October 28, 2010

Political Intelligence Quotient and Nigerian Leadership | Newsflavor

Technical Intelligence and competence is not a replacement for Political Intelligence. We have used Nigeria as a case study to highlight this and to look at Political Intelligence as a concept.

Political Intelligence is not technical competence. Some one can be technically competent to a very high degree and that would natural translate into good policy formulation and articulation. But without Political Intelligence, the best of policies would fail so woefully that it can bring whole governments down. We want to use Nigeria as a basis for this look into what Political Intelligence is all about though there are so many instances we can pick from across the Nations of the world.

Political office selectors admire and indeed encourage technical competence because it serves their image well. And this is also a matter of necessity in some areas of governance like finance. But if technical competence is important to them, then Political Intelligence of a high degree is something they would fall over themselves for because they know that it is far more important than anything else.
In the world of politics, Political Intelligence rules and this is for very cogent reasons too. This is why those who display a high degree of it usually have longer staying power in the corridors of power. In the private sector, technical competence holds sway to quite an extent. But in the very upper echelons of the private sector, even technical competence bows to Political Intelligence. It is a generally accepted principle that at that level you don’t deal with the technical but the managerial and highly political issues of corporate governance.
Indeed in every sphere of life Political Intelligence plays a key role in the balance of relationships and those that display a high degree of it in any circle normally holds strategic positions of leadership by default within that circle.
Therefore the importance of Political Intelligence cannot be over emphasized. To buttress this further and like we said earlier, let us take a look at four Nigerian political office characters.

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Political Intelligence Quotient and Nigerian Leadership | Newsflavor

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