a responsible one at a time when we see lot of newspapers and articles being partial to a particular party, group etc.... Keep going....!!
    I would do my part to spread the news across about IIPM and save a lot of people.

    Maniam June 9, 2009 8:08 AM

    This institution is very bad and tells lies always. I had a friend who studied here. He could not be placed. He worked hard and found a job on his own. To his surprise, the institution claims that it has placed him, after he found a job on his own.

    May be, the IIPM expects its stuidents to be unemployed and everyone who hasnt been placed means unemployable.

    Dev from bangalore June 7, 2009 12:27 AM

    reallt great investigation... what more can be demanded from a person who himself calls himself Management guru.... thank god i m nt into their money sucking trap.. and i will beware some friends who are thinking of joining this institution...

    AC June 6, 2009 2:45 PM

    I always had a doubt about this institution because it spends too much time and money in advertising itself and trying to put it self in a league of IIMs by throwing some big university names. I am very thankful to you that you could expose the truth behind this fraudulent organization.

    Lappi June 2, 2009 9:57 AM

    Great investigation