August 05, 2011

Business Intelligence Without the BS

GoodData offers the world’s most powerful Cloud BI Platform, providing customers and partners with operational dashboards, advanced reporting and data warehousing at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other approaches.

When we started GoodData, in 2007, our founding vision was simple: Connect more business people to business data to help them make better business decisions.

It may sound naive at first glance, but I'm amazed by how few front-line employees, managers and executives actually see any of the data that increasingly drives their business. In today's world, with valuable customer and operational data seemingly everywhere, that's unacceptable.

From day one, our plan to execute this vision has been based on three core concepts:

  1. Deliver a complete platform: I believe in delivering complete products. In the world of BI, that means taking care of data integration, warehousing, analytics, reporting and dashboards. Our goal is to get rid of the convoluted BI value chain, the dozens of technologies that have to be cobbled together by IT or consultants just to get started.
  2. Make it accessible: Good data should be shared, but BI tools are often the realm of Ph.D. stats geeks or IT nerds. We strive to make our reporting and dashboards accessible to normal human business people. That's why our UI looks more like LinkedIn than Cognos.
  3. Leverage the economics of the cloud: Since we provide GoodData as a hosted solution, we can pass on the tremendous operational savings to our customers. That means you can get started for $1,000, and grow with your success—a big shift from six-figure investments to build out infrastructure you may never use.

We already have a groundbreaking tool. We also have an outstanding team of people who are totally dedicated to the possibilities of the cloud. We'd like to think we have made a lot of progress on our vision, but really, we're just getting started.

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