September 30, 2011

COMMENT: Pakistan-US

As somebody wrote in the Times of India,  in his posting on the news about Hon. Admiral Mullen's statement about the Pak- ISI - HAQQANI  equation , association and relationship , that "even my cat knew what was happening - what took US so long to figure that out  ?"
The most important element to recognize and act upon is the carefully managed show of the pakistan Govt whereby they have understood the machinations of the politicians in a democratic governance system... ALL POLITICIANS , no exceptions , live in their own world of Ardha Satya ( half truths) and they believe in it. They continue with their process whereby they have to convince the naive and the fence sitters to fall on their side of the fence and as such continue to strive to prove their side of the truth ! And this is what the pakistan govt exploits and abuses in relation to India and the US. In India  it is the politics of muslim vote banks played by the Congress , Mulayams, Lalu , maya , Omar , Joshi and Pawars , well complimented by a totally inept , incapable and immature policies of BJP and its cohorts who have no clue how to deal with and handle the same vote bank politics. Everybody is AFRAID of hanging Afzal and Kasab for the FEAR and threats given by various leaders of different political leaders of a severe repercussion and reprisal from the minority communities ... As a leading columnist  pointed out in a recent write up that how can a state legislature's "resolution" overthrow a verdict given by the Supreme Court ? If you want to abolish the death penalty , it is a separate issue and debate but if the Supreme Court has given a ruling  per law , justice must be served..
Similarly in the US, It is obvious from the word play going on  that not much will happen in the end in relation to setting the pak relationship in proper hemisphere ..... Pakistan Govt seems to have far too much dope (!)  on the US Govt actions in that region and which if leaked , may perhaps make wikileaks appear a jam session ! They very well know that and the statements of Khar and Geelani alluded to that threat ! The Pak govt  actions are based on the simple truth that while they can create a mob frenzy in their own country against everything American and Indian , we will still have those arm chair believers who will blame "ourselves" for the sorry state of affairs in that part of the world , because we were the terrible lovers ! True indeed because the US had to be blind ( I do not mean any disprespect for the blind because they develop  very refined senses that kind of compensates to a small degree for the loss of ordinary vision!) to trust in sleeping with the enemy in the first place. Pakistan govt knows how  to project itself as "victims" , plays the game of seeking appeasements all the time which we will allow them to indulge in their shenanigans ( ask our own Mr. Kerry ! ) . The sad element of all the exposure is that the American soldier comes back in a body bag because he was shot by the bullet, money , intelligence and information given by his own Govt ! I do not think any US politican will be able to handle that TRUTH with elections just round the corner ! The pak govt knows this very well. I feel  Adm Mullen  must have become very sad to see that happen in front of his own eyes to see his boys getting killed by his friends and "trusted ally " (sic!) ISI and the pak govt he misplaced his  trust with! He must be making confessions with the Pope himself perhaps for his truthful and final tryst with the maker ! It is time to put political correctness in the junk yard of bad policies.
Christopher Hitchens asks the right question " what are going to do?" . Several years ago , I was told by a dear pakistani friend that each time you guys caught us with our pants down , you let us go ! How true indeed , and it may just happen again ! Meanwhile , the poor Pakistani  people will continue to chant Allah -o - Akbar to get some pittance and burn Indian and American flags  and continue to suffer from their Allah given state of poverty , death from flood and other savagery of their own killers. And the generals will be doing the rounds of cocktail parties opening new bank accounts in a fresh set of new names !   
I do not know who is great - We the People or God himself !
Thank you
Vibhuti Jha

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