September 21, 2011


In this edition:

- The shifting Chinese economy: perspectives of European business in China
- Manufacturing is a key driver for sustainable economic growth
- Expressing views at FEB Forum on demographic change
- Where is Europe heading? European business outlook
- Working Time Directive: Impact on companies' competitiveness
- Wages not within the scope of EU social policy
- Putting Europe to work - The case for labour market reforms
- Current and future trade issues discussed in Geneva
- ADRs are a win-win solution for both businesses and consumers
- EU trade policy debate in Ireland
- Correction mechanisms for competitive imbalances discussed at Macroeconomic Dialogue
- Debating how to close the gender pay gap
- BOSMIP IV seminar in Belgrade
- Second BUSINESSEUROPE-CER symposium - Devising smart regulation in the EU, 20 October 2011


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