September 27, 2011

Honorable Senator Kirk's on Pakistani ties to the Haqqani Network

I have just finished listening to Honorable Senator Kirk's Pakistani ties to the Haqqani Network 9:42 minutes video here and find myself absolutely stupefied!  Are we really THIS naive and/or stupid? Just listen to his "cooperative" solutions starting at the 7:05 marker.  He threatens Pakistan with a) cooperation by reigning the HQ network from further attacks on U.S./Nato troops and b) action (possibly bombing raids) against HQ assests in specified ares within Pakistan.  Now, who in God's name is advising Senato Kirk?  
First, on threatening Pakistan to take action against the HQ network.  Come, come now Senator, it was only ten years back (to the day), when Bush/Cheney/Powell/Armitage used the same threats against Pakistan.  What did Musharraf do?  He invoked Islamic concept of"hudaybiyya" and immediately became an "al-lie" (Arabic), "all-lie" (English) and an "ally" (American) in the global "war on terror."  I am reproducing the urdu translation only because we Americans are such poor learners of history.  What STOPS Kiyani from doing a Musharraf take-2 to protect the HQ network and Pakistan all over again?

Second, on Senator's Kirk's steps to bomb HQ hideouts in Pakistan.  My eleven year old son can explain this better than I can to Senator Kirk.  What makes him certain that the Pakistanis would not already have spirited the HQ assests to safer places within Pakistan, just like Musharraf did with his famous airlift of which our dear Rumsfield knew nothing about?  Or does Senator Kirk plans to do a "shock and awe" on the deserted, empty tents!
Senator Kirk, if you are really serious about saving American lives from the HaqPak army, take out the GHQ in Rawalpindi. Otherwise, Pakistan will do a Vietnam on U.S.!  It is coming! Quiz time, Senator:  What is Pakistan's Army motto?  I wish you the best. 
Reggie Sinha
Musharraf's 9/11 speech to his nation (translated from urdu). 
Following is the text of the speech:[2]
"I Shall Share With You the Kind of Support That They [the U.S.] Expect from Us: Intelligence – Information Exchange; Use of Air Space; Logistic Support"

"Asalam-o-Alaikum [Peace be upon you]
"I am here to talk about the episode of terrorism that we have all witnessed in New York which involved 45 countries and people of all ages were killed. There were capable Pakistanis and I would like to convey my deep sympathy to their family members.
"America has 3 targets: Osama Bin Laden (Al-Qaida Movement); Taliban; International terrorism
"Now I shall share with you the kind of support that they expect from us: Intelligence – Information exchange; Use of Air Space; Logistic Support. No operations plans are ready or available at the moment.
"Their target from the beginning has been Osama bin Laden, and his movement. Their second target is the Taliban. This has been their demand for many years – to bring Osama to trial. Now they have also announced a war against terrorism.
"We do not have any details from the U.S. of the exact nature of the support from us. But we do know that they have the support of the UN Security Council. The UN resolution specifies punishment for those committing terrorism. This has been supported by all the Islamic countries."
"Let's Look at Our Neighbors: They [e.g. India] Have Promised the U.S. All Cooperation; They Want to Isolate Us, Get Us Declared a Terrorist State"
"We in Pakistan are facing a very critical situation perhaps as critical as the events in 1971. If we make the wrong decisions, our vital interests will be harmed.
"I have discussed all this with my corps commanders, politicians and prominent Pakistanis. Tomorrow I am meeting the tribal chiefs. I have to say that opinions are divided, but the vast majority supports us. I would say that about 15% are tending towards emotional reactions.
"Let's look at our neighbors. They [e.g. India] have promised the U.S. all cooperation. They want to isolate us, get us declared a terrorist state.
"They have met in Dushanbe with some other countries and plan to try and install [an] anti-Pakistani government in Afghanistan. So our neighbor is busy trying to harm us. If you see their television, they are busy with propaganda against us.
"I want to tell them to 'lay off.' Our forces are on full alert and ready for a do-or-die mission. In this situation, if we make the wrong decisions, it can be very bad for us. Our critical concerns are our sovereignty, second our economy, third our strategic assets (nuclear and missiles), and fourth our Kashmir cause. All four will be harmed if we make the wrong decision. When we make these decisions they must be according to Islam."
"When the Jews Saw That Islam was Getting Stronger, They Started to Conspire Against the Muslims; When the Prophet [Muhammad] Saw This Happening, He Signed a No-War Pact [Hudaybiyya Agreement] with His Enemies in Mecca"
"It's not a question of bravery or cowardice. But bravery without thinking is stupidity. Allah has said that he who has
 hikmat [pragmatic wisdom] has a huge blessing. We have to save our interests. Pakistan comes first, everything else is secondary.
 ulema [Islamic scholars] are trying to react on pure emotions. I want to remind them of Islam's early history. The move [by the Prophet Muhammad] from Mecca to Medina (hijrat) – was this (God forbid) cowardice? This was wisdom to save Islam.
"Then when the Jews saw that Islam was getting stronger, they started to conspire against the Muslims. When the Prophet (PBUH) [i.e. peace be upon him] saw this happening, he signed a no-war pact [Hudaybiyya agreement] with his enemies in Mecca. I want to remind you of that pact. At the end of the pact, where his signature was required, the Meccans demanded that he cannot sign it as 'Prophet Mohammad.' The Prophet (PBUH) agreed.
"The Prophet explained later that it's best for Islam, and it's the right thing to do. And time proved him right. Six months later, there was a war with the Jews, and the Meccans did not support the Jews, and the Muslim forces won. And some time after that Mecca also fell to Islamic
"I Am Concerned About Afghanistan and the Taliban; At This Time, We Have to Make Sure That Our Enemies Do Not Succeed in Their Designs to Harm Us; Pakistan is Regarded As a Fort of Islam"
"Let me say that I am concerned about Afghanistan and the Taliban. I have tried to convince world leaders not to impose sanctions on them in the past. I have tried my best, but sadly without much success.
"In the present situation, we have been trying to convince the Taliban to be wise.
 We have also asked the U.S. for evidence about Osama bin Laden. Also, how do we best serve Afghanistan's interests? By going against the world community or by working with the international community? I am sure you will agree with me that we can only do the latter.
"I also know that there are people who are using this to promote their personal agendas. At this time, we have to make sure that our enemies do not succeed in their designs to harm us. Pakistan is regarded as a fort of Islam. If this fort is damaged, Islam will be damaged.
"I ask you to trust me, like you trusted me when I went to Agra [to hold talks with Indian leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee].
"May Allah guide and protect us.
"Pakistan Zindabad! [Long live Pakistan!]"


[1] The 628 Hudaybiyya agreement, between the Prophet and the Meccan tribe of Quraish, was signed for a period of 10 years, which became, in Islamic tradition, the time limit for any agreement with non-Muslims. The Hudaybiyya agreement was broken after 18 months; Muhammad's army then conquered Mecca.

[2], accessed September 7, 2011. The text has been lightly edited.

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