July 11, 2011

'A Road Map to Rashtram'

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva (Haindava Keralam,11/07/2011)

The book Rashtram (May 2011) by Dr.S.Kalyanraman, Director of the Sarasvati Research Centre, is a path breaking and erudite work continuing the general trend in swadeshi thinking started by Indic scholars in the last three decades or so. One could describe it as a work in swadeshi political philosophy/thought because its overarching theme is the concept of Rashtram, a word which is hard to translate from the Sanskrit. It is usually translated into English as state or nation. It is higher than state (which is mainly the institutions of governance) and higher than nation (which is a conglomerate of peoples) and yet it animated the entire body politic of Hindu India since ancient times, since the oldest of our Hindu works, the Rig Veda. Here, the Goddess Sarasvati or Vak or Vaghambrini says : "I am the Rashtra and I move people towards their welfare (abhyudayam)." This is understood both as material prosperity and spiritual/religious enlightenment. This philosophy or world viewed animated all of Hindu history and the countries of what is called Greater India. Dr.Kalyanraman would now extend it to what he calls the Indian Ocean Community (IOC) a group of 59 nations around the rim of the Indian Ocean.

The book is an encyclopedic tome, filled with Sanskrit words and phrases and cognate terms from non Indic sources. The terrain is vast (like the subject matter) and the motorist is cautioned to proceed patiently and slowly so that one does not miss the wood for the trees. The illustrations are breathtaking in their diversity and beauty, and the overall vista is one of a vast continent of historical and philosophical thinking hidden in the arguments from a variety of sources on the nature of Rashtra and its historical evolution. . . . .(READ MORE)



http://tinyurl.com/3mrkhea (Author: Rastram)https://sites.google.com/site/kalyan97/indus-script-cipher

About the book:

Rastram: Hindu history in United Indian Ocean States edited by S. Kalyanaraman, Sarasvati Research Center
552 pages
ISBN-10: 0982897111
ISBN-13: 978-0982897119

Description: It focuses on an opportunity to realize almost 2 millennia of dharma-dhamma values enshrined in the hearts of over 2 billion people along the nations of the Indian Ocean Rim. This is a compilation of insights, analyses and excerpts from works of by many savants and scholars about Hindu history.

A supranational covenant as the true foundation of an organized Indian Ocean Community (IOC) is a counterpoise to European Community. This IOC or United Indian Ocean States (UIOS) should remain open to all nations of Indian Ocean Rim. The 59 states and territories located along the rim of the Indian Ocean from South Africa to Tasmania constitute the Indian Ocean Community. The 1994 modified Law of the Sea extends territorial waters into 200 nautical miles from the baseline as economic zones. The Hindu historical traditions and the amended UN Law of the Sea help use the potential to create a 6 trillion dollar GDP UIOS and act provide for enhanced welfare of over 2 billion people overcoming the travails of colonial loot. Along the 63,000 mile long rim of the Indian Ocean work can start on Trans-Asian Highway and Trans-Asian Railway Projects and build upon the civilizational heritage.

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