August 07, 2011

Chopper carrying 31 U.S. Special Ops soldiers shot down in Afghanistan.

I. A picture is worth a thousand words - Mao

II. . Excerpt:

He was the leader of 40 men. He told me they received $2,000 for every bomb they planted, $2,000 for every Afghan army soldier they killed, $10,000 for every American soldier they killed and $20,000 to the family of suicide bombers.

That our government has all along known and acquiesced to Pakistan’s perfidy in killing our bravehearts borders on treason and politicians should be held criminally responsible for aiding and abetting our enemy against Americans. The last time Pakistan had "strategic depth" in Afghanistan, they gave us 9/11. Wonder what will it be this time?

Reggie Sinha
Slogan seen in Chile - "We are the ones who really deserve strategic depth!"

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Gray Lance said...

No mention that 22 of those killed were the Team 6 SEALS that raided/captured/killed Osama Bin Laden...

Of course -- that would be just too much a coincidence that the "Team" responsible for this 'amazing' bit of tactical genius.... are now all dead. Hmmm... dead men don't talk.