September 28, 2011

USA delivers Nazi criminal to Germany, albeit in 60 years


USA delivers Nazi criminal to Germany, albeit in 60 years. 45485.jpegNinety-year-old Ivan Kalimon (John Kalymon) was number seven on the list of the most wanted (but not dangerous, as sometimes erroneously reported by some publications) Nazi war criminals. He will soon appear before a Munich court. The trial of another Ukrainian-American, Ivan (John) Demjanuk was a good example. The court is going to be just and swift.

Born in 1921, a native of Ukraine Ivan Kalimon since 1949 has been residing in the U.S. in the state of Michigan. According to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem that compiles the list of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, he was involved in murders of thousands of Jews in Lvov during World War II.

According to Tagesspiegle newspaper, 18-year-old Ivan moved to Vienna, where he briefly helped in the agricultural operations at a farm. Later he worked for two years in Hanover, and after that his traces were lost until he reappeared in Lvov.

From 1941 to 1944 Ivan Kalimon served as a volunteer, (Freiwilliger) in the Ukrainian Auxiliary Police, whose members were actively engaged in the persecution and extermination of Jews in Lvov that has later become Lemberg. During World War II, the Ukrainian policeman was involved in the sweeps held in a Lvov ghetto, deportation of Jews and mass executions. At the very least, there is one documented murder committed by Kalimon. READ MORE

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