January 07, 2010

Indo-US Relationship: Five Mantras and Ten Commandments

"Five Mantras:

India is a re-emerging superpower that cannot be stopped!

India is a pluralistic democracy.

India is an ancient civilization that is proud of her glorious past, aware of her current limitations and fully cognizant of her future potential, roles and responsibilities.

India cannot be contained as she shall not bow or bend.

India shall prevail over all the adversities with resilience.

Ten Commandments:

Thou shall not interfere in the internal affairs of India.

Thou shall not block India’s entry into the P5.

Thou shall not spy on India.

Thou shall not expect India to change her independent foreign policy.

Thou shall not place trade restrictions and visa obstructions in the path of Indian scientists and professionals who provide important services.

Thou shall not send Evangelist, Baptist, Christian missionaries to India under garb of tourists and CIA agents under the garb of journalists.

Thou shall express sincere apologies for “breach of a bilateral contract between two sovereign nations” on Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) and make amends for the same.

Thou shall not prop up serial military dictatorships of Pakistan on one pretext or another.

Thou shall not play the China card against India.

Thou shall not act as the policeman of the Indian subcontinent."

April 6, 2008

Dr. Adityanjee is the President of Council for Strategic Affairs, New Delhi

An abridged version of this paper appeared on the southasianalysis.org website on Feb 8th 2008.

Engaging India
The New Indo-USA Partnership Poses Challenges
for the Future Us Administrations
by Dr. Adityanjee


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