February 28, 2010


Jumma Marri

Baloch Conference at Bangkok was held with success in spite of fact that some calls of boycott by our some Baloch brothers who unwillingly or willing came together with Pakistani policies of divide and rule in other words they stood with Baloch enemies by opposing a conference which was held to highlight the sufferings being inflected to Baloch masses and enhance Baloch rights for self determination.

Those brothers who opposed this conference must felt ashamed by the end result of this conference where none other than Baloch rights were discussed and highlighted contrary to the opposing sides nobody was abused and back bitted there was no place for back bitters among the attended people and organizers.

I Dr Jumma Khan Marri, solemnly declare that neither I was nor shall remain an obstacle to Baloch national struggle all propaganda against me is an unfortunate propaganda and misunderstanding by some Baloch brothers I read their bashing against me with a smile and forget and forgive them as they are part of my body and soul since they are Baloch I call upon them to remain united and stop looking for theories of conspiracies, I solemnly declare that if I find any of my family members working against Baloch cause including my legendry father I will oppose and condemn them all.

I do respect and value all true Baloch nationalist leaders and true workers, somehow I keep away from politics personalities and individuals and politics of long live and down with….. that is not my methods of working I recommend our brothers and sisters to work in silence and maximum secrecies than making noise which might hurt your cause, the day Balochistan get her freedom the liberators will not be forgotten or ignored do not worry by shouting and getting yourself spotted out by your enemies.

The party who unfortunately boycotted this event was my Marri brothers all rest parties attended this conference including Brahamdagh Bugti’s BRP and their youth org, BNP, BSO- Azad, BNM, BU and others perhaps some foxes are still cleverly manipulating and feeding misinformation….disinformation to the minds of KB and sons in wrong directions for their personal needs the way they managed to break Baloch unity back in Afghanistan in early 90s. It is time to give up back biting and carpet pulling if we are sincere to Baloch cause than join hands and fight as one if otherwise we are bound to fail and see our country burning in fires which will be than not in our hands to extinguish.

We must stop drilling holes to the very ship on which we all are bound to sail, but there are few among us who unknowingly or purposely keep on drilling holes on behalf of Baloch enemies to sink the Baloch libration ship to calm down the waters for enemies to silently occupy our shores and lands for good.

I do not blame anybody working for enemy but the very intention that I am only right and all rest are wrong is unknowingly working for Baloch cause, we must somehow stop this blame game of ISI agent or using such words but sit face to face and hammer out difference and misunderstandings regardless of their nature.

In coming days you will see and read much more about the Bangkok conference but here are only few papers so far came to light.






Read and compare the misfortune and misguided Baloch who unfortunately became part of Pakistani propaganda tools though unintentionally perhaps.

پاکستانیوں کا مظاہرہ


Balochistan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

Balochistan International Conference Bangkok‏

Sunday, February 14, 2010






Sincerely yours

Dr Jumma Khan Marri,

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