March 25, 2010

IRAN: Defeat of Cyber Warfare Attack from West


Conservative Newspaper Highlights Security Forces' Online Success, Reassures Hardliners

Borna News – Summary translation by Persia House
March 19, 2010

The arrest of 30 members of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) cyber warfare networks in Iran has caused immense pleasure in the country. The following information covers the important dimensions of the failure of the US cyber warfare against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Without a doubt, the internet is an undeniable fact of life, and is the most powerful and effective means of communication in the third millennium. After two world wars and their devastating consequences, the Western powers—particularly the U.S.

Persia House Analysis:

The article’s intention is to warn Iranian dissidents that the government is willing and able to crack down on their cyber activities while simultaneously reassuring hardliners that the regime’s security forces have the internet under control. It was published four days after the Iranian government announced that it had broken up two Western-backed “cyber warfare” networks operating in Iran. The recent upsurge in the hardline media condemning Western and Iranian opposition internet activities against the Iranian government demonstrates Tehran’s prioritization of cyber warfare as part of the larger “Soft War.”

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has indicated that cyberspace is the new front in what he sees as the West’s aggression against the Islamic Republic. In order to explain away the protests against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad following the June 2009 Iranian presidential election, regime supporters disseminated on-line allegations—made originally in 2007—that the CIA was operating a $400 million propaganda project to destabilize Iran. With 25 million Iranians surfing the worldwide web, the country’s security services are challenged to limit their interactions with the outside world without banning the technology outright. The regime is likely gearing up to counter recent US efforts to make social networking technology more available to Iranians.

Source Information:

Borna News is a conservative news site that is supportive of President Ahmadinejad.

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