September 21, 2011

Patanjali Treatise comes in Persian

19 Sep 2011 12:24

Originally written in Sanskrit, "Patanjali Treatise" had been rendered into Arabic by Abu Rayhan Biruni. Now it Borzu Ghaderi converts it into Persian.

IBNA: The original treatise was written by an Indian philosopher named Patanjali about the theosophical basics of old Indian philosophy. "Patanjali Treatise" was translated and analyzed by Abu Rayhan Biruni in the 4th century Hijri from Sanskrit to Arabic.

The treatise is made up of about 195 sutras collected through centuries that function as Indian votaries' Bible. Biruni was aware of the significance of this treatise and so creatively translated it into Arabic in the form of questions and answers.

The Arabic text was edited by Dr Maouchehr Sadouqi Saha and published in the year 2000 by the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (IHCS).

Behrouz Ghaderi has recently converted the treatise for the first time into Persian and codified it in four parts and a foreword. The foreword presents the author's approach in translating and interpreting the book, the backgrounds of research about this treatise and its characteristics.

The first part deals with Biruni's philosophical and scientific status in the Islamic civilization and his approaches to  India Studies. The second part expounds the intellectual origin of Patanjali Treatise in Ancient India. The first part offers an introduction to the life of Patanjali and the significance of his treatise, Biruni's Arabic rendition and its comparison with the original Sanskrit version. And finally the fourth part compares the philosophical and mystic principles of Sutras with the basics of Iran-Islamic knowledge in terms of structure and content. 

The Persian "Patanjali Treatise" is published in 409 pages and 1200 copies by Niakian Publications.

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