September 14, 2011

Communal Violence Bill and Geo-political agenda

Gautam Sen

I am sending you a piece of information that has apparently not entered deliberations on the subject of alleged Hindu terrorism. My inference, confirmed in conversation with a senior Italian diplomat, whom I taught 20 years ago prompts me to convey the following.

1. The accusation of Hindu terrorism has not been fabricated cynically as some have hastily concluded.

2. It originates with US church organisations, supported by their European counterparts. I understand the UNHCR has been consulted.

3. These accusations are not primarily referring to allegations againstColonel Purohit, his associates, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Abhinav Bharat.

4. What they regard as terrorism, defined broadly, is attempts to curb Christian evangelism and return converts to their previous Hindus faith by Sangh affiliates, especially the *Bajrang Dal* and to a lesser extent, the VHP. It is not only about planting bombs, which is either rare or non existent. It is my conviction that the accusations of involvement in terrorism against Sangh leaders are going to used to curb the BD.

5. This is what the church means by terrorism and that is what the evidently Catholic adherent, Rahul Gandhi had in mind when he spoke in private to the US ambassador. This is also the issue addressed by US diplomats, as revealed in Wikileaks recently.

6. There is less disquiet about alleged Hindu retaliatory actions against Muslim targets.

7. They are opposed to them as well, in principle, because they regard Muslims as their allies in India, without which Hindus may be harder to keep at bay. And something Christians will have difficult achieving alone. This is why killings of Hindus by Islamic terrorists are not being viewed with complete dismay by the US and its political church fronts in India.

8. The Communal Violence Bill is being supported strongly in private by the US embassy because it will be used to attack the activities of Sangh affiliates when they oppose religious conversion by church organisations. The critique of alleged caste oppression and legal measures to ban it abroad (in the UK and the EU) are part of the orchestrated manoeuvres afoot.

9. The use of its provisions to harass Hindus for making any hostile comment against Muslims (or indeed against Christians), their beliefs, history, etc. is not a priority because such comment is quite infrequent and rarely carried by the Indian media.

My own observation is that its imperative to bear in mind the church and its leftists allies in India regard the *entire historic past of India, including its epics and religious faith*, as the product of *Brahmminical *caste (racist and class as well) oppression. This must, in the end, in their view, all be erased to make a new beginning. Of course it is not a classless society that will emerge since that has failed everywhere, but one which will be Christian, docile and sensitive to the interests of the 400 families who own half of all US wealth. They of course assume, in severe distress and facing no option, Hindus will choose Christianity and the tutelage of the West in preference to the other alternative of Islam.


Gautam Sen

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