June 26, 2011

Plight of Non-Pushtoons after NATO forces withdrawl in Afghanistan

The stark reality is that Obama's speech will send shivers of fear down the spine of the non-Pashtuns in Afghanistan. There is nothing worse than offering someone protection and support and then walking way at the heat of the moment. Central Asians will worry how the triumphal return of the Taliban will play out among the forces of Islamism in their countries, which are already bracing for the arrival of the Arab Spring. ( MK Bhabrakumar)

if US-NATO forces left Afghanistan today, thePushtoon taliban would occupy Kabul within a fortnight and could deal with the non-Pushtoon population so brutally that “Changez Khan’s reputation in history will be dwarfed”.

(Daily Times, April 14, 2007 Former Pakistani Defence Attaché to Kabul Brigadier (r) Saad Muhammad)


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