April 20, 2010

BALOCHISTAN: Hand grenade lobbed in school

Posted by Admin on Apr 20th, 2010

The Baloch Hal News

LORALAI: A hand grenade was hurled in Sir Syed Educational School here Monday. There was no report of injury to anybody.

Reports emanating from the area confirmed that unknown persons lobbed a hand grenade at Sir Syed Educational School near Civil hospital on Monday. The grenade fell among the children studying at the school. Responding quickly and intelligently, a teacher picked up the grenade and threw it away from the place where the students were sitting to get education. Thus, the grenade fell on the roof of the room and made a hole in it once it fully exploded.

The teacher’s timely decision saved the lives of several innocent children and teachers who could possibly fall victim of a deadly terrorist attack if timely action was not taken.

The local police initiated a probe into the matter in order to trace the roots of the elements responsible for the attack on the school. No group has accepted responsibility for the attack on the school.

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