October 27, 2010

Hyrbyair Marri Hijacking the Baloch struggle?

Received from: From: Baloch Awaam baloch.awaam @ gmail.com

October 26, 2010

LONDON: Some outsider foreign element and ISI paid agent are trying to hijack Baloch struggle by nominating dubious characters and projecting them as "Baloch National Heroes" and "Baloch International representative" without the consent and will of Baloch Masses to mislead and confusion the ordinary Baloch people. This was noted when Samandar Asakani of Gawank, a well known double agent of Pakistani ISI and Iranian Govt, who have provided cell phone info of Nawab Bugti, Ehsan Arjumandi and Malik Regi to Pakistani and Iranian intelligence to help them track down their location and get them killed, is floating his rotten idea to impose Mr. Hairbyar Marri, a close friend of Rehman Malik and Asif ali Zardari, to be nominated as "Baloch representative" through his website.

Samandar Askani

"This is the biggest joke, I have heard, one Baloch activist said." How can Hairbyar represent Baloch Nation, when he has done nothing for the Baloch cause. The so called organizations, AIM, BRC, and BKP are all one person, pocket organization of Khair Bux Marri with no central committee or structure. The other three named, BSO Azad, BNM, and BRP are unaware of any such decision. The BRP rejected the claim (see attached) and so did the BNM and BSO-Azad, when contacted by this source. None of their central committee have made any such decision said one of their leaders when contacted by this source. Even if they did, they do not constitute the majority of Baloch masses and they are only few in number. Hairbyar Marri is one of the corrupt son of a Nawab Kahir Bux, who didn't do anything good for his own Marri people leave alone for the Baloch people during his minister ship in the Balochistan Govt, but sold thousands jobs to non-Baloch Hazara and Punjabis.

It is funny, the timing of this announcement came when his asylum wasappeal rejected by UK authorities. "Poor guy is trying very hard to convince and fool the British authorities that he is the "true" genuine Baloch leader, and that he deserve to be given Political asylum, if return to Pakistan, his life will be in danger, contrary to the facts that there is no such threat to him nor to any of his other family members' one Baloch said.

His father lives in a luxury house in Defense Karachi, in the midst of ISI and MI, calling shots of Azaadee and shouting anti-State slogans with impunity.

According to himself, the democratic Govt of Asif ali Zardai, alreadyremoved all the cases against them and gave him and his brothers their Pakistani Passoprt to return Pakistan whenever they want. In fact his younger brother Mr. Mehran recently visited Islamabad for secret talks while his other brothers Gazzin, who lives is Dubai and Hamza Marri who live in Poland are constantly in touch with Rehman Malik and Pakistani embassy.

Rehman Malik said it on the record several times that he met with Gazzin and Hairbyar many times in Dubai and in London. When CM Raisani try initiate dialogue between them and Islamabad, Mr. Gazzin told Rasaiani not to take the credit as they themselves are talking to Islamabad directly and they don't need any middle man.

Mr. Gazzin, Hairbyar Marri and Hamza marri are running a chain of hotels, resultants and rental properties in Dubai, Poland and in France with Asif ali Zardari in partnership. Recently Gazzin's son bought a new expensive car for close about 95,000 dollars. One wonder where they got all these money from when none of them are working? On one side they claim to be the Baloch freedom fighters, but on the other side they are spending such a huge amount on a car where ordinary IDP Marri Balochs are suffering in Balochistan without any food, water, medicine and shelter.

His father, Nawab Kahir Bux Marri calling shots of Azaadee and shouting anti-Pakistan slogans right from his luxury defense housing amidst of ISI and MI, inciting Baloch youths, without being arrested or questioned, but the ordinary Balochs are being picked up by ISI and their agents on daily basis and their bullet ridden bodies are being found on the roadside everyday. “This is just amazing that no body touches his father. "Why can't they ask their father to leave Karachi and go live with his people in Balochistan? "Why Mr. Hairbyar doesn’t go back to Balochistan and join Dr. Allah Nazr on the mountains, if he is so sincere with Baloch cause??”, asked by one Baloch.

Let's not forget that one his son Mr. Changez Marri is in PML(N), a stunt pro Pakistan Punjabi party and he is secreclty in-touch with his father. It no secret both Changez Marri and Hairbyar Marri are fighting to be the next heir of Nawab Kahir Bux Marri.

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اعلان نامہ
ہم تمام ذیل بلوچ قوم دوست تنظیمیں، سیاسی جماعتیں جو ایک آزاد بلوچستان کی جھدوجھد میں شریک، متطفہ طور پرفیصلہ کرتے ھوئے بلوچ قوم پرست رھنما جناب حیربیارمری کوبین الاقوامی سطح پراپنا نمائیندہ مقرر کرتے ھیں۔ جناب حیربیارمری بیرون وطن بلوچستا ن کے نمائندہ کے علاوہ سیاسی امور کے نگران
بھی مقرر کیے جاتے ہیں تاکہ بین الاقوامی سطح پر سیاسی اداروں کو بلوچستان کی تاریخ سیاسی اورثقافتی حالات سےباخبررکھ سکیں نیزکاروباری اداروں اورکمپنیوں کی جغرافیہ ساحل وسائل اور معدنیا ت کے بارے میں آگاہی دیں تاکہ مستقبل میں ان اداروں اور کمپنیوں کےساتھ اس بابت باھمی دلچسپی کے امورپربات چیت کریں اور ان بارے میں انھیں آگاھی فراھم کریں۔ ان کی ذمہ داریاں اوردائرہ کاردرج ذیل امور میں تسلیم شدہ ہے ۔یورپی یونین �اقوام متحدہ اور دنیا کے تمام جمہوری ممالک کے وزارتخارجہ سے روابط قائم کر کے آزاد بلوچستان کے قومی مفاد اور پالیسیوں کوان کے سامنے پیش کرنا ۔
بلوچ قوم دوست تنظیموں �سیاسی جماعتوں اوربلوچ سول سوئٹی کے ساتھ مل کر آزاد بلوچستان کے قومی مفاد کے پیش نظرتحریک کی پیش رفت سےمتعلق مشاورت اور رہنمائی فراہم کرنا ۔بلوچستان میں جاری ایرانی اور پاکستانی ریاستی دھشتگردی، انسانی حقوق کی سنگین خلاف ورزیوں اور بلوچ وسائل کی لوٹ مارکا نوٹس لینا اور مہذب دنی کواوربین الاقوامی اداروں باخبر رکھنا۔
جناب ھیر بیار مری اس بابت بلوچ قومی توقعات پر پورا اتریں گے اور ان کی جدوجہد آنے والے بلوچ نسل کے لیے خوشی کا پیغام ثابت ہوگی ۔

جاری کردہ

بلوچ نیشنل موومنٹ
بلوچ ری پبلکن پارٹی BRP
بی ایس او آزاد
بلوچ خواتین پینل
بلوچ بارایسوسی ایشن
بلوچ یونٹی کونسل
بلوچ رائٹس کونسل
انجمن اتحاد مری

بلوچستان 2010/10/24 اکتوبر


Anonymous said...

No one become Baloch leader or Baloch respresentative by mere saying of a Fag (BUGGA) or a Duzz (thief) and those who associate with Fags CAN NOT represent Baloch nation at all, beacsue there is no difference between them and the Fags.

Anonymous said...

In the presence of HH Khan of Kalat, no body has the right to claim to be the Baloch leader or representative of Baloch Nation internattionally, without the consent of Baloch traditional Jirga. In Baoch tradition, they say when an elder is present, the little kids should show respect and should not speak without permission.

Anonymous said...

Hairbyar Marri needs to admit that he made a big mistake by hiring this burmi Fag Ahmaq Mistaken to promote him as a ‘National hero’ uncontested and to attack Baloch activists and leaders and spread lies to disrupt and damage Baloch unity. He need to publicly apologize for his irresponsible, immature childish behavior.

Anonymous said...

Ahmar Mustikan aka Ahmaq Mistaken is a big Tirr (Fart) and a paid Barking dog. He is getting $1000 from Hairbyar every month to promte him and his Ltd. co. A dog only barks for his master and those who feed him. so let him barks and Farts in the air until he dries out. If some one doesn't care for his own base how can he care for others???

Anonymous said...

Can some ask this Fag, why did he go to Pakistani embassy and ate breakfast with his Punjabi friends there? and what is his personal realtionship with Mr. Moheen Khan in Paki embassy in DC? How much $$ he is getting from him?

Gwaraam Baloch said...

Intellebriefs, lol.

this kind of cheapest propaganda can not change the image of Hairbyar, a plan to damage the image of Waja Hairbyar, is not acceptable, even BRP spokesperson only rejects the statement, in statement Hairbyar role is acknowledge by BRP.

this kind of reporting means to wast the time of Baloch political worker on useless debate.

Long live Struggle
Long Live Unity
Freedom for Balochistan

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with Gwaraam Baloch's statement. In fact, why we Baloch instead of criticising each other. Get united and fight the enemy together for our cause, and that cause is Independence, A free Balochistan!

Moreover I would like to say that, let get together and achieve our goal of independence first and then after wards we can decide who is going to lead our country. Today Harbiyar Marri, son of great Baloch politician Waja Nawab Khair Bukhsh Marri is a good choice to lead and become representative of our Nation. Due the fact that Waja Nawab Marri has always wide spoken of a free Balochistan rather then seeking autonomy or self determination.

My request to all our Baloch leaders who sympathise with our cause of Independence to think of unity instead of fighting each other for leadership, they should waste their energy to fight for our cause!

Long Live Free Balochistan