June 14, 2011

US Air Force Explores the 'Power of Open Source' for Future Net Centric Warfare Capabilities

Defence IQ

Hosted By : Samantha Tanner
June 14, 2011

Network resilience and interoperability are the linchpins that keep military net centric capabilities up and running. In fact, they are intimately intertwined. Without interoperability, there simply is no resilience. Lt Col Skip Stoltz is Commander of the US Air Force's 46th Test Squadron and, in this interview, he speaks with Defence IQ's Samantha Tanner about how warfighting elements must rely on testing to establish resiliency in many C4ISR elements. What is the future of net centric warfare? 'The power of open source', according to Lt Col Stoltz, needs to make the jump from the private sector to the military. Listen to find out more about how he feels things are moving forward in this domain.

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