July 28, 2011

China''s growing influence in Asia poses challenge, Narayanan

PTI | 10:07 PM,Jul 28,2011

Stating that China boasted of a "superiority complex and a run down attitude of all other countries," the former IB chief said it was on its way to becoming an air space power by virtue of its growing precision strike capabilities and modern warfare equipment. With China rapidly increasing its nuclear and missile capabilities and their range and thrust augmented, the particular concern for India was that several of them were located on the Tibetan plateau abutting India, Narayanan said. India, which wanted to engage Beijing, did not perceive an existential threat from China, he said. "India does, however, find it difficult to comprehend the sublimal objectives behind China's actions. These include renewed belligerence over the issue of Dalai Lama and of Tibetan refugees in India, the new uncompromising edge to its territorial claims, its equivocation over Jammu and Kashmir and its less than forthcoming attitude towards the issue of diversion of water in the Tibetan plateau," he said.

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