June 09, 2011

US Envoy to Colombia Invests in Hi-Tech Antidote to Kidnapping Threat

Defence IQ

According to recent estimates, some 5,000 civilians have been kidnapped in the Republic of Colombia since 2000 - with hundreds more kidnappings likely having gone unreported. Enter Wade Chapple - Director of the Personnel Recovery Center for the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. In this interview with Defence IQ, he reveals how difficult it has been to institute personnel recovery programmes in host nations. 'It's a new concept', he told Defence IQ's Samantha Tanner. Wade helped the process get under way in 2004 in Colombia and he described a programme that was originally designed to exclusively support US military forces. Under his guidance, it has evolved to support all US personnel in Colombia. These endeavours have been mirrored by the addition of The President of Colombia's Primary Response Center for Natural Disaster, which serves both the Colombian military as well as private citizens. Listen to find out more about Colombia's newest personnel recovery developments and capabilities.

Hosted By : Samantha Tanner
June 8, 2011

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