June 10, 2011

Pakistan: U.S. Foreign Assistance


Since 1948, the United States has pledged more than $30 billion in direct aid; about half for military assistance. Two-thirds of this total was appropriated in the post-9/11 era from FY2002 to FY2010. Some question the gains from the aid, saying there is a lack of accountability and reform by the Pakistani government, and any goodwill generated by it is offset by widespread anti-American sentiment among the Pakistani people. In September 2009, Congress passed the Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009 (EPPA, also know as the “Kerry-Lugar-Berman” or “KLB” bill for its main sponsors). This became P.L. 111-73 and authorizes the President to provide $1.5 billion in annual bilateral economic aid to Pakistan from FY2010 through FY2014. The law requires certification for release of securityrelated aid; such conditionality is an ongoing and contentious issue.

Also in 2009, Congress established two new funds—the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund (PCF) within the Defense Department appropriations and the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund (PCCF) within the State-Foreign Operations Appropriations—to build Pakistan’s counterinsurgency capabilities.

And here's a video of our tax payer money sent - to build Pakistan's counerinsurgency capabilites - put to effective use (warning extremely ***graphic*** content. Watch at your own discretion).


(I pray and seek forgiveness from God each and every day in being complicit with the terrrorist state of Pakistan).

This reminds me. Maybe I have missed it, but I have sent this video to all of major U.S. news media but have yet to see them display and discuss Pakistani military killing (with our tax dollars) on their network. Contrast this to the relentless chatter on our airwaves of the Syrian teenage tortured and killed allegedly by the Syrian army.

Reggie Sinha

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