August 28, 2011

The divine lead of Anna Hazare is bound to ensure a better India

Dr.Balram Mishra

The divine lead of Anna Hazare is bound to ensure a better India. Undoubtedly, the Janlokpal Bill will be a great solution to the national malady of State patronised corruption in our country ,however, the politicians in the core of their heart will do every thing to see that this bill is not passed, simultaneously, they will make big noise to befool the masses that they support the bill. Why this double role ? Because they know that no election can be won without black money, and therefore, for their existence, and for the existence of their progeny and supporters they must not afford taking action against their election fund raisers. Let Anna Hazare and his team note that expecting support from any politician is like expecting oil from sand particles.

To reform the politicians and make them strengthen their conscience to defeat their sense of careerism the Janlokpal bill must aim for electoral reforms. Unless the role of black money in elections is stopped no politician will really support Anna from core his or her heart. It is a practical problem with every politician. If election reforms are not implemented immediately , and some how the Janlokpal bill is introduced , the politicians will create hurdles at every step , for the safeguard of their interest. The coming months will have to face a war between the People of India and the politicians of India. It is really pathetic to watch how dispassionately they relish Anna's deteriorating health. Where are the great national ideologues ? Where are the so called public leaders ? The Peoples' agitation has sent them to darkness , and in future no body will believe them. Who will then lead India ? Only those who have been seen with Anna , like Sri Srii Ravishankar, Baba Ramdeva, Arvind Kejarival, the Bhushans, Kiran Bedi and other national conscience keepers like them. Others will have to change their profession for honorable survival.

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Neha Sharma said...

What the Congress should really do is put Anna Hazare and a thousand of his unarmed supporters in Jalian Walla Bagh, and then ask a foreign general to bring in some soldiers and shoot them all... And why a foreign general? Because no Indian general with any self respect will ever carry out that order.