October 15, 2011

Baloch Liberation Front is a responsible organization in the independence struggle: Doda Baloch


The spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) Mr Doda Baloch said that BLF is a responsible organization in the independence movement and it is very much aware and respects the religious mechanism and Nationalistic mannerism.

Pakistani army & ISI used many different tactics to subdue the freedom struggle using the bosses of Street Criminals, Theifs, Dacoit, Drug Mafia & the so called nationalist but they didn’t earned their desired results, to achieve these results now Pakistani army has started their age old propaganda to use the religion of Islam against the movement.

Talking to NNI from an undisclosed location on Wednesday Mr Baloch said that in just yesterday from Mashkay the spy named Zafar’s relatives on the call of ISI have started to use the name of Islam by terming that the Baloch Leaders of the Independence movement are “Kafirs/Non-Muslims”.

BLF (Baloch liberation Front) wants to tell the Baloch nation that by using the Holy name of Islam against Baloch Nation’s independence no one will be spared and in nation’s vast interest no traitor belonging to any Islamic or political party will hide from BLF’s Fighters and they will be taken one by one, and the oath which all the Sarmachars (Freedom Fighters) have taken shall be held until death but those who work for ISI under the banner of Nationalism and Islamic Organization are already known among the Baloch nation and they are indulge in judging them by their accounts of crimes they committed.

Mr Baloch further claimed that BLF is the one responsible for bombing the area of Shadi Kaur Dam where the Pakistani organizations are busy trailing and building a colony, the bomb was a warning to stop the trailing of Baloch seas and continuing further he said that BLF has encountered a person who was in disguise as a mental but infact he was an ISI member and was carrying a government revolver which was confiscated and the spy was taken care off.

Written by: Admin on October 14, 2011.

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