April 19, 2010

Spot the Red Flags


You notice that someone has recently set up a new supplier, Rorton International Pty Limited.

One of your colleagues tells you that it was at the request of the Purchasing Director who had apparently selected Rorton because it is an established Australian company providing a unique service not available from any other company in Australia.

As a result the normal tender procedure was bypassed.

Is there anything about the invoice which would cause you concern?


Red Flags

The invoice looks amateurish with no post box address when Rorton is supposed to be a well established Australian company

Why is there only a mobile phone number listed which appears to be invalid. (Check whether there is a listing in white pages).

If it is an established company, why has it only issued 4 invoices?

The ABN looks wrong - ABNs can be verified at http://www.abr.business.gov.au/ or ATO ABN Verification Service on 13 72 26

No GST has been charged when it should have been. The invoice should state ‘Tax invoice’. (An ATO document ‘GST for Small Business’ NAT 3014-03.2004 lists the requirements for a tax invoice).

The invoice was raised on 24 October 2009, a Saturday and signed off by Mr Snytherin on 25 October 2009, a Sunday – how did he receive the invoice so quickly and why is he, as Purchasing Director, signing off the order and not the Marketing department?

The invoice states ‘consutlancy’. Why the spelling mistake – was it typed in a hurry? There is no approval stamp or purchase order number.

The normal payment terms are 30 days, yet Mr Snytherin has asked for it to be paid immediately – why?

Rorton is supposed to be an Australian company – why does it have a bank account in Labuan, an offshore tax haven off the northern coast of Borneo in Malaysia?

Level 39, 2 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000 is the address for a legitimate serviced office provider – does Rorton have a physical office there or is it a virtual company?

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