October 13, 2011

Book tour: BEING DIFFERENT by Rajeev Malhotra

Being Different

Dear friends,


I will be leaving for India in 2 weeks to launch my new book. For those who have not seen the 8-page brochure on the book, it may be downloaded at:



In addition to several private gatherings to discuss my new book, there will be 15 events open to the public in November across various cities. These events are:


1) Delhi main launch: November 3, 6:30 pm. Location: India International Center (in the large Multipurpose Hall). Pavan Varma, India's Ambassador to Bhutan will release the book. First I will give a 30 minute talk. Then a panel discussion by:

  • Pavan Varma
  • Mark Tully, former BBC Correspondent
  • Prof. Madhu Khanna, Religious Studies, Jamia Milia University
  • Sharat Kumar, Author and Management Consultant


2) University of Delhi: November 4. For details contact: Prof. Suneet Varma:forsuneet@gmail.com


3) Haridwar: November 7, Dev Sanskriti University. For details contact Sanjay Saxena:sanjaypmp@gmail.com


4) Delhi: November 9. Sri Aurobindo College. For details, contact Prof. Shashi Tiwari:shashit_98@yahoo.com


5) Mumbai: November 11. All day seminar on book. For details, contact Ganesh Arnaal:ganesh.arnaal@smcapitaladvisors.in


6) Coimbatore: November 13. Amma University. For details contact Prof. Pramod Kumar:mpramodkumar@gmail.com


7) Anaikati, Tamil Nadu: November 14. For details contact Sri Kumar Iyer:rmiyer99@yahoo.co.in


8) Coimbatore: Nov 15. Large public event. For details contact Sri Kumar Iyer:rmiyer99@yahoo.co.in


9) Chennai: November 17. Young Presidents Organization. For details contact JK Jhaver:jkj@jhavergroup.com


10) Chennai: November 18. IIT Madras. For details contact Prof. Devendra Jalihal:dj@ee.iitm.ac.in


11) Mumbai: November 19. Morning large event. For details contact Ganesh Arnaal:ganesh.arnaal@smcapitaladvisors.in


12) Mumbai: November 19. Evening program. For details contact Y. K. Wadhwa:ykwadhwa01@gmail.com


13) Bangalore: November 20. Evening event. For details contact Dr. T S Mohan:t.s.mohan@gmail.com


14) Bangalore: November 21. Indian Institute of Management. For details contact Prof. R. Vaidyanathan: vaidya@iimb.ernet.in


15) Bangalore: November 21. Indian Institute of Sciences. For details contact Pankaj Sahay:Pankaj_Sahay@infosys.com


I am deeply indebted to all those who have come forward of their own initiatives to offer to host these events. Each event is being supported entirely by the local community. I did not engage any consultant in India to facilitate the events. These wonderful people have done this work out of support for my writings over the years. I thank each and every one of them.


Given this very hectic schedule, all other events that have been offered are being scheduled for my second India tour for this book, which will be from mid January to mid February, 2012. Already, events are being planned then in Pondicherry, Auroville, IIT Kharagpur and Banaras Hindu University. Those interested to organize an event are encouraged to contact me soon with concrete proposed details.




Delivery outside India: http://beingdifferentbook.com/


Delivery in India: http://www.harpercollins.co.in/BookDetail.asp?Book_Code=2845

Rajeev Malhotra

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