May 30, 2011

Evidence of Supply Chain Management In Indian Manufacturing Firms

Despite the extensive research carried out in the area of Supply Chain Management (SCM) throughout the world, SCM practices have not yet been very well-adopted in developing countries like India. This paper assesses the present status and scope of SCM practices through an extensive survey conducted among the Indian manufacturing organizations. In this survey, opinion of Indian managers across the country has been assessed. A number of issues such as level of information sharing with their immediate customers, mode of communication in supply chain, degree of investment in supply chain automation tools, and benefits of using bar coding technology have been addressed in the context of Indian manufacturing companies. The paper presents statistical analysis of the survey responses indicating the usefulness of the findings to the firms contemplating implementation of SCM practices. The findings of this article would provide important implications for the management in the manufacturing companies to understand determinants that contribute to the SCM success.


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Supply Chain Guy said...

I live in Thailand but it seems the state of supply chain management in India is more advance.