September 29, 2011

What is the price for a dead American Soldier?

What is the price for a dead American Soldier? USD 10,000
August 3, 2010 4:51 PM
Time to Start Demanding Answers From Pakistan
By CBSNews
In December 2007, I met at night with an insurgent leader in Chitral, Pakistan. He had been fighting across the border in Kunar, Afghanistan but got sick and had to return to Chitral. "We have camps here and they give us treatment." I asked who "they" were. "Elders, government people, the ISI, the estekhbarat" (intelligence agency). He was the leader of 40 men. He told me they received $2,000 for every bomb they planted, $2,000 for every Afghan army soldier they killed, $10,000 for every American soldier they killed and $20,000 to the family of suicide bombers. (As an American taxpayer, I have directly contributed to the deaths of my sons and daughters in Afghanista, courtesy Pakistan. May God have mercy on me!).
You can read the entire transcript of Mullen's lengthy NPR interview here, or, save time and check-out the cartoons (specially the Same To You). In the interview, basically, Mullen is on a face-saving mission after having been "jerked around" by Kiya-nahi over 28 times during the last four years. Admn. Mullen: Kya Kiya? General Ashfaq Kayani: Kiya nahi!
As for the cartoons, I apologize I am unable to attritute the right sources. The Pak GHQ Reaction slide is particularly instructive for stink tank Pakistani apologist analysts who develop cold-feet the moment they hear the word "Pakistan Army." The Same To You cartoon has its origin in India and has been in circulation since at least 2005.
Reggie Sinha

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