August 01, 2011

India-US relations: COMMENT
In the 1940s, South Asia, the Middle East, etc., were places of extreme tension where people were rising up against colonial rule for national liberation.The US policy of containment was formulated in that period on the basis of thetheory that any country which had national liberation would go towards communism. The US welcomed the creation of Pakistan and went on to make Pakistan its centre for containing communism in South Asia at that time.India's geopolitics is to keep South Asia divided, become the most important power and come to terms with other powers
possibly China, the US, Russia. It is keeping its options open towards the United Europe.€ The next war for the re-division of the world will inevitably have India as an active player. Within that, all the big powers are very keen to see that India does not renew itself.
Face the Nation (1957 archives)
Moderator George Herman starts with this introduction of Pakistan and its PM Suseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, "In so far as western policy is concerned, one nation forms the land bridge between the troubled middle east and the potentially troublesome far east Asia - that nation is Pakistan, a muslim republic which faces Iran and the Arab world on one frontier and Burma and the Asian world on the other. (This is how Americans looked at South Asia in the 50's. No mention of India between Pakistan and Burma - perhaps, India wasn't even expected to survive, per western calculations! "Arms to Pakistan, alms to India" was the norm then!)

Amercian Jaziya paid to Pakistan since 1948 (see the chart; at one point, 40% of Pak economy was funded by U.S. money).

Over sixty years of molly-coddling Pakistan has allowed it to manipulate and extort American money as a sense of entitlement. We have the enablers! And while the stink tanks and South Asia experts continue to peddle "more aid" to Pakistan (lest, god forbid, apres moi deluge), our politicans, not to be outdone, scramble on periodic haj pilgrimage carrying Jaziya gifts to Pakistan. Cohen, Fair, Teresita et al are all cut from the same cloth and at this stage, suffering from Pakistani stockholm syndrome as those jokers interviewing butcher Suhrawardy way back when.

The next story line title from stink tanks will go something like this: "How We Lost Pakistan: America's reluctance to fund Pakistan forces it into China's arms." And you will have the Peter Bergers and the Brezenski's of the world doing their rounds blaming American policy for creating an enemy out of a friend. Tch! Tch!

Latest: Pak ISI/military chief in China, CIA acting Director kicked out of Pakistan. The locked-horn bucks dig deeper into each other.

Reggie Sinha

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