June 25, 2011

U S military Aid to Pakistan

Quote: In 2009, two Pakistani generals told the Associated Press that, of $6.6 billion in US military aid provided during the previous six years for counter-terrorism measures, only $500 million had been used for that purpose. The rest of the funds were used towards Pakistan's "defence against India".


(does anyone have more information on this interview?)

If true, I demand investigation of GOTUS, POTUS, Pentagon, CIA, Congressmen and all others incharge of funneling our hard-earned tax money to Pakistan for the so called "war on terror" which has resulted in terrible loss of innocent American lives. If I understand this correctly, this is how the game is played. Unnecessary wars are invented and precipitated by stink-tanks, policy makers; a pliable and controlled media creates mass hysteria and moulds public opinion (staunch ally, enlightened moderation, butcher of Baghdad, weapons of mass-destruction) for American military intervention; gullible Americans get suckered in by the GOTUS/media orchestrated propaganda about "spreading democracy," "keeping the faith," "support the troops"; allies/enemies are identified/demonized, supported/punished, battle lines are drawn; a tipping point is calibrated carefully, American military intervenes is justified with the help of "embedded" journos; massive attack launched "to make the world a safer place"; all-lies, like Pakistan, are armed to to the teeth, nuclear fang included, courtesy American tax payers, no questions asked; Pakistan literally receives FREE arms, including harpoon missiles, ostensibly to fight the Taliban navy in the mountains of Wazirstan, all funded courtesy the American tax payer, while lack of critical counterterrorism equipments hampers anti-terrorist actions and kills American soldiers; ---- all crafted, guided and carefully controlled from behind by the military-industrial complex. You just can't beat this business model! Damn it, I am in the wrong business!

I accuse my Govt. officials who authorized this $ 6.6 billion dollar arms/money transfer to Pakistan (knowing full well that the money was misdirected) asterrorist collaborators. They need to be pursued, apprehended and punished for knowingly putting lives of innocent Americans soldiers at risk.

Reggie Sinha

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