September 25, 2011

The ONLY end game is the dismantling of Pakistan

Comment by Reggi Sinha

There is no "end game" in Pakistan! Nothing like that will happen sir! Take a look back at history. Pakistan has always played the game of one-upmanship, always increased the stakes to the highest level, to the point of inviting complete destruction by the USA, and then having squeezed and extracted every bit of alms and ammunition (which they invariably consider as 'peanuts"), made a brilliant tactical withdrawl, and in the process, always won and weakened America in the process. This brinkmanship has paid them handsome dividends over the last 60 years and I do not see that changing at all.

The ONLY end game is the dismantling of Pakistan as a nation-state and unless that becomes the offical policy of the GOTUS, just get used to the "tamacha tamasha" inflicted by Pakistan upon us.

Check out the NYT editorial of Sept. 24th. The sum total of the message is: Do not mess with Pakistan! If I were an ISI high-up sitting in Rawalpindi, I would be laughing my ar**e off comforted in the knowledge that Americans might hem and haw, but at the end, lack the intestinal fortitude to take on Pakistan head-on. If I were the ISI, here is what I will do. Raise the stake in the next 12 months to a level increasing immense pain and suffering to the coalition forces and Afghanis not to my liking (Baharuddin, as an example!). Increase terrorism attacks in India. Have the Pakistan-pasand western media, stink-tanks, raise the bogey of settling Kashmir on Pakistan's terms as the defining issue for achieving overall peace in South Asia.

Pakistanis are playing the "if you have them by the ba**s, their hearts will follow" with the Americans and the Indians very very effectively. Look at Kayani felicitated with the jaziya military award by the Spanish. You pay hafta, or else...!

Do not take Mullen's mullings at face-value. He is retiring and positioning himself for a job at some stink-tank and/or a book-writing initiative. US is giving Pakistan one billion dollars AFTER Mullen's musings! In my earlier message, I posted of General Allen's betraying coalition troops by pleading with Kayani to spare their lives. General Allen has just proven that it is not the Pakistanis who are treacherous, it is us!

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