March 06, 2010

BANGKOK CONFERENCE: Some tough questions to opponents

Che Mureed

For the first time in 62 years of Baluch history a Road Map has been presented.Those who wanted to see the conference fail ended up biting dust, it is still not clear who was behind the attack. A campaign of misinformation was carried out prior to the conference, it was a vatious campaign, even the venu was not spared. Despite their efforts, the conference was a success. The critics were shocked to discover that BRP, BRSO and BNP attended, they were even more shocked when they discovered that Baluch Women Panel were also trying to attend and the conference legitmacy was further endorsed by the family member of the shaheed. I was fortunate enough to share the room with the family member.

I would like our reader to NOTE the names of people who wanted the conference to fail, because these people are not well wisher of Baluch Nation. From the names you get an indication as to who was really behind the attacks.

Before you close the topic, consider the following question:
  • What was the real reason behind the attack?
  • Who was behind it?
  • Who would have benefited in case of failure?
  • Why in 62 years a road map to freedom has not been presented?
  • Why efforts has not been made to unite Baluch?
  • What has been Baluch struggle prior to 2002?
  • 1948 Baluch were divided between Sardars and Khan, today Baluch are divided into Class, Ideology (Socialist, Communists and Muslim) as well as traditional divisions, question is why steps have not been taken to resolve differences?
  • Why a culture of intollerance has been introduced?
  • Why our brilliant minds are being controlled by a culture of Whisky, who introduced the Whisky culture?


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