September 22, 2011

'Pakistan 'supported Kabul embassy attack' - Mike Mullen

Pakistan 'supported Kabul embassy attack' - Mike Mullen" screeches the headline at
"The Haqqani network... acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency," Adm Mike Mullen told a Senate panel screeches the headline at 
"Hallelujah" I scream! Finally, the top U.S. commander explictly says it so.  No "rouge elements" of the ISI, no "low-level" operatives of the Pakistani military, but implicating the GoP direct of complicity in the Kabul attack. The Pakis obliterate the SEALS, our government provides proof to Pakis of alerting Taliban/IED factory (and this after Osama ops, as if we STILL need to prove Pakistani treachery to Pakistanis themselves), Pakis blow half-brother Karzai and Rabbani (Masood redux) to kingdom come, the Kabul attack, and FINALLY, our reluctant-warrior generals/adms. start to grow their proverbial testimonials.  
And then I read this sentence later in the article. 
"With ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted a truck bomb attack, as well as the assault on our embassy," said Adm Mullen, 
who steps down this month as chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Ah!  Not surprisingly, the honorable Adm makes these statements at the most opportune time of his career - just when he is retiring! How convenient! the SNL comedian would say!    I guess time to join a stink-tank or write a book/memoirs titled something like "Pakistan: a stalwart to a troubled ally - and how America can repair the damage" (isn't it always upon me to repair the damage?) coming Spring 2012 to coincide with the withdrawl of U.S. troops from AfPak. Going back to snore mode!  
"Don't Mess With Pakistan," so say the Pakistanis, and they absolutely mean it!  I implore Cash-and-Kerry to accelerate payment of hafta to Pakistan and pray to God almighty to spare us the ignomany and allow us a graceful exit from Af-Pak. 

Reggie Sinha


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