January 14, 2010

M.Q.M. is an urban terror outfit, say Baluch activists



Baluch political and human rights groups based in Canada, U.K. and the U.S. have called the Muttahida Qaumi Movement an urban terrorist and fascist outfit that needs to be rooted out from Karachi for the good of Sindh.

A protest has also been organized at the Parliament Square in London on January 17.

In a press statement released on Wednesday, Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) said the recent killings of the indigenous Baloch populace in Karachi is part of a wider plan of the MQM to assert its administrative control over the city.

"The hegemonic and expansionist designs of MQM supported by the state policies are the root cause of all ethnic and sectarian strife and violence in Karachi," BHRC president Dr. Zaffar Baloch said.

Zaffar Baloch speaking at an event in Washington DC.

The goals sanctioned by the MQM's reign of terror against lawyers in the past, looting and burning of 2,000 shops in Bouton Market, target killing of indigenous social activists who resisted land grabbing, and the indiscriminate killings of innocent Baloch and Sindhis in Karachi - is to decapitate Sindh's capital from its historical and cultural roots and run it mafia-like as the Hong Kong of South Asia, the B.H.R.C. leader said.

Dr. Zaffar Baloch said B.H.R.C. strongly condemns the P.P.P.-M.Q.M. Sindh Government policies of discrimination and use of force against the innocent Baloch under the disguise of 'operation-clean-up' to rein in gangs and criminal elements.

Dr. Baloch recalled the military crackdown on the democracy-loving people of Sindh in a similar fashion in 1983. "Ironically, in 1983, military operation against the Sindhis in the rural areas originally meant to crush the strong opposition to military rule was conducted under the similar pretext of "killing dacoits" in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives or were imprisoned," he said.

He said the B.H.R.C .demands immediate resignations of Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad, Sindh Interior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza, and Pakistan Interior Minister Rahman Malik.

The B.H.R.C. leader said, "A Canadian court has already given a ruling against M.Q.M. and has declared it a terrorist group and it is about time that the British [government] should take measures and extradite its leader, Altaf Hussain to where he belongs."

He said in order to bring peace and ethnic harmony in Karachi, it is imperative to end the mafia-like hegemonic control of MQM and its thugs over the city's residents, commerce, trade, and law enforcing institutions. Karachi is the inseparable capital of Sindh and should be respected as such in terms of being a political centre and a promoter of the Sufi culture of the Indus Valley Civilization.

From London, Samad Baloch, general secretary BHRC in U.K. strongly condemned the kidnapping , torturing and target killing of unarmed Baloch civilians in Karachi and said centuries-old Baloch areas in Karachi have been under attack by a terrorist and fascist organization of refugees from India, the M.Q.M.

Malik Baloch leading an A.F.B. protest against dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf in Houston, Texas.

A Baluch from Lyari cursing the late founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, at his mausoleum. T.B.-ridden Jinnah had annexed Baluchistan through deceit and force. Reverred by Pakistanis, Baluch hate him.

"This racist party (MQM) is a coalition partner in the PPP led government," he deplored.

The victims include women, children and elderly, Samad Baloch deplored, adding that the brutalities were happening under the government patronage.

"It appears that Pakistani State is extending its genocidal policies against the Baloch in Karachi after practicing it in Balochistan for the last many years," Samad Baloch said.

The irony is that the harassment of the entire Baloch population is going on in the name of a search operation being carried out jointly by the MQM and Pakistani para military forces in the old Baloch settlements of Karachi.

B.H.R.C. has requested the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International , International Committee of the Red Cross and other international human rights organizations to take notice of the naked aggression of Pakistani state and its allied terorist outfit against the Baloch civilian population in Karachi.

"We are organizing a protest in front of British parliament on Sunday and we will hand over a petition to British prime minister highlighting Baloch sufferings in Balochistan and also the recent target killings and army operation by MQM and Paki agencies," Samad Baloch said.

From Texas, leaders of the American Friends of Baluchistan said land-grabbing is a "family tradition" for the street urchins of the M.Q.M. whose elders were comforted during the parition holocaust by the Baluch and Sindhis in Karachi out of human compassion, recalling that even the M.Q.M. stronghold of Lalukhet is named after a Baluch.

"Karachi used to be the Paris of the East before the arrival of these cut-throat Muslims from India. There were peaceful Sindhi traders, everything was pure and honest and out of a population of 400,000 in 1947 there were 280,000 Baluch. The rest were highly educated and cultured Sindhi Hindus or respectable Sindhis from the interior," Rashid Baloch of Dallas and Malik Baloch of Houston said.

"Karachi suffered the worst in the partition holocaust as in a span of 20 years the population jumped five times because of the arrival of people, many of them with a criminal past."

They said leaders of these immigrants fom India were involved in one of the biggest real estate scams in human history when they either transferred properties worth billions of dollars left behind by the affluent Sindhi Hindus or grabbed state lands in the name of Islam and Pakistan.

"Now these third-class leaders of the M.Q.M. led by terror mastermind Altaf Hussain and Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal are eyeing every open space that is badly needed by everyone. Hussain and Kamal are responsible for the murder of Karachi social activist Nisar Baloch who was trying to save a public amenity Gutter Bagicha in the old town," they said.

They said there is no bigger killer-thug than Altaf Hussain whose hand is soaked with the blood of scores of innocent people, including M.Q.M. founder-chairman Azeem Ahmed Tariq and former governor of Sindh, Hakim Saeed.

"The M.Q.M. has harmed every community, including sober mohairs who refused to toe their line. On May 12, 2007 the M.Q.M. orchestrated an orgy of killings and blood. Altaf Hussain must answer for the mass killings and ethnic warfare that has gripped Karachi since he launched his terror outfit," they said.

Even educated and sober Urdu-speaking people know these elements are harming their interests by pitting mohajirs against the Baluch and other local communities -- Sindhis, Seraikis, Hazaras and Pashtuns, the two Baloch activists said.

The A.F.B. leaders urged American intellectuals, writers and journalists, like Stephen P. Cohen and Selig. S. Harrison not to be misled by the claims of the so-called "lower middle class" credentials of the M.Q.M. recalling that in history Adolf Hitler and fascists in Italy and Japan had the support of the very same class.

The M.Q.M has been in cahoots with the Pakistan military since its very inception, baring a few years in the early 1990s, they recalled. "Two of the former army chiefs, Mirza Aslam Baig and General Pervez Musharraf were both secret card-holding members of the fascist outfit that has left Karachi politics criminalised for a quarter century now," they said.

The two activists warned Altaf Hussain if his party goons continue terrorising the Baluch, they will ask his former wife to expose him before the entire world. Hussain's ex-wife Faiza Malik Gabol is partly Baluch and grand daughter of the late Khan Bahadur Allah Baksh Gabol, who was mayor of Karachi at the time of the 1947 partition.

They said the irony is that nothing changed for the people of Lyari though the Pakistan People's Party they have been voting for since the 1970 elections has been in office for four terms.

"Why is Nabil Gabol still shamelessly in office, having a good time in his Defence bungalow, eating Omani halwa. How can he explain the state atrocities of the Rangers and police on the people of Lyari who are his constituents," the two A.F.B. activists said.

Gabol is shipping minister and is of Omani descent.

The A.F.B. leaders asked the Baluch in Lyari to open their eyes, stop dancing to the P.P.P. tune and join the independence struggle led by Baluch national heroes Mir Hyrbyair Marri, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti and Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch.


Join in the Protest Against the Target Killing of Innocent Baloch and Sindhi People by Fascistic Forces.

In front of Parliament Square 17 Jan, 2-4pm

The MQM Fascists are on the loose to kill and commit atrocities against innocent Balochs and Sindhis.

With the active collaboration of the terrorist organization, the paramilitary forces are harassing, insulting and arresting the innocent women, children and elderly in Karachi.

Join us to request international community's urgent intervention to save lives and dignity of Baloch and Sindhi people.

Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) World Sindhi Congress

Contacts: Samad Baloch 07825087032
Abdullah Baloch 07737141325,
Mir Ghulam Hussain 07506696954
Manzoor Mangi 07535648886

"When Hitler killed communists, I did not raise voice because I was not a communist. When Hitler killed socialists, I did not raise voice because I was not a socialist. When Hitler killed Jews, I did not raise voice because I was not a Jew. When Hitler killed trade unionists, I did not raise voice because I was not a trade unionist. When Hitler came after me nobody was left to raise their voice for me."

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