September 27, 2011

Declare HaqPak army a terrorist entity

Lisa Curtis's full article is at the Heritage Foundation website here  (with recommendations listed below).  Her suggestion to Immediately List the (former "equivalent of our freedom fighters" (photo attached)  Haqqani network as a FTO. declare the Haqqanis as a FTO, although this will inevitably result in declaring Pakistan or the Pakistani Army as a terrorist entity. But for a comprehensive long-lasting solution to South Asia, the jehadi Pakistani army MUST be dismantled (similar to German Army after second world war), allowed to survive as a peacekeepers (thola in local lingo), and with the help of international partners, build a de-radicalized democratic Pakistani government built around its citizenry (a 50 year plan).  But until USA declares Haqqanis as a FTO immediately, don't hold your hopes too high that we are really serious about this farcial "war on terror."  As soon as the Pakistani Army throws a face-saving device to us (which they will having extracted all it can), we will grab it, thank them, and go back to our usual bonhomie with the murders of American soldiers. 
Another way to smother the Haqqani/Pakistani army 24 hours without violence is by doing this:  Declare HaqPak army a terrorist entity. Work with various governments to deport ALL family members/relatives (revoke citizenship, green cards in western countries), freeze/shut down money accounts in all foreigngovt. banks, holdings; seize properties/real estate - a chataeu in Switzerland, a mansion in London, a Bentley in Dubai, and the RAPE (rich, anglicized Pakistani elite) Pakistanis, including it much vaunted military will COLLAPSE and beg mercy within 24 hours.  Guaranteed to work without firing a single bullet! 
Ms. Curtis quotes WSJ line editorial, the dilemma which I am currently facing trying to explain to my eleven-year old son why General John Allen allowed the killing/wounding of our troops by the Pakistani army (message sent in an earlier email!).  I am glad WSJ has articulated my thougths in its editorial. Young Americans must never loose faith in America! It is upto us ordinary Americans and demand that GOTUS makes this right!
Reggie Sinha
As The Wall Street Journal noted in one of its editorials today, "The U.S. cannot be seen before the world, or more especially by the American people, turning a blind eye to Pakistan's complicity in the murder of U.S. citizens serving in Afghanistan." 
In the event that Pakistan maintains its defiant attitude and refuses to take action against the perpetrators of the attacks on the U.S. embassy, the U.S. must move forward with the following plan of action:

Suspend all assistance programs to Pakistan, including civilian aid. Even though it is the military and intelligence establishment that bears responsibility for the attack, it would be nearly impossible to provide effective civilian aid programs without its cooperation. If the U.S.–Pakistan military relationship becomes more hostile, U.S. aid officials and contractors would be even less safe than they are already, and, since Pakistani civilian leaders have been unable to forge independent counterterrorism policies from the military, the U.S. would find it increasingly difficult to justify any aid to the government, parts of which are involved in attacking the U.S.

Recall the American ambassador to the U.S. for consultations on future policies toward Pakistan. The Obama Administration has seemed paralyzed over its policy toward Pakistan ever since the bin Laden raid. The intelligence linking Pakistan to the attack on the U.S. embassy should shake the Administration out of this paralysis. The attack shows that the U.S.'s inability to bring change to Pakistan's counterterrorism policies is risking the entire NATO war effort in Afghanistan and the international community's ability to defeat global terrorism.

Readjust the U.S. force structure in Afghanistan and prioritize finding alternative routes to cope with a disruption or even cutoff in supply routes through Pakistan. The U.S. has been able to increase the amount of supplies it sends through the Northern Distribution Network over the last five years, and it should prioritize building up this network further. A cutoff in the supply chain running through Pakistan would almost certainly gravely impact the U.S. ability to sustain military missions in Afghanistan. This is a price the U.S. would have to pay and adjust to.

Immediately list the Haqqani network as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. While this may have little practical effect in terms of cutting funding to the organization, it sends a clear signal that the U.S. does not tolerate attacks on its citizens. Pakistan has been trying to push for a role for the Haqqanis in reconciliation talks in Afghanistan. But the U.S. cannot countenance negotiating with groups that are attacking U.S. civilians. Such a policy would demonstrate weakness and encourage other U.S. adversaries to try to extract concessions from the U.S. through violence.

Step up drone strikes on Haqqani targets in Pakistan's tribal areas. The increased tempo in drone strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas has severely downgraded the al-Qaeda leadership and disrupted its ability to attack the U.S. Washington should pursue the same kind of aggressive drone campaign against the Haqqani network in North Waziristan and parts of the Kurram Agency, where some Haqqani forces have recently relocated.

Reverse U.S. withdrawal plans from Afghanistan. Part of the reason the Pakistanis continue to support the Haqqani network (and other Taliban proxies) is that they believe the U.S. will withdraw from Afghanistan before the situation is stabilized and that the Haqqanis constitute the best chance to secure their interests in the country. The recent upsurge in Taliban attacks inside Afghanistan—especially the assassination of former Afghan president and head of the High Peace Council Burhanuddin Rabbani—demonstrates that the hard-line Taliban leadership has no interest in reconciliation talks and believes it can chase U.S. forces out of the region. The U.S. should demonstrate that it is committed to never allowing Afghanistan to serve as a base for international terrorists again. This can be done only by ensuring that U.S. military commanders have the troops and resources they need to complete the mission in Afghanistan and to finally force the Taliban into genuine negotiations.
Consult with European allies on ways to move Pakistan away from the dangerous path it is pursuing. While the U.S. and NATO allies work closely on the mission in Afghanistan, the U.S. has been virtually the sole player in seeking to effect change in Pakistan. The Europeans argue that they have little concrete leverage in the country, but they could reinforce U.S. messages and show solidarity with the U.S. position on Pakistan. Demonstrating solidarity between the U.S. and European and other allies toward Pakistan would disabuse the Pakistani government of any notion that it can play the U.S. and its allies off of one another and thus relieve international pressure on it to pursue different policies.


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