March 21, 2011

Western powers are Monsters with two faces hypocrisy and greedy

By Dr Jumma khan Marri

Blood is renewable where as oil and gas are none renewable resources

Sarkozy a clowns of the west walked in like duck as if his both buttocks were stitched together to announce French operation against Libya touches the heights of western hypocrisies and their DNA still carries the colonial greed for easy wealth.

Bottom line is they want the oil and the re-establishment of colonial domination, Libya's high-quality, low-sulfur oil is not that easily replaced by the sulphur-heavy Saudi oil, particularly in Europe, which is short of refineries.

According to Human Development Index for Africa and it has the highest life expectancy on the continent. Libya attained the highest per capita income among African states. Libya enjoys the highest gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of all of Africa. The quality of life is over a hundred times better than it was when he took over in 1969, when he instilled a policy of control of Libyan resources by Libyans for Libyans, and then literacy rates rose from 10 to 90 per cent.

During the global crisis when food prices soared, Gaddafi's government eliminated the taxes in order to make food more affordable.

The construction of a broad network of giant pipelines was undertaken (the "Great Man-Made River") bringing fresh water from an enormous lake beneath its large desert, in order to serve the needs of Libya's 6 million population

Western and some western puppet Arab regimes are attacking Libya to save Libyan people and sending troops to crush people in Bahrain, and western silence over Yemen where the dictator kills his own people, what is this?

The latest resolution from the United Nation means that this organization is just an institution for approving the aggression of Western countries against small states.

Nothing is said or done about the crimes committed by Israel in Lebanon and daily committed against Palestinian small kids which, despite having being condemned by the United Nations, have never been considered by the United States or NATO for a possible armed intervention, much less "no fly zones."

Why the Hippocrates US and west is silent on Balochistan where real genocide is being committed against Baloch people by state agencies of Pakistan and Iran?

Today we see the west came to defend the so called poor Libyan civilian population against the Gaddafi regime with their military might now wait and see how many they will kill and cripple country and push it back in stone age before they install another puppet regime to get free oil and lucrative contracts to rebuild what their so called smart bombs will destroy in days ahead.

We ask where these human loving western powers were when ISRAEL bombs and starves the poor helpless Palestinians women and children with most lethal weapons including internationally banned weapons. Why they look so impotent then why they show their muscles on helpless peaceful countries let’s see at the history the US alone killed and destroyed lives of hundreds of millions of human beings on earth during past 60 years.

What they did in Iraq? They starved till death 2.5 million Iraqi women and children after the first Gulf war from 1992 till 2003 and they killed 1 million Iraqis and completely destroyed the whole country from north to south from east to west in 2003 invasion all in pretext to liberate Iraqi people the only infrastructure in Iraq they did not touch was Iraqi ministry of oil and oil infrastructure rest were carpet bombed.

They killed more than 3500 best Iraqi scientists and forced the rest to migrate in western countries once thriving and developing country with completely free education, health services and almost free food items, today Iraqi live in worst situation in 21first century there is nothing left billions $ stolen Iraq is robbed and destroyed museums were even looted and those items end up in western countries supper rich private collections a country totally destroyed and a nation left in ruins by these human rights loving west.

All in the name of human rights and democracy, we perfectly know how much democracy the western world enjoys themselves, when whole Europe and North American filled their streets in anti war demos in the wake of Iraq invasion their rulers simply ignored them.

The western world robbed and plundered the wealth of world for 500 years directly and now do it through their proxies like UN through dictators, through Arab monarchy sheikhs different secret agencies funded NGOs and puppet rulers in so called third world, once so called third world used to be very rich and developed then the west before the invasion of these cunning greedy Europeans.

What they achieve by their human right defenses, first artificially create problems and then invade to eliminate human right violators whom they planted themselves before.

The problem is that after the collapse of soviet union there is no power to counter them, they very cunningly isolate their advisories and use all their mighty propaganda to neutralize their abilities to defend themselves the west became the modern world’s herds of wolfs who hunt in groups or in other words the collation of the willing as Mr. Bush calls them.

Their aim is clear rob in style, they first promote these dictators who kill their own people without mercy, who in exchange give all the construction contracts to western countries with very expensive prices they hire western expert with unimaginably high salaries’ pay huge amounts of money to western visiting delegations and buy useless weapons from western courtiers ironically in conflict times these weapons look useless toys without any effects because the basic components of these weapons are not sold to them, as it proved in real time, in 1965 when Egypt was in war with Israel the Egyptian anti aircraft guns were empty without real shells.

We all know how the French and Italian brutally occupied and exploited North African countries only some 30 years back, toady again France is in forefront in human right defense against an isolated small country with 6 million people and almost without any effective army, their aim is to plant their puppet regime with a label of democracy and take away oil gas and other mineral and capital wealth.

They freeze 100 of billions of Libyan state money invested in western countries now using that money to finance the so called Libyan opposition by selling on them their weapons and using Libyan money to fight Libya.

One wonders why these GCC countries with such vast amount of wealth and free fall of oil dollars live so poor and jobless because they do not own their countries wealth its control by the grand spider the west who sucks out all their wealth rest is sucked by these royals and sheikhs majority of the people of these countries are just hand to mouth with poverty.

The west without any mercy exploits and robs the wealth of the third world countries in proxy but the Arab world is place of lucrative business field for western world mostly the US and Britain who own 70% of the oil wealth of these countries directly and rest with joint ventures and technical help the GCC countries Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman, interesting whole economy of Oman is run and controlled by British MI 5.

Apart from direct control of GCC countries’ economies the US forcefully sells 60 billions $ worth weapons to Saudi and UAE alone every 2 year, nobody knows why Saudi with its 25 million population needs that many weapons and military hard ware’s everybody knows when a real war breaks out against Saudis they will not be able to use none of these weapons because they do not have neither the men power or the expertise to use them, that only means another way of arm twisting by the US to take money out of Saudi pockets.

The western countries passport holders visit these countries without any visa or without any other kind of restrictions but when these countries people visit west they are humiliated at their airports as if they are all potential terrorist the double standards are visible at every stages Arab blood costs nothing where as western every single drop of blood will cost Arabs with billions of barrels of oil and devastations unless the true nationalists take power these looting and shootings will never end.

The western powers destroy everything like in Iraq now Libya tomorrow any other country first they test their new weapons effectiveness on real battles fields they enjoy twice first destroy and test their weapons, and then control and suck out all the oil wealth under their control in rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure and all the military hard ware of the country under attack.

.But if we see the consequences of these attacks they are far reaching,

To cripple the will of these countries and their people to oppose the will and dictation from west.

.Prolong the life of artificial state of Israel

.Send massage to the Arab and other third world countries who fires the shots

.They want prove to every nation that UN is their rubber stamp organization

.Western powers direct intervention in the internal affairs of other sovereign States and of geostrategic control of Arab natural resources .

If the west is really interested in human rights they must stop not supporting these undemocratic dictators in the Arab world stop looting their wealth stop selling the useless toys to them, and support and create civil society in these countries and promote human rights and democracy promote peace and do honest business.

Stop Israel using lethal force against innocent Palestinian people and force Israel to accept two state solutions, support and protect Baloch and Kurdish people struggle for freedom and promote real democracy in Afghanistan, Pakistan and region as whole then people of the region will understand their intentions and the growth of extremism will diminish and world peace will become a reality but unfortunately these are only dreams and west as always busy with dark under cover business of loot plunder destroy and silencing their critics and rule the world with iron fist with such attitude the world peace will remain a dream the poor get poorer and wealthy get wealthier using western corporate businesses and military power to enslave the rest world.


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