September 22, 2011

Killing of Baloch leaders

Pakistan's spy agencies and security forces continue targeting political activists who want an independent Balochistan. In August 2011, Pakistan's security forces twice raided the house of Former Balochistan chief minister Mir Humayun Marri.
Backed by the police, they planted arms and ammunition at his farmhouse as a part of bigger plot to kill him.
While addressing the media Marri said the raids were a clear message that the security forces and the establishment could kill or arrest anyone in Balochistan in broad daylight without any fear of being held accountable. 
Marri is the son-in-law of Nawab Akbar Bugti, the leader of the Bugti tribe killed by Pakistani security forces in 2006.
Baloch political activists denounce Pakistan's dirty game." They want to crush the voice. They are killing Baloch leadership like they have killed Nawab Akbar Bugti, the vocal voice for the freedom of Balochistan. When he was not raising the voice for freedom, he was living a luxurious life. And, when he started speaking for Baloch independence, they killed him. So they have killed a lot of Baloch leadership. It's not the first one – for the last 60 years, they are killing us, they are torturing Baloch leadership." PROF. NAELA QUADRI BALOCH  Leader, Baloch Republican Party

"What we demand from the international community - UN and other European nations is to interfere in Balochistan matter. We have been suffering in the hands of Punjabis and Pakistan army for the last 64 years and there is no one who listens to us. "AKHTAR MENGAL FORMER CHIEF MINISTER OF BALOCHISTAN

Incidents of violation of human rights in Balochistan are on the rise and Pakistan security forces are involved in killings, kidnappings and forced disappearances.
Over 8 thousand Baloch people are missing in Balochistan.
The victims are not only political and social activists, but teachers, doctors and journalists as well.
Studies by the non-profit Committee to Protect Journalists reveal that 16 journalists were killed in 2010 and nine have died so far in 2011 in Balochistan.
The office of the UN's Human Rights Commissioners has urged Pakistan to investigate the killings and disappearances of journalists.
In a recent incident, Baloch journalist Jawed Naseer Rind was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies from his office in Hub town.
Though there are few news reports on what is happening in Balochistan, the Pakistan establishment targets those journalists who attempt to highlight Pakistan's brutality in the region.
All the Pakistan media focus on one thing as if any political leader giving a speech for 3-4 hours, they broadcast that live. But, those people who have been abducted or those who have been killed in Balochistan, there is no news on them. When you asked the news presenters or channel owners they say we can't do anything as there is a lot of pressure on us not to publish any news about Balochistan. "AKHTAR MENGAL FORMER CHIEF MINISTER OF BALOCHISTAN

Despite having abundant resources, the people of Balochistan lead a miserable life. Now, they are demanding the entire share of the revenue generated by the province's natural resources, principally natural gas, which they believe disproportionately benefit other provinces. 
Baloch political and social activists have been campaigning peacefully. But, the Pakistan government has been trying to suppress the resistance by increasing the military presence in the region.

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