June 02, 2011

COMMENT: On the article "The changing game" by G Parthasarathy

This article (The changing game, Posted: Thu Jun 02 2011, 03:41 hrs ) by Raja Mohan echoes what Washington would like us to do. Could well have been written in the State Department.

Just as Washington looks after its interests we have to look after ours. Yes there is some space to cooperate witth Washington, but are we exepcted to look on quietly when Hillary Clinton's "Most Wanted " list presented to Paksitan pointedly excludes Hafiz Mohammed Saeed and Maulana Masood Azhar?

Moreover just what does he mean that India has to do everything it can to avoid escalation of tensions on the border. We are observing the cease-f ire in J&K and observing alll CBMs on military exercises. Does he want us to sit quiet if the Pakistanis attempt to sneak into mountain heights in Siachen?

Finally, when activists in Pakistan like Asma Jehangir are lamenting that the Pakistan army's actions are contnuing to foment tensions on Pakistan's borders what does he want us to do to promote "stability" in Pakistan? If the Pakistan army chooses to allow Pakistan to stew in its own juice, I don't understtand what India can or should do?

G Parthasarathy, a distinguished diplomat and author in India.

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Charles Frith said...

Everyone knows the Pakistan army is bent. That's why the US is in bed with them. So the question is. What's the way out of this mess whereby the people who have been screwed over the most can have a chance. The Pakistani peoples?