February 26, 2010

SEMINAR: Top Secret: National Security

Top Secret: National Security Challenges to National Security in a Global Society,

May 16-21, 2010

Seminar Overview

The program format consists of major speakers who address the entire group. Faculty leaders oversee small group discussions and site visits to governmental organizations, think tanks, embassies, etc. Program activities also include a bus tour of Washington, D.C. a special evening event, such as a dinner or reception, and other special activities.

Washington Center Seminars

Explore the inner workings of national security with nationally recognized experts, public officials, political analysts and scholars as your guides.

Expand your knowledge of American and international politics through on-site visits to executive agencies, think tanks, embassies and media organizations in Washington, D.C.

Engage and network with nationally and internationally recognized national security professionals to develop your sense of civic engagement and enhance your leadership skills and expertise.

For more http://www.twc.edu/seminars/topsecret/overview

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