October 21, 2011

Another chapter of Washington’s subversion against Cuba

By: Ana Teresa Badia

Havana, Cuba, Oct. 10 (Radio Rebelde) – Washington Software Inc., a Maryland-based company, won the bid for a US government contract to develop a software capable of sending 24 000 text messages every week to Cuban cell phone users.

According to Canadian journalist Jean Guy-Allard, that firm will have one month to design “a system of text messages” intended to neutralize alleged “Cuban government’s attempts to jam politically sensitive messages”, reported the website Cuba Money Project, of journalist Tracey Eaton.

That new cybernetic operation would incredibly threaten the normal SMS service provided to Cuban cell phone users. The entire operation has the consent of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a federal body in charge of supervising the quality of communications.

The own BBG published last August 17 the bid for the project, which was commissioned last September 21 to Washington Software, Inc. The contract is worth $ 84.000 dollars in the first year and its value could rise to almost half a million dollars.

The BBG will draft the dirty propaganda messages, which the “contractor” is bound to disseminate with no right to rectify any.

The first year of operation of this US government-funded “spam” service spans from September 15 2011 to September 14 2012.

The subversive BBG

The governmental BBG finances and designs air signals like “The Voice of America” and “Free Europe Radio”, agents of world subversion. The United States started the “Cold War” with them.

That warmongering past has never come to an end and BBG recently founded “Al-Hurrah”, a TV channel in Arabic language. It is meant to improve US image in the Middle East and compete with “Al-Yazira” TV channel. To that end, it uses the same old propagandistic resources of the Cold War.

At the same time, during George W. Bush’s administration, the BBG launched Radio Sawa and Radio Fard stations, which at the moment continue broadcasting Western and Eastern news and music.

According to Washington, the goal of Al-Hurrah and the two radio stations is “to promote democracy.” It is intended to conquer an audience of 310 million Arabs. Its creation is part of a more comprehensive campaign “to cleanse US image” in the Arab world. It includes radio announcements, press publicity in the countries of that region, a website (opendialogue.org) and $ 25 million in scholarships for those who wish to study in the USA.

These experiences are doubtlessly very similar to the illegal Radio and TV Marti, which broadcast in 65 languages for 100 million people.

The new strategy against Cuba

US Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor, among others, are some of the clients of Washington Software Inc. Transnationals of telecommunications, as IBM and Lockheed Martin, are also regular customers. The latter, by the way, is also involved in arms manufacture.

The contract reportedly provides for the use of techniques capable of adding unique changes “to avoid detection of the messages sent in large quantities to many subscribers.”

The contractor should likewise allow the penetration of SMS messages in Spanish and English languages through the web interface, as well as message distribution through cellular networks.

The most amazing and unlawful fact is that BBG itself will supply the phone numbers. Therefore, it is worth asking: Will the relentless violation of Cuban and international laws by United States ever have limits or end?.

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